Food toxicoinfections

Food toxicoinfection this food poisoning which can be caused not only the bacteria producing toxins but also toxins if they contained in food. Having got to an organism together with the eaten food, bacteria "are activated" producing the substances harmful to a human body. Cases when several people got sick at once are frequent if they used the products which are initially containing bacteria and toxins.

If people ate the same food, and their health considerably worsened over time, it is about a group disease of toxicoinfection. As food toxicoinfection is similar to other poisonings, symptoms, and a technique of treatment can match in many respects. In fact the disease does not possess any serious complications except that causes a diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. However if in time not to give help to the one who got sick effects can be the most unpredictable.

The bacteria causing toxicoinfection

Toxicoinfection can appear for several reasons, main of which – hit in an organism of the bacteria emitting toxins. The most widespread activators of food toxicoinfection it:

Golden staphylococcus — a bacterium which toxins intestines are surprised. Considering that it is one of the most widespread bacteria, and it can contain in anything, at the same time residing in the environment which surrounds us. Most often it is in the products eaten (such environment is for a bacterium of the most acceptable). At the same time, the foodstuff left in the room with room temperature will be almost ideal environment in which staphylococcus is most predisposed to reproduction.

Bacillus cereus — appears generally in half-cooked rice, at the same time, as well as at the majority of bacteria, breeds at the room temperature. Is one of the most dangerous bacteria as it is not destabilized even at repeated boiling.

Symptoms of food toxicoinfection

Пищевые токсикоинфекцииSymptoms of food toxicoinfection can will be shown at different people in absolutely different time. It is caused by the fact that the immune system of each person functions in own way. Despite it, the incubation interval term (time for which bacteria and/or toxins enter interaction with an organism) makes no more than sixteen hours.

Main symptoms of a disease following: body temperature increases to 38-39 °C (though not always), headaches can begin, the patient tests strong weakness. Despite it, the diarrhea and vomiting will be the most strong indications of a toksikoifektion of intestines. Together with vomiting there is also a strong feeling of nausea, as a rule, after patient pulls out, it becomes easier for it. The diarrhea on a consistence is very watery, there can be more than ten times per day, at the same time the patient feels pains in a navel.

Both symptoms can arise at the same time, or will appear independently from each other. It is necessary to notice that symptoms do not differ depending on what character activators of food toxicoinfection have. At manifestation of any of these symptoms, the patient needs to make washing of a stomach and to call the ambulance. If in time not to provide medical care, there can be complications, one of which is the intestinal dysbiosis.

It should be noted also such symptom as organism dehydration. Dehydration comes after vomiting and a diarrhea. Strong indications of dehydration - emergence of dryness in a mouth, then - strong thirst, spasms of extremities, pulse increase, and a voice can get hoarse.

Dehydration at food toxicoinfection has several stages which, in turn, develop in a vomiting consequence, or a diarrhea. In total there are 4 stages of dehydration, however the third and fourth stage do not arise at toxicoinfection. Most often the 3rd and the 4th stages are shown at cholera.

The 1st stage — a body loses from one to three percent of moisture concerning the weight. Skin and a mucous membrane do not lose the humidity. At the same time moisture in an organism needs to be filled. One-two glasses of water an hour are enough.

The 2nd stage — a body loses from four to six percent of moisture. The person at the same time tests very strong thirst. Mucous a nose, and a mouth will become dry. The voice can become hoarse, and extremities test spasms. Skin becomes less elastic. The necessary volume of moisture can be recovered accepting water orally, but it is valid only if there are no spasms. At their emergence it is necessary to cause an emergency medical service immediately.

Prevention of food toxicoinfection

Пищевые токсикоинфекцииPrevention of food toxicoinfection first of all consists that it is necessary to wash hands before food. It is necessary to watch quality of food which is eaten also. That is to pay attention to a condition of products, their period of validity, at the same time without leaving them for a long time in the warm environment, previously without having covered with anything.

