Food of the child for prevention of an iron deficiency anemia

The iron deficiency anemia (ZhDA) is one of the most widespread diseases at babies. It is necessary to remember that initially iron is a part of hemoglobin. Therefore deficit surely leads to weakening of the kid, slows down psychomotor and physical development, and also reduces the resilience of a small organism to infections. It is very important to carry out blood test timely. It is necessary to be interested in this criterion every time when in hospital the above-stated analysis is carried out.

Doctors always recommend to nurse the kid surely. It is very important condition of prevention of ZhDA. Because from maternal milk 50% of iron are acquired. But also mummy has to adhere to a special diet. It is necessary to use products, rich in iron. Eggs, meat, carrots, beet, pears, dried apricots, tomatoes, a cauliflower belong to such products.

In a case when the child is transferred to artificial feeding, it is necessary to use the adapted mixes which are enriched with microelements and vitamins. If the kid in the first six months has symptoms of anemia, then it is recommended to use mixes with the content of iron of 0,7-0,8 mg.

In the second half-year the content of iron has to be not less than 1,1 mg. And of course it is necessary to enter a feeding up in time. It means that the feeding up needs to be entered for 2-4 weeks earlier, than at natural feeding. It is not necessary to remove acquaintance to meat dishes also.

Often mothers the care also promote development of anemia in the child. Many hold the opinion that meat is the hardest product for a children's organism. Others intentionally transfer children to the vegetarian menu. And it is two right ways to deficit of iron in the growing children's organism. In everything it is necessary to observe the MEASURE!

In a year the child needs to give the mashed potatoes consisting of low-fat veal, beef, a turkey, a rabbit or chicken breasts. And since one and a half years it is necessary to accustom the child to meat meatballs, meatballs, cutlets. Only it is necessary to steam them! Enzymatic systems of intestines and stomach of the person at such small age are not ready to digestion of the fried food. If so nevterpezh to feed the child with more tasty option of meat, it is possible to fry slightly on sunflower or olive oil before preparation on couple.

It is necessary to include surely in a diet of the kid of a dish from a liver. It is very rich with iron. It is necessary to use apples and their derivatives (apple juice, mashed potatoes).

If to address folk remedies, then for increase of level of hemoglobin it is possible to use the following method which suits both children, and adults. It is necessary to drink on an empty stomach in the morning 1 glass of infusion of a dogrose, previously having added a tea spoon of honey and a little lemon juice there. It is only necessary to pay attention to an infusion dosage for children — 0,5 glasses. Also during the day it is recommended to drink 500 gr the following "magic" juice. Is its part apple, carrot and beet juice. In a percentage ratio it looks as — 1:2:1.

It is very important to include in a porridge diet which cook on water. It is very useful to add greens to porridge. Sugar in this case is not recommended. The special attention should be paid to buckwheat and wheat cereal.

There is one more secret. In two months plum will help to recover hemoglobin. Does not matter in what look it will be used. This product keeps useful properties both in fresh and in the frozen look.

There is a huge number of councils. It is necessary to listen and analyze everyone, each person is individual.

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