Plastics of a front abdominal wall (Abdominoplastik)

The shape of a stomach in many respects defines outlines of a figure of the woman. At the same time very many representatives are not happy with outward of a stomach, wishing that it was more flat. But not always it can be reached by trainings and a diet. To some women, and also strongly and to sharply grown thin men carrying out special operation is shown.

Abdominoplastika is a plastic operation which is performed on a stomach. It is also called lifting of a stomach. Such operative measure is one of the often carried most out procedures in plastic surgery today.

Who needs an abdominoplastika?

The stomach of the person most often gets out of the tightened elastic shape. The last especially concerns women as flabbiness of skin on a stomach is provoked by numerous pregnancies, and also a genetic favor to such phenomenon. On a stomach fat is laid, there are extensions, and skin stops being elastic. But even if the person very quickly loses weight, and fatty deposits on a stomach disappear, then skin all the same remains very flabby and demands tightening.

Elasticity of skin on a stomach is lost and with age. Far from esthetic canons looks a stomach on which the front abdominal wall strongly sags, falling down, and looks as an apron from skin and fat. In that case the plastics of a front abdominal wall is applied to provide proportionality of a stomach in relation to other parts of a body.

At people who have excess weight and also at young mothers very often direct muscles of a stomach disperse owing to what the general stretching of a stomach is observed. Keeping to a diet and playing sports, the woman tries to influence such situation, but, as a rule, it is possible to improve situation by these methods not easy. Therefore the stomach plastics as the most radical and at the same time a fast method of reduction of forms in an appropriate look practices in such cases. Plastics of a stomach it becomes after the delivery frequent the real rescue for the women who earlier had the ideal forms. Besides, this plastic operation is performed after sharp decrease in body weight, at strongly expressed extensions, existence of folds, postoperative hems, at weakness of a muscular framework.

Indications and contraindications

Абдоминопластика животаThus, direct indications to carrying out operation is a number of states. This existence of a ptosis of a front abdominal wall and a skin and fatty apron, excess of fatty hypodermic tissue and skin on a front abdominal wall, too large number of skin of a stomach, stretching or discrepancy of muscles of a stomach, existence strongly noticeable postoperative hems and extensions on a stomach. Perform such operation at impossibility of performance of a liposuction because of decrease in elasticity of skin.

Abdominoplastika is also carried out to men who sharply lost weight.

Contraindications to carrying out such operation is the gross obesity, pregnancy which is planned for the next year, a diabetes mellitus, a disease of heart and pulmonary failure. Existence of special contraindications is defined by the doctor during personal reception and survey.

Features of an abdominoplastika

Abdominoplastika is a full-fledged surgery in the course of which the specialist recovers equal contours of a stomach and puts proportions of a front abdominal wall in order. Before its carrying out the patient who decided on such intervention has to consult with other specialists to define whether there will be safe a procedure. Sometimes in the course of carrying out such operation inguinal umbilical, postoperative hernias are also removed.

 The doctor can choose technology of carrying out operation only after survey of the patient. In the presence of a small amount of excess fabrics carrying out mini-abdominoplastiki is recommended. Such intervention is the most sparing as the doctor makes only the minimum cuts in the lower part of a stomach. Sometimes this operation is performed, applying only the endoscopic equipment. The most esthetic is the result after such intervention that it is possible to see easily even on photos before procedure at which as examples specialists suggest to look.

Стандартная абдоминопластика животаThe standard abdominoplastika assumes carrying out cross sections near a navel and at the level of a pubis. Through these cuts the doctor eliminates excesses of fat, tightens skin and eliminates a prelum abdominale muscle strain. At such procedure the navel moves to other place for what it is necessary to make around it a section. Therefore patients have to consider that such operation leaves an additional scar near a navel. That the abdominoplastika of a stomach was more effective, the joint liposuction in addition can be carried out. Respectively, the prices of such general procedure will be higher. But responses of patients demonstrate that the result is very good, and complications after such manipulations do not develop.

If at the patient very big fatty deposits and strongly drooped stomach take place, then in that case the abdominoplastika with extensive correction not of one, but several zones is shown it. It is a stomach, a back, hips. Therefore, after such operation there are additional scars. Its carrying out is especially difficult process therefore the high-class specialist has to do extensive operation.

However to worry concerning scars there is no need. Even if the extensive plastics of a stomach with a large number of cuts is made, scars become less noticeable over time. Besides they can easily be hidden under linen. If necessary such scars can be processed the laser or to apply other methods of cosmetology.

Carrying out abdominoplastika

Before beginning directly operative measure process, the surgeon puts tags in those places where cuts will be made. At an abdominoplastika cuts through growth of hair of a pubis are carried out, and also the section in the form of an anchor and a W-shaped section can become. Removal of excess skin in the area of a section is initially made. Then skin is delayed and shortened until tension begins to be felt. The following step — movement of a navel. If there is such need, strengthening of muscles of a front abdominal wall is carried out. When all manipulations are executed, the doctor establishes a drainage for the purpose of ensuring outflow of blood and liquid from wounds. Cuts are stuck, and the compression bandage is put on.

Operation takes place with use of the general anesthesia and 2-4 hours proceed, depending on that how difficult it is.


Пластика передней брюшной стенкиAfter operation of people several days carries out in the conditions of a hospital under supervision of specialists. As well as after any other operation, the patient in the first days will feel pain. There is a puffiness.

Completely seams after such operation resolve approximately in 2-3 months. The removal of sutures does not practice as when carrying out such operations the self-resolving thread is used. During this period it is necessary to carry constantly special linen which provides the supporting effect. Use of such linen allows to reduce hypostases, to prevent liquid accumulation. The exercise stress also has to be limited. But it is necessary to move after operation to activate blood circulation process. A shower after operation is allowed to be taken approximately for the 5th day provided that process of postoperative recovery goes normally. And to work of people can return to rather active life approximately in 1-3 weeks after procedure.


To estimate final result of such operation, time is necessary. After half a year it is already possible to speak about such result. These months the patient should pass regularly surveys at the doctor. If the result not completely satisfies the patient, then carrying out correction is possible.

As by-effects after operation change of sensitivity in the field of seams can sometimes be observed. Development of other complications directly depends on thickness of a fatty tissue, and also on existence of other accompanying diseases.


Плоский живот - мечта каждой девушкиHaving decided on carrying out an abdominoplastika, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of the specialist who will perform operation. It is important that it already had similar experience. Available such experience it is possible to be convinced, having got acquainted with a peculiar portfolio of the doctor – that is with a photo of its works.

Determination of final cost of such operation is influenced by many factors. The technology of carrying out an operative measure, specific features of the patient, amount of fabrics which are removed of procedure during rehabilitation, etc. is considered.

After an exit from clinic it is necessary to observe all recommendations of the doctor in accuracy, otherwise the result can be not so expressed as it is waited by the patient.

It is impossible to consider lifting of a stomach as alternative to treatment of obesity or to apply it as replacement to diets, healthy food, sport. If after operation shortly the patient sharply gains weight, or the woman becomes pregnant, then efficiency of such intervention can sharply decrease. But if the person conducts active life, watches body weight and practices physical exercises, then the result of operation remains many years.

By the way, some patients after carrying out a qualitative abdominoplastika note that at them not only appearance improves, but also some problems with health disappear, in particular, work of intestines is normalized. People get rid of a problem of chronic locks thanks to reduction of internal volume. As a result, pressure upon abdominal organs decreases and the tone of muscles, and also intestines improves.

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