Preparation and planning of pregnancy

In most cases the woman independently or together with the partner resolves all issues concerning preparation for future pregnancy. Unfortunately, the people who are going to conceive the child address specialists mainly in that case when certain problems take place.

Meanwhile correctly to be prepared for pregnancy, it is necessary to treat the matter extremely seriously and to be engaged in planning of pregnancy long before the conception moment. Pregnancy which becomes a surprise for the woman often in the first weeks proceeds at usual way of life of the woman. Therefore, future mother can take alcohol, smoke, endure serious stresses and receive exercise stresses that as a result can affect on health of the kid.

Therefore it is necessary to approach conception of the child consciously, using the checked contraceptives till the beginning of a menstrual cycle for which conception was planned. Ideally for pregnancy it has to be continued to prepare about three-four months directly before conception.

Consultations of specialists when planning pregnancy

Подготовка и планирование беременностиPreparation for pregnancy, first of all, provides visits to some doctors for surveys and consultation. Even that woman who considers that she is completely healthy has to be convinced of absence of the latent illnesses nevertheless. At first it is necessary to visit the therapist. Even the most elementary researches, for example, control of arterial pressure, work of the general analysis of urine and blood will help to define existence of chronic diseases. The women planning pregnancy need to study fluorography also. It is extremely important to those women who have chronic illnesses to consult with the specialist, planning conception of the child. It is necessary to pick up time so that the period of an exacerbation of a chronic disease did not match the conception moment. Also it is necessary to tell the specialist about the taken medicine as some drugs are categorically contraindicated at pregnancy surely. Therefore it is necessary to pick up safer drugs.

More in details how to be prepared for pregnancy, the gynecologist will surely tell. Besides, an important component of visit to this specialist is need of inspection on some infections. Special researches on microflora of a vagina are for this purpose conducted. Besides, the gynecologist will define what else analyses when planning pregnancy the woman needs to make. It researches which will exclude or will confirm existence at the patient of a rubella, herpes, a toxoplasmosis, syphilis, hepatitis. The specified infections very often develop is hidden, and only laboratory research can define them.

In spite of the fact that such infections proceed without visible symptoms, they can have extremely negative effects. If the woman had a disease of a rubella or a toxoplasmosis in the childhood, then it will not affect the course of pregnancy at all. However if infection with these illnesses occurred in the course of incubation of the child, then as a result there can be transplacental infection of a fruit. The virus of herpes is very dangerous in the first weeks of development of an embryo.

Therefore it is in certain cases important to carry out vaccination. If it is about a rubella, then the woman who did not have earlier this illness needs to do vaccination for several months before conception. Such vaccination is recommended to do also to those women in whom at a blood analysis antibodies were not found. However if the woman is already pregnant, then vaccination cannot be done at all as the vaccinal virus can do much harm to a fruit. Sometimes, during the autumn and winter period, it is reasonable to do vaccination against flu also. In certain cases recommend to women carrying out an inoculation from hepatitis B.

In the course of pregnancy planning without fail it is necessary to pass inspection of the stomatologist and to liquidate all problems with teeth. It not only will warn a possibility of transfer of persistent infections to children, but also will help to keep teeth in a healthy state during fetation.

Подготовка и планирование беременностиConsultation of the specialist geneticist is extremely necessary for those women who are going to become pregnant aged after 35 flyings. Besides, need to visit the geneticist people at whose close relatives genetic anomalies took place and also if future mother or the father were ever subject to radiation or radiation therapy. If owing to certain factors the sex of future kid is very important for a family, then it is also necessary to consult with the geneticist.

In certain cases analyses by preparation for pregnancy include carrying out researches on sex hormones and hormones of a thyroid gland. It will allow to exclude existence of endocrine disturbances. Such inspections should be passed surely to those women who regularly note disturbances of a monthly cycle at which in the anamnesis pregnancy not incubation appears. Also inspection on endocrine disturbances there pass women with a giperandrogeniya (pilosis on man's type) and with obesity.

Full inspection at a stage of planning of pregnancy is the fullest prevention of not incubation of pregnancy.

At the same time it is also desirable for man who is going to become a father to visit the specialist urologist for an exception of urogenital infections and inflammations of bodies of a small pelvis.

In the course of preparation for pregnancy blood typing and a Rhesus factor at both partners is also carried out. At a positive Rhesus factor at the woman of problems at conception and incubation of the child will not be. At a negative Rhesus factor at the woman, definition of antibodies is necessary. If they are positive, then correction is necessary for approach of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone conception a little. At negative antibodies such analysis later, from eighth week of pregnancy, repeats once a month.

If at the woman the first blood group, and at her partner any other is defined, then emergence of incompatibility on blood groups is possible. The doctor who will prompt how to work further has to know all these moments to avoid complications.

Sometimes to the woman carrying out ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis is also appointed to estimate a condition of these bodies and to define an ovulation.

Way of life when planning pregnancy

Подготовка и планирование беременностиPreparation for pregnancy assumes also change of some principles of usual way of life. For several months before the planned conception it is necessary to reconsider a food allowance and to try to switch off from it all products with preservatives, high content of dyes. Of course, at modern realities completely it is possible to get rid of artificial products not always, however it is necessary to enter as much as possible healthy food into a diet. During this period it is also necessary to refuse alcohol completely. It is not desirable to eat potatoes which were stored throughout winter, in it there are carcinogens. The woman wishing to become mother needs to use garlic, onions, lemons. The amount of coffee is desirable to minimize up to two cups a day. It is better already now to try to pass to useful herbal teas.

There are also some recommendations concerning food for the women wishing to conceive the child as soon as possible. Such products not only promote conception, but also provide to a female organism replenishment of a stock of necessary minerals and vitamins. So, specialists advise to use lentil, spinach, beet, rich in iron, bean. Many useful fats contain in olives and olive oil, nuts, avocado. And here the refined fats, on the contrary, reduce fertility.

It is not necessary to ignore also products with the high content of vitamin C — pepper, wild strawberry, peaches, a citrus, broccoli. Dairy products also should be entered into a diet. However emphasis needs to be placed on usual, but not on the fat-free products. A source of vitamin E are sunflower sunflower seeds, spinach, tomatoes. By the way, this vitamin is necessary not only to the woman, but also the man wishing to start the child. Doctors also recommend to a thicket to use cabbage which contributes to normalization of hormonal balance.

It is important to arrange also internal state of the woman: it should not fall into a depression, endure severe stresses. If future mother works at the enterprise where certain harmful effects take place, then such place of work should be replaced still before conception happened.

Visit of places with big accumulation of people also should be minimized whenever possible as it is fraught with transfer of various infectious diseases. Overcooling, drafts can provoke the beginning of a catarrhal disease which negatively affects a condition of the child.

A month before expected conception the woman has to stop visiting a sauna as it is not recommended to overheat. And here the everyday gymnastics should be done surely. Special attention these months needs to be paid on the prelum abdominale, exercises directed to strengthening of which it is necessary to carry out every day. In the future it will deliver, and also will prevent emergence of the drooped tummy after incubation of the child.

Vitamins when planning pregnancy

Подготовка и планирование беременностиHowever not only visit of doctors is important in so responsible business as pregnancy planning. The pregnancy calendar from which it is possible to learn about the most important stages of development of the child on months and weeks informs on that, as vitamins, and minerals are necessary for the woman at all stages of incubation of the child. But harmonious fetation depends already on whether the sufficient amount of vitamins when planning pregnancy was used by future mother.

Today some of the most important substances which directly influence the course of pregnancy, the correct growth and fetation are emitted. Folic acid when planning pregnancy as its shortcoming can negatively influence growth of nervous tissue of future kid is very important. It is necessary to accept folic acid in three months milking the planned conception, and also in the first twelve weeks of development of an embryo. It is proved that such preventive measure significantly reduces risk of display of malformations of the central nervous system at the child. For the woman 400 mkg a day will be an optimum dose of folivey acid. When developing polyvitaminic complexes for pregnant women such dose of folic acid is used. The sufficient use of folic acid promotes decrease in risk of emergence in the child of hydrocephaly, defect of a neurotubule, a delay of mental development. Besides, reception of folic acid is not less useful also to future father as its shortcoming can negatively affect a spermatogenesis.

In regions in which the iodine deficiency is noted the woman has to fill shortage of this element already at a conception planning stage. In that case it is desirable to accept 100 mkg of potassium iodide every day.

Not to exchange vitamin E when planning pregnancy is important. In spite of the fact that there is an opinion on need of reception of this vitamin at cardiovascular diseases, high level of cholesterol, atherosclerosis, before conception of the kid the woman should not suffer from shortage in a vitamin E organism. Impact of this vitamin on an organism is based on its antiinflammatory and antioxidant influence. Vitamin E promotes improvement of blood circulation in an organism, increases its resilience to infections. At the same time so positive impacts of vitamin on a female organism it will not be crossed out by side effects. If in an organism there is a sufficient reserve of vitamin E, then it promotes improvement of functions of ovaries. And at conception of the child in an organism of the pregnant woman jumps of a hormonal background will not be noted. Therefore, the risk of involuntary abortion will decrease. Today there are researches which confirm that at shortage the risk of an abortion considerably increases in an organism of this vitamin.

Later, already during pregnancy vitamin E provides growth and normal activity of a placenta, promotes products of prolactin – hormone without which feeding by a breast is impossible. Besides shortage of vitamin E can have harmful influence and on health of the newborn baby.

For receiving vitamin E from natural sources rather regularly to use the qualitative vegetable not refined oil, eggs, a liver, dairy products, meat.

After consultation with attending physicians vitamin E can be accepted a course, adhering to the everyday dose appointed in an individual order. This vitamin can be accepted and independently, and as a part of polyvitaminic complexes.

Other aspects of preparation for pregnancy

Подготовка и планирование беременностиBy preparation for future pregnancy it is necessary to consider also other, not less important factors. At competent approach to a question planning of a family of the spouse not only look for the necessary information, but also try to find the treating gynecologist who will observe the woman both before pregnancy, and in its process. It is important that future mother not only was sure of its qualification, but also entirely trusted the doctor.

Before thinking of conception, it is desirable for woman to take vacation and to go to have a rest to the sea or to other place. At pregnancy change of climate is extremely undesirable, and after the child's birth full issue can be arranged to itself not soon.

The main thing — to deal with a pregnancy planning issue in time, and then all process will take place without complications and unexpected difficulties.

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