Endometria polyposes

The endometria is a fabric which reveals special sensitivity to hormones. Therefore its general state to a large extent defines health of nervous and endocrine system of an organism of the woman. If in work of these systems there are certain failures, then in a female organism pathological disturbances are observed: failures of a menstrual cycle, change of a mucous uterus among which it is often noted endometria polyposes. This disease is unsafe for a female organism, first of all, from the point of view of fertilization process disturbances. The matter is that polyps become a barrier to implantation of an oospore.

Features of development polypose

Earlier doctors noted that polyposes of an endometria and cervical channel of a neck of uterus it is characteristic, first of all, of the women who were already giving birth to children. Therefore, emergence of polyps was connected somewhat with childbirth. But now very often polyposes of ovaries develops also at young girls and teenagers, and also at women who already reached climacteric age. It is important to consider that it is possible to diagnose this disease only in the course of survey for the gynecologist as the illness does not provoke emergence of visible symptoms.

Reasons polypose

Polyposes of an endometria of a uterus is an emergence of multiple polyps which develop both on a uterus endometria, and in the tsevikalny channel of a neck of uterus. The illness arises at women for various reasons. But the most common cause of developing of such pathology nevertheless disturbance of hormonal function of ovaries is considered. Development  of a focal hyperplasia (that is growths) a uterus endometria which is shown in the form of polyps becomes a result of a hormonal imbalance. Inflammations which develop in the cavities of a small pelvis passing into the chronic form, abortions which are carried out by a surgical method of a scraping of a cavity of the uterus can also become the reason of formation of polyps of an endometria. More often this disease develops at women who suffer from disturbance of exchange processes in an organism, obesity, a diabetes mellitus, at patients who are subject to arterial hypertension.

If after the birth of the child, an abortion or abortion the placenta completely was not removed from a uterus, formation of so-called placental polyps is possible. In an upper and average zone of a neck of uterus cervical polyps develop.

Symptoms endometria polypose

Полипоз эндометрияPolyps of an endometria are distinguished also according to their gistostruktura. They can be ferruterous, ferruterous and fibrous, fibrous. In the latter case polyps do not change under the influence of hormones.

Most often endometria polyposes at the woman proceeds without visible symptoms. Manifestation of disturbances of a monthly cycle can be one of probable symptoms of such disease. If polyposes of an endometria develops, and polyps expand to the considerable sizes, then the woman can periodically have severe bleedings at which frequent repetition development of anemia is possible. Posthemorrhagic anemia is shown by feeling of strong weakness, dizziness, appetite loss.

Such bleedings can repeat both cyclically (in the period of periods), and acyclicly, that is is spontaneous. If cyclic bleeding has revenge, then plentiful allocations during periods appear or at once, or for the second or third day of monthly. Bleeding can proceed seven days and more. And in certain cases the woman suffers from almost constantly not stopping bleeding.

If at the woman acyclic bleeding is shown, then, as a rule, plentiful release of blood happens after a long delay of periods. Such delay can proceed half a year and more.

Provided that at the woman the menstrual cycle happens to endometria polyps without delays and disturbances, as symptoms of an illness small sanious allocations during the period between periods can be shown. Allocation plentiful is in certain cases possible is more white.

One more important symptom at a uterus endometria polypose – the female infertility arising owing to such educations.

Diagnosis of a disease

Полипоз эндометрияIt is rather simple to diagnose endometria polyposes, but at the same time it is necessary to consider that this disease comes to light generally at routine inspections. In this case the inspection of a neck of uterus performed with use of mirrors and use of a kolposkopiya is informative. Besides, polyposes of an endometria it is found in the course of carrying out ultrasonic research of bodies of a small pelvis. But carrying out hysteroscopy is important for final specification of the diagnosis. If in the course of diagnosis existence ferruterous or ferruterous cystic polyps is defined, then their removal can be made depending on recommendations of the doctor. But in the presence of atypical polyps which are considered as a precancerous state it is necessary to delete such educations immediately.

At a polypose of an endometria of the patient carrying out a diagnostic scraping of a uterus for carrying out histology of the received material is often appointed. This technique is applied to diagnosis and treatment of an illness.

Pregnancy and endometria polyposes

Endometria polyposes smears often exerts considerable impact on an opportunity to take out pregnancy and to give birth to the healthy kid. As it is designated above, most often polyposes is a consequence of hormonal disturbances which, in turn, also become the reason of female infertility.

Therefore timely and correct treatment an endometria polypose is very important for the normal course of pregnancy. Measures for recovery of optimum hormonal balance then removal of polyps is made are for this purpose undertaken. On the expiration of a certain postoperative period the woman can plan pregnancy.

If the woman became pregnant in the presence an endometria polypose, she should know that polyps do not constitute danger to the developing fruit even if they are rather large. As a rule, doctors postpone treatment an endometria polypose for a puerperal period. But if there is such need, then removal or treatment of polyps is made in the first months of pregnancy. To women for whom this disease was diagnosed earlier and treatment an endometria polypose was carried out, it is necessary to undergo surely after the birth of the kid careful testing not to miss repeated emergence of polyps as during pregnancy polyps arise at the women inclined to this illness, rather often.

Treatment of an illness

Полипоз эндометрияTo patients for whom this disease, as a rule, was diagnosed removal of polyps is carried out. This procedure is called a polypectomy. It will be out also for the purpose of removal of education, and for the purpose of the subsequent histologic research of the taken material.

If at the patient the recurrent form an endometria polypose is noted, then in that case it is necessary to carry out a scraping of a mucous membrane of a uterus. It is accepted to understand process of removal of a mucous membrane of the channel and a body of a neck of uterus which is carried out both for treatment, and for diagnosis as a scraping. Often as a diagnostic method the separate scraping of a mucous membrane of the channel and a body of a neck of uterus practices.

After removal of a polyp the cryolysis (freezing) of the basis of his leg is made. If the night of a polyp is located near an outside pharynx of a neck of uterus, then wedge-shaped excision is in that case carried out it. After this procedure the full scraping of a mucous membrane of the cervical channel has to follow. If polyps are located in a neck of uterus rather highly, then the hysteroscope is used to exact control in the course of operation.

Doctors recommend to carry out a scraping of a mucous membrane how the polyp was completely removed. The matter is that in many cases development of polyps happens at a hyperplasia of an endometria and endotserviks (mucous membranes of a uterus and a neck of uterus so are called). When carrying out a cryolysis of the basis of a polyp the risk of repeated emergence of polyps considerably decreases. In the whole ambassador of a scraping polyps develop approximately in 10% of cases again.

The scraping only in a hospital is made. Previously the preparation for this intervention similar to preparation for any other band operation is made. It is impossible to make this procedure at acute inflammations of generative organs, and also at suspicion on the perforation of a uterus which happened at abortion. After carrying out this procedure it is regularly necessary to watch several days body temperature, and also the general condition of the woman and emergence of allocations from generative organs. In the postoperative period it is impossible to take baths, to allow serious exercise stresses, to overcool. Sexual life cannot be practiced for several weeks.

After the woman is written out home, she periodically visits the gynecologist for planned supervision. Besides, it is necessary to ask at once for medical assistance in case of bleeding, pain in the bottom of a stomach, disturbances of a monthly cycle.

Prevention polypose

Not to allow development of this disease, it is regularly necessary to pass survey at the specialist gynecologist, it is correct to plan pregnancy, not to allow obesity, and also strong emotional shocks and stresses.

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