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  • Latin name: Pinosol
  • ATH code: R01AX30
  • Active ingredient: Natural substances and essential oils
  • Producer: Zentiva a.s (Slovak Republic)


In the form of nasal cream Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus oils, methyl-isopropyl phenol, vitamin E, and also sepigel 305, sepitsid (C1 and HB), vegetable oil, the purified water are Pinosol's part.

Ointment Pinosol contains in the structure Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus oils, methyl-isopropyl phenol, vitamin E, left menthol. Auxiliary components: white wax, vaseline white, butylhydroxyanisole, ethers of glycerides of oil from stones of an apricot and a macrogoal (Labrafil M-1944-CS).

Spray Pinosol contains in the structure oils Pinus mugo Turra, Mentha, Eucalyptus, vitamin E, methyl-isopropyl phenol. Auxiliary components: srednetsepochechny triglycerides.

Drops in a nose Pinosol contains in the structure Pinus sylvestris, Mentha and Eucalyptus oils, vitamin E, methyl-isopropyl phenol, gvayazulen. Auxiliary components: vegetable oil, butylhydroxyanisole, ethers of glycerides of oil from stones of an apricot and a macrogoal (Labrafil M-1944-CS).

Release form


  • spray (on 10 ml in the bottles made of svetozashchishchenny glass and supplied with the pump doser);
  • drops (on 10 ml in the bottles of brown glass supplied with a rubber pipette);
  • cream (10-tigrammovy tubas);
  • ointment (10-tigrammovy tubas).

Pharmacological action

Antikongestant of a plant origin. Has antiseptic and local antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The combined drug which basis are natural substances in vegetable oil in mix with essential oils.

Removes an inflammation and hypostasis, reduces viscosity of the secret produced mucous respiratory tracts. Gram (+) and Gram (-) of bacteria possesses antibacterial activity concerning separate strains (S.aureus, S. pyogenes, M. luteus, S. epidermidis, E. coli, V. cereus).

Has anti-mycotic effect. It is effective concerning mold and barmy fungi, including aspergill (A. niger) and diploid fungi of Candida albicans.

Indications to use

Pinosol's use is shown at rhinitis (acute or chronic atrophic) and at inflammatory diseases of a nose and nasopharynx if those are followed by the increased dryness of a mucous nasal cavity.

On doctor's orders it can be used at states which are a consequence of surgery in a nasal cavity (within out-patient or hospitalization).


Drug is not used for treatment of allergic rhinitis and at the known hypersensitivity to its components.

Contraindication is also early children's age: in drop pediatrics, ointment and cream use with two-year-old, spray — from three-year age.

Doctors also do not recommend to use Pinosol at antritis.

Side effects

Side effects of Pinosol are shown in the form of an itch, hypostasis, a hyperemia and burning of a mucous nasal cavity.

Application instruction of Pinosol

The instruction on spray Pinosol

Spray depending on expressiveness of inflammatory process is applied by from 3 to 6 rubles/days. A single dose — one injection in each nasal course.

It is necessary to remove a cap from a bottle, easy pressing of fingers to inject medicine, to close the pump doser a cap.

After removal of a cap of the portioning device, by easy pressing of fingers do two trial injections (not in the nasal course!).

Treatment is continued within ten days. Expediency of repetition of a course, as well as a possibility of more long use of drug should be discussed with the doctor.

Drops Pinosol: application instruction

Drops are applied locally. The adult medicine is entered into each nasal course on 1-2 drops. In an acute stage of a disease of an instillation repeat through everyone hour or two, further reduce frequency rate of uses to 3-4 rubles/days.

To children of a drop enter on 1-2 into each nasal course 3 or 4 rubles/days. As an alternative to an instillation the cotton plug can be used.

Also preparation of inhalation solution on the basis of drops Pinosol is allowed. For one inhalation it is necessary to measure 50 drops of solution (2 ml). Procedure is repeated by 2 or 3 rubles/day.

Duration of a course of treatment — from five days to one week.

Cream and ointment Pinosol: application instruction

Both ointment, and cream are applied locally. If the doctor did not make other recommendations, in each nasal course — on a mucosal surface of front departments of a nasal cavity — it is necessary to put 0,5 cm of drug.

Medicine by means of a wadding stick is put as it is stated above, and then moderate pressing wings of a nose distribute on mucous the nasal course. Procedure is repeated by 3-4 rubles/day.

Cream can be used during five-seven, ointment — within seven-fourteen days.


At topical administration development of overdose is considered improbable.


Medicinal and other types of interactions of drug Pinosol are not described.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the svetozashchishchenny place in which temperature of 15-25 °C is maintained.

Period of validity

Drops — three years. Cream, ointment, spray — two years.

Special instructions

Prior to treatment it is necessary to check individual reaction of the patient to drug after single use.

To avoid Pinosol's hit on a mucous membrane of eyes.

Pinosol's analogs

Analogs: Aqua Maris, Akwa Master, Akwa-Rinosol, Doctor Tayss, Lyuffel, Izofra, to Sinuforta, Salin, Rizosin, Morenazal, Fluimarin, Euforbium, Fiziomer Yunidozy.


  • Pinosol of a drop 10mlzentiva
  • Pinosol ointment 10gzentiva
  • Pinosol spray 10mlzentiva

Drugstore of IFC

  • Pinosol ointment nazaln. 10 g, Zentiva A.S.Slovakiya
  • Pinosol of a drop nazaln. 10 ml, Zentiva A.S.Slovakiya
  • Pinosol spray nazaln. 10 ml, Zentiva A.S.Slovakiya
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  • Pinosolslovakofarma (Slovak Republic)
  • Pinosolzentiva (Slovak Republic)
  • Pinosolzentiva (Slovak Republic)


  • Pinosol of a drop 10mlzentiva International a.o.
  • Pinosol of a drop 10mlzentiva International a.o.


  • Pinosol of 10 ml spray naz.flak. Farmak of joint stock company for Zentiva of ampere-second., Slovak republic (Ukraine)
  • Pinosol of 10 ml of a drop naz. Zentiva of ampere-second. (Slovakia)
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