Polyps of a neck of uterus

Polyps of a neck of uterus — an illness of female generative organs of which process of growth of an internal cover of a uterus is characteristic. At the same time on mucous necks of uterus appear small ledges. It is also polyps which can be both single, and multiple. Polyps are high-quality education at which there is a growth of ferruterous fabric of an endometria. However at suspicion on existence of polyps it is important to ask at once for medical assistance in view of big risk of regeneration of polyps in oncological diseases of a uterus and the cervical channel. For this reason it is impossible to treat independently an illness, using councils of traditional medicine.

Reasons of emergence of polyps of a neck of uterus

Process of formation of polyps on a neck of uterus is a direct effect of a hormonal imbalance. However, not only hormonal disturbances, but also other factors are considered as the reason of development of polyps. Some diseases of a reproductive system having inflammatory character which provoke formation of polyps are allocated. In this case it is about an endometritis (that is about an inflammation of internal walls of a uterus), and also an adnexitis (that is about an inflammation of appendages). Sometimes formation of a polyp is preceded by other diseases — erosion and pseudo-erosion, myoma, an endocervicitis, dysfunctions of ovaries.

Also abortions, a scraping can promote emergence of polyps. At hormonal disturbances in an organism estrogen is produced in a large number. They promote prompt increase in internal walls of a uterus. In view of increase of concentration of estrogen as a part of blood on internal walls of a uterus the quantity of layers increases. This process can come to the end with formation of outgrowths polyps.

The polyp on a neck of uterus can appear and as an effect of diseases of a thyroid gland, and also at disturbances in functioning of immune system.

Types of polyps of a neck of uterus

Distinguish several types of polyps between which difference consists in a structure. In a uterine cavity endometria polyps are located. It is accepted to call those outgrowths which appear in the channel of a neck of uterus polyps of the cervical channel.

Glandular polyps are those outgrowths which appeared from fabric of internal walls of a uterus. As a part of ferruterous and fibrous polyps there are glands of an endometria and a stroma of the fabric supporting them.

Feature of fibrous polyps is existence in their composition of the fibrous fabric having dense structure and it is not enough glands. Fibrous polyps are more characteristic of women after forty-year age.

Adenomatous polyps are polyps which appear on an endometria and rather often over time pass into a malignant disease of an endometria.

Sometimes polyps have the wide basis, are sometimes attached to fabric by a leg.

Symptoms of polyps of a neck of uterus

Полипы шейки матки Often the polyp has the small size. As a result, throughout a long time symptoms of a polyp of a neck of uterus are not shown in general. Over time, however, certain symptoms can be shown. Sometimes existence of polyps provokes uterine bleedings which arise after the termination of monthly. In the middle of a monthly cycle at the woman with polyps of a neck of uterus allocations from a genital tract which has the smeared character are sometimes shown. If polyps of rather big size take place, then they can become the reason of periodic pain in the bottom of a stomach. Process of mucifying of a vagina can also become more active.

In intimate life of the sick woman there are also certain changes. First of all, it is about pain in the course of sexual intercourse. After sex bloody allocations are possible. At last, polyps of the big size can become the reason of difficulties with conception and, as a result, infertility.

Sometimes in polyps of a neck of uterus owing to influence of certain factors there are diffusion or focal inflammations. As a rule, they are a consequence of injuries and hits of an infection. Certain changes in structure of a polyp can happen also during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of polyps of a uterus

Polyps in the course of gynecologic research reveal at modern women very often. If the woman periodically or constantly notes manifestation of the symptoms described above, it is a reason for urgent visit of the gynecologist. Only after inspection and establishment of the correct diagnosis it is possible to pick up optimum methods of elimination of a problem. For identification of polyps inspection of a uterus with use of gynecologic tools is performed. At survey of a neck of uterus with use of mirrors the gynecologist can define existence of polyps of the channel of a neck of uterus: they are the noticeable educations having pink color and the small sizes. Such polyps look out in a vagina of the channel of a neck.

Besides, the doctor appoints carrying out ultrasonic research as some types of polyps, for example, endometria polyps, it is possible to determine only by data of ultrasonography, they are located directly in a cavity of the uterus.

In need of process of diagnosis of polyps of a neck of uterus also other methods are applied. The method of a metrografiya consists in introduction to a uterus of a special contrast agent. After that it is necessary to make a X-ray. Results of such research will allow to define existence of roughnesses in a uterus and to vyvit polyps.

Hysteroscopy is considered the most informative method of obtaining the necessary data. Such research allows to perform inspection of a cavity of the uterus thanks to use of specially developed optical device. Using the hysteroscope, the doctor can not only diagnose polyps, but also determine their size, quantity. Also in the course of such research there is an opportunity to receive material for research of an endometria under a microscope to exclude an oncological disease.

Treatment of polyps of a neck of uterus

Полипы шейки матки Today only surgical treatment of a polyp of a neck of uterus is possible. For this purpose to the woman specific operation which is called a polypectomy is performed. An operative measure is carried out with use of the hysteroscope that gives the chance quickly and to precisely make all actions.

If after operation through a certain interval of time polyps are found in the patient again, then in that case it is already about recurrent polyps. To avoid their repeated emergence and further, the patient is appointed carrying out a curettage, that is scraping of a uterine cavity. Such operation is made under the general anesthesia, deleting an endometria with a mechanical method by means of the tools which are specially intended for this purpose. After carrying out a scraping of a uterus it is important to trace whether the general condition of the woman is normal, and also to watch nature of allocations from a vagina. For 2-4 weeks intimate life is excluded, it is also important to avoid overcooling and loadings.

Not less important for avoiding of recurrence of an illness to define what reasons became defining in the course of emergence of polyps, and to eliminate them. It is important that after a polypectomy the woman regularly passed survey at the gynecologist.

The defining moment is also that women who have inflammatory illnesses of generative organs cannot make operation. For this purpose before carrying out surgical intervention, to the patient appoint inspection of an organism for definition of infectious activators, sexually transmitted.

If the doctor defines that disturbances of a monthly cycle become the reason of polyps of the cervical channel or an endometria, to the patient can appoint treatment hormonal drugs.

The modern medicine practices also use of a cryolysis of a bed of a polyp after it was completely removed. It allows to reduce the number of repeated emergence of such outgrowths.

It is possible to remove polyps in modern clinics on an outpatient basis, without preliminary hospitalization.

Prevention of polyps of a neck of uterus

For the prevention of emergence of polyps it is important not to allow developments of gynecologic diseases and disturbances in work of endocrine system, to avoid abortions. Women who transferred removal of polyps have to be observed regularly at the treating specialist. And at the gynecologist each woman is obliged to pass planned regular surveys. One more important point – strengthening of immune system that is promoted by a hardening, the correct approach to food, active lifestyle. Whenever possible it is worth avoiding stresses and not to allow emergence of extra kilos.

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