At a trip to the southern countries necessary part is to look what diseases are most widespread. If among them there are intestines diseases caused by poisoning, and colibacilli it is not recommended to buy instant food from dealers on the street.

As a rule, in Third World countries the most widespread disease of intestines is dysentery. At restaurants it is desirable will refrain from the use of salads, cocktails with ice, or cold appetizers. At the same time to drink only boiled water. If to drink unboiled water, the probability to ache practically with any illness of intestines considerably increases. It is worth to remember that in addition to poisonings unboiled water can lay in itself eggs of parasites for this reason water which you drink needs to be boiled.

Treatment of food toxicoinfection

Treatment of food toxicoinfection is carried out as follows. It is necessary to make a gastric lavage and to fill moisture in an organism. However after a diarrhea and vomiting completion requires not only moisture, but also vitamins which amount in an organism considerably decreases.

As for moisture, at the 1st and 2nd stages of dehydration it is necessary to drink water at least a liter within an hour. The volume of the filled moisture depends on dehydration degree. If dehydration — the first stage, amount of the filled moisture has to make 30-50 ml on kilogram of body weight.

If dehydration of the 2nd stage, amount of the consumed moisture has to make from 40 to 80 ml on kilogram of body weight. It is necessary to consume moisture orally only small drinks. At the same time, if feels sick the patient, it is necessary to pour in water by means of a tablespoon each several minutes. At the same time it is not excluded that because of nausea will perhaps drink. In that case it is required will immediately ask for medical care. As dehydration at food toxicoinfection can develop only to two stages if in time to give necessary help, and to fill moisture in an organism, no complications should be.

During toxicoinfection of any character the patient needs to accept sorbents, it will help to bring toxins out of an organism. For this purpose Absorbent carbon, and a number of the occluding drugs such as Polyphepanum or Smekta will approach. The occluding drugs as a rule are accepted three times a day. Treatment of food toxicoinfection, as well as purpose of drugs has to be carried out by doctors, otherwise there is a probability to make a situation only worse.

If there is an abdominal pain, it is possible to accept the tableted anesthetic 3 times a day (no more tablet for time). It is necessary to notice that during food toxicoinfection to the use drugs of antibiotic character are contraindicated (antibiotics) as substances which are their part not only will not help, but can aggravate a situation, having prevented a conclusion of toxins from an organism.

Diet at food toxicoinfection

Пищевые токсикоинфекцииThe diet at food toxicoinfection is a necessary measure. First of all it is necessary to exclude from a diet of the diseased fat products, products with the increased content of fats and carbohydrates, also products which can cause gas generation in intestines (as a rule, all above-mentioned properties are inherent in junk food).

It is possible to eat cereals, boiled meat, soft-boiled eggs, crackers, skim cheese, the fat-free soups, boiled vegetables (in case of their addition in soup). The recommended products are also rice, semolina, buckwheat cereals made on water. At all it is not necessary to eat fried dishes (fried potato, hens grill, cutlets, a beefsteak, fried eggs), flour food (fresh bread, macaroni, spaghetti, bakery products), bean (haricot, peas), sweet (candies, cookies, chocolate, condensed milk). It will be necessary to exclude coffee, sparkling water, cold drinks. The diet at food toxicoinfection has to be appointed by either the doctor, or the nutritionist.

If prevention of food toxicoinfection was observed, and necessary measures, probability to ache were constantly taken it is reduced practically to zero. However, possible effects of its non-compliance can be very dangerous. Sometimes can take for usual poisoning also a serious illness, effects of such mistake can be irreversible, is not excluded that they will lead even to a lethal outcome. Many diseases of a gullet arise because of improper feeding, or the use in food of low-quality products.

In this regard it is strongly recommended to choose carefully food stuffs and to check their period of validity. As symptoms of food toxicoinfection in fact are similar to very many symptoms of other diseases of a digestive tract, it is all the same recommended will ask for medical care.

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