Sexual function of the person

Sex life of people is one of the major elements which fix the man and the woman in marriage. The Ancient Greek scientist Platon in the work "Feast" put forward such version of why people so like to kiss. Initially people represented a sphere which had about 4 hands and legs and 2 heads – man's and female. They were called androgens. This being was ugly and very haughty, did not want to read gods, and in punishment Zeus divided it into 2 halves – man's and female. And only as a result of a kiss 2 halves of one person connect again, trying to turn into a whole and to cure human nature. And, besides, the kiss began to bring huge pleasure about what Zeus also did not assume.

In Vladimir Dahl's dictionary the kiss is described as "the single appendix of lips as a sign of love, sympathies, friendship, etc. to lips, a hand or a cheek of other person".

Modern scientists claim that during a kiss there are considerable changes in blood and a brain. Passionate kisses are capable to strengthen considerably heartbeat that leads to improvement of blood circulation and acceleration of a metabolism, and at each kiss burns down to 12 calories. At regular kisses of a cell of a brain are better saturated with oxygen that leads to improvement of memory, concentration and concentration of attention. At kisses enzymes which promote emission in happiness hormone blood – endorphine are emitted thanks to what at the person the mood improves.

From the medical point of view 2 types of kisses – a kiss are allocated with the "closed" mouth (a social kiss) when contact happens to the closed lips of the person, and the "French" kiss when contact happens to an open mouth and penetration of language into a mouth of other person. During the "French" kiss about 9 milligrams of water, 0,7 milligrams of liquid and to 280 most various bacteria from the partner are transferred to the partner. In this case the herpes virus, streptococcal infections causing tooth caries, and also bacteria of Helicobacter pylori which lead to gastritises, peptic ulcers of a stomach, etc. can be transmitted.

However thanks to kisses in a human body a large number of neuropeptids which destroy all dangerous bacteria is allocated, and promote immunity strengthening. On average the person for all life kisses about 2 weeks, and scientists advise to kiss often, but not long.

Половая функция человекаNot less important component of psychological and physical health of the person are the sexual relations which are one of links of normal life activity of an organism. Sex life has no uniform norms, and its intensity and duration is various at each person and depends on many factors, such as the constitution of a body of the person, his way of life.

It is well-known that the people having regular trainings sex live longer, look better and more successful in affairs. The regular sexual relations positively influence cardiac performance and lungs, blood circulation and supply with oxygen of internals. And sex 2 times a week almost on a third increase the maintenance of antibodies in blood and activate immunity. At women who regularly have sex migraines decrease and the condition of skin improves. And at the men having regular sex the risk of diseases of prostate adenoma is reduced.

And during the sexual relations in an organism the huge amount of hormones of a dopamine and a feniletilamin who call hormones of "good mood" therefore activity of hemadens improves is developed and arterial pressure is normalized.

Naturally, kisses and sex cannot make the person absolutely happy and healthy, the love and its manifestation – tenderness, touches, compliments, and also trust and mutual understanding is not less important. The harmonious sexual relations improve quality of human life, optimize its emotional state and promote long active and full-fledged life.

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