Last months of expectation

You in situation, both this finest and surprising time! Though, sometimes, your state delivers not that troubles more likely small household inconveniences. The average increase in weight during pregnancy varies (normal!) from 9 to 15 kg. And you gradually adapt to your new state, and at this time, some usual actions should be done in a different way.

We lie and get up in a different way

In the course of growth of your kid to sleep on a stomach becomes not conveniently. Therefore to avoid discomfort, and disturbances of activity of blood circulation and other bodies, future mother should sleep on one side.

To feel in the bed it is more comfortable, sew a special small pillow-dumochku. This thing will help to distribute evenly weight during a dream. It is necessary to put it between knees, then you will feel that it became more convenient to you to sleep. If at night you disturb spasms in gastrocnemius muscles, it is better to enclose a small pillow under legs, such pose will improve a venous blood stream.

After awakening, you do not hurry to get up sharply. For a start turn sideways, lean the elbows on an elbow and lower legs down. After that slowly accept vertical position.

We sit and stand in a different way

If in accordance with the circumstances, you have to spend long time sitting, pay attention to a chair. The main thing that it was convenient, it is equipped with a high back. Under a waist you can enclose a small small pillow. That the back did not hurt, sit directly, press a backbone to a back. Try not to cross legs. On a waiting time of the kid completely refuse a habit to sit, having thrown with a leg a leg. Because in such situation there is a disturbance of a blood-groove of veins of the lower extremities and a small pelvis. It is necessary to sit down and rise from a chair quietly, without straining legs.

During the working day each hour, arrange a 15-minute break to walk and make easy warm-up. If to you, owing to any circumstances it is necessary to stand long time on one place, choose more comfortable position of a body, try to strain serially muscles of buttocks and legs, moving body weight on one leg, on another. Strain and relax toes. If there is opportunity, oboprit one leg on a box or a step. It will help to unload a backbone and muscles of a back slightly.

We bend in a different way

It is necessary to lift something from a floor? Use force of muscles of legs and hips. Place legs more widely, fall down, having bent knees, distribute on them the weight, then, without bending a waist, do an inclination. Legs have to perform the main work! That there was no crotch tension, you should not hold the breath. Try to squeeze muscles of a pelvic bottom slowly. On deadlines for pregnancy minimize inclinations.

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