After thirty years chances to become pregnant do not decrease

In spite of the fact that among physicians there is an opinion that it is much more difficult for woman to become pregnant after thirty years, than in more early age, this fact the other day was the pallet to doubt. The Californian scientists reported that at the woman in thirty nine years practically the same chances to become pregnant, as well as at the twenty-nine-year-old woman are noted. The American psychologists analyzed data of researches which were conducted in 2004. In the course of these researches the state of health of 700 residents of the European countries was studied. As a result scientists drew a conclusion that women from an age group from 27 to 34 years which in a week have sex two times more have 86 percent probability to become pregnant. But also women from group have from 35 to 39 years which have sex approximately with the same frequency, chance to conceive the child not much more smaller — 82 percent.

Being guided by data of this research, scientists drew a conclusion that to connect female infertility with a thirty-year age boundary there is no sense. Studying statistics, it is necessary to consider surely a level of development of modern medicine, and also higher quality of life of modern women.

Thus, the modern woman can expect the birth of children and at more mature age. Especially as scientists from university from San Diego came to a conclusion recently that repeated childbirth can protect the woman from heart diseases. Recent research allowed scientists to draw conclusions that mothers having many children died of heart diseases four times less often. It became clear that the more childbirth the woman worried, the smaller risk of development of heart failure at her was noted.

However physicians are meanwhile not ready to speak about the reason of such phenomenon. Most likely, all the matter is that during incubation of a fruit there is a production of hormones which protect later her heart. However, researchers do not deny also that moment that the important part is assigned to social and emotional support of mother from her children. Besides those women who so easily become pregnant have rather good health.

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