Puerperal gymnastics

During this period, when the woman for nine months bears future kid, there is an essential reorganization practically of all systems of its organism. Owing to the increased general loading and hormonal changes the woman's weight increases, and as a result of later birth of the kid extra kilos remain with young mother.

Out of doubts, each young mother wants to return to a former form as soon as possible. But in a puerperal period the organism is weakened, there is the return reorganization of all systems, and very often for return to former weight it is necessary not only to limit itself in food, but also to provide sufficient physical activity.

In general the puerperal period proceeds about eight weeks: at this time reorganization of an organism happens most actively. In view of so high voltage doctors do not advise to practice too active physical tension at this time. But nevertheless the puerperal gymnastics can gradually be implemented into vital way of young mother from first weeks. The main condition – exercises in the first days after the delivery have to be most sparing, and it is fashionable to increase loading gradually, from the date of in day.

Basic rules of puerperal gymnastics

It is optimum to begin to play sports after the child's birth only after consultation with the attending physician: he will be able to define whether recovery process normally proceeds and will prompt what exercises can be practiced already now and what loadings it is still better to avoid.

The task facing the woman who intends to enter gradually into a daily routine puerperal gymnastics is based is a recovery of a bearing, gait, return of a usual tone of all muscles which lost elasticity during pregnancy (in particular, it is about muscles of a pelvic bottom and prelum abdominale).

Also the gymnastics after the delivery promotes return to usual position of bodies of a small pelvis and an abdominal cavity, activates blood circulation, breath, helps to normalize a condition of a nervous system.

That puerperal gymnastics brought the maximum benefit to young mother and promoted both physical, and emotional recovery, it is necessary to consider several important points.

Beginning to carry out daily exercises, it is necessary to go from simple to difficult, gradually increasing loadings. It is desirable to carry out every day a set of exercises which at least differs from previous a little. The boring gymnastics which is monotonously repeating from day a day can negatively affect the general condition of an organism and not bring effect from the point of view of weight loss. Besides the risk that such occupations can simply bother young mother is high.

In the first weeks of occupations the gymnastics needs to be carried out every day. When intensity of an exercise stress and the general duration of occupation considerably increases, the number of such trainings can be reduced to 3 weekly.

The woman who recently gave birth to the child has to carry out all movements smoothly and slowly, if necessary it is necessary to make at once a small stop and to recover breath.

For trainings it is necessary to pick up suitable clothes – convenient, not constraining a body. Exercises in lying situation should be carried out, lying on a plain surface of a floor. Before training it is important to air carefully the room that during performance of exercises the woman deeply inhaled clean and fresh air.

Before to start gymnastics, young mother has to empty a bladder and intestines. It is desirable to approach time of trainings elaborately: to optimum do a set of exercises approximately in one hour prior to food and how there took place feeding of the kid. The matter is that in the course of intensive loadings there is a production of lactic acid which can change milk tastes. At too high physical activity can decrease a little a producing milk. Therefore it is recommended also in the course of physical trainings, and after performance of exercises it is desirable to drink as much as possible liquid, usual clear water.

During the period after the delivery preferable types of a physical activity are walks on foot with a carriage, swimming. It is possible to ski and skate in the winter. And here it is desirable to wait a little with power exercises, driving the bicycle, run, and also extreme exercises and sports at least several months.

Exercises from a complex of puerperal gymnastics in the first days after the delivery

Послеродовая гимнастикаWhat set of exercises would not be chosen by young mother before starting its main part, it is necessary to execute small five-minute warm-up. If the woman is engaged not less than an hour, then warm-up can take up to ten minutes.

Deep breath – some of very deep breaths and exhalations can be the beginning of warm-up. Further the extension follows: it is necessary to be extended up then to bend down and to touch a floor by fingers. It is possible to include wide waves in warm-up by hands in different directions, up-down, steps on site.

Practically next day after the birth of the kid on condition of lack of complications and good health newly made mother can carry out simple exercises.

In a prone position it is possible to twist several minutes at the level of the person hands, peculiar imitating washing. In the same situation it is serially necessary to draw in legs, sliding them on a floor surface.

In a prone position it is necessary to lift a basin up. At the same time legs are bent in knees, and hands are behind the head. It is possible to sit down several times from a prone position, at the same time, waving hands, to try to reach to toes. It is also recommended to carry out the easy movements, doing "bicycle". Then it is possible to turn over on a stomach and, having linked under a hand chin, to raise serially legs, detaining them in situation on weight a little. In turn it is also possible to raise legs up, being on all fours. All exercises are carried out on ten times. After that ten-fifteen times to squeeze and unclench toes. These simple exercises are useful also to the prevention of development of thrombosis, and to training of the weakened prelum abdominale muscles.

There are also other complexes of puerperal gymnastics which can be practiced already next day after a grandiose event in mother's life. Exercises at which deep breath practices are very useful. It is important that in the course of a breath and an exhalation the lower part of a stomach was involved.

For the first exercise it is necessary to accept a dorsal decubitus and to bend both legs in knees. Hands lie on a stomach. The breath is made by a nose, slowly, an exhalation – a mouth. At a deep exhalation the stomach needs to be ironed in the direction from below to a navel. It is important that on a stomach pressure was not made: the movements have to be lungs. Such exercise repeats 15-20 times. After that the woman has to turn over on a stomach. That it was more convenient to lie, under a stomach the small pillow is enclosed. Breath is made by a stomach bottom, it has to be the deepest. When the exhalation follows, the basin moves up. Such exercises promote improvement of work of cardiovascular system of the woman, activate a blood stream, stimulate a metabolism. Besides when performing breathing exercises for several weeks it is possible to prepare perfectly muscles for further more intensive loadings. The general duration of gymnastics in the first days after the delivery should not exceed 10-15 minutes. But it is possible to carry out such simple trainings several times a day. But it is extremely important that the woman did not train in the first days after the delivery too intensively at all: it is impossible to be overstrained categorically.

Women who transferred Cesarean section have to wait a little with physical activity until the attending physician does not allow to do easy gymnastics.

Already in a maternity home young mother has to remember also so-called exercises of Kegel. Correctly to execute such exercise, muscles of a pelvