Useful beauty: the calendula is medicinal

Calendula medicinal — bright and very beautiful flower which grows at us at the dacha, on beds many gardeners decorate with it flower beds. To all this it has property to drive away garden wreckers and to protect from plant diseases.

Still residents of Ancient Rome paid attention to this remarkable flower which always turned towards the sun. Some called him "the solar bride". And for the fact that he was able to announce the beginning of day and night it called "calare" — that in transfer — "to proclaim, declare". In Ancient Russia there was such custom: from a calendula spun wreaths and covered with them handles of doors. Was considered that thus it is possible to preserve the house against bad and to calm soul and heart.

The calendula was very much loved by Margarita Valois, the queen of France. In the Luxembourg palace there is even a monument to the queen where it is represented with this flower in hands.

In addition, at this charming and unpretentious flower there are a lot of useful and medicinal properties. In China the calendula is a longevity symbol, and in India it is even considered as a "sacred" plant.

Generally in the medicinal purposes use calendula petals which contain about 19% of a kalenden, and also carotene, rubiksantin, lycopene, tsitroksantin and other useful substances. Flowers of a calendula medicinal contain a number of macrocells. Generally it is potassium, manganese, iron and calcium. And also microelements: zinc, copper magnesium and chrome.

Difficult chemical composition of a calendula allows to use it in the medicinal purposes. It possesses different properties: it can be used as an antiseptic agent, it very well lowers arterial pressure, slows down growth of malignant tumors. This flower is used at a respiratory disease, and also at gynecologic diseases. But besides is a cholagogue and good calmative.

For treatment of different illnesses are used also spirit (70%) tincture of flowers of a calendula. Very widely drugs of a calendula are used for treatment of a gastric path. In gastroenterological practice, as a rule, appoint reception of 15-20 drops of tincture 2-3 times a day.

In house conditions it is possible to prepare infusion from flowers of a medicinal calendula. It is necessary to put two tablespoons of the crushed petals in a clay vessel, to fill in with a glass of hot water, but at all not boiled water! Then to close a cover and to put in the boiling water bath. All this needs to be heated within 15 minutes, and then to cool and filter. Infusion is stored in the refrigerator by no more than two days.

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