Whether it is possible to lead sex life during pregnancy?

All know from where children appear. In that case, from what during pregnancy intimate relations of spouses have to become a problem? Of course, pregnancy is time of enormous emotional and physical changes which are reflected also in intimate proximity of spouses. Also it is worth to remember about it.

During this period, as well as in usual life, at women both recessions, and raising of sexual desires are observed. It is impossible to foresee the moment of blossoming of sexual desires. And still, there are simple physiological norms influencing it, of course, they should be considered.

Usually, in the first trimester of pregnancy the need for sex decreases, and it is quite natural, in a female organism there is a hormonal reorganization. Sounds and smells are perceived more sharply, than before pregnancy. Those smells which were pleasant up to this point can quite provoke negative emotions now. Besides many in the first trimester badly feel in connection with toxicosis. In a similar state the woman needs care and sympathy more likely, than passionate sex.

At the beginning of the second trimester at a half of women, quite, strong inclination to the partner wakes up. All this is quite explainable. By this time unpleasant sensitivity of a breast passes, blood supply of generative organs increases. And the stomach is still not really big, and does not prevent occupations love. In additives, it is not necessary to worry about contraception that gives an additional freedom. So if pregnancy proceeds quietly and your doctor does not see contraindications, then sex will be able to open one of the brightest pages of your intimate life at this time. Often, as partners admit later, sex during pregnancy appears the best.

Можно ли жить половой жизнью во время беременности?In the third trimester of pregnancy the woman is less mobile. At this time more convenient pose — on one side. The woman lies in embraces of the husband, having clung to him a back. Not less conveniently for the situation "equestrian", besides, in this situation the woman can control depth of occurrences.

Several weeks prior to childbirth it would be correct to refuse intimate proximity. As sexual intercourse can provoke pains at this time. During sexual excitement oxytocin is thrown out blood to the woman, it is the hormone stimulating reduction of a uterus. The same impact is exerted by prostaglandin, also hormone which contains in semen of the partner.

Both partners have to remember: pregnancy — not an illness. Many couples during this period feel uncertainty. On the one hand, they want, with another — the fear of causing to the child of harm or abortion torments.

Actually, future kid it cannot do much harm. It is reliably protected by a bag of waters and a uterus, and amniotic waters will amortize pushes.

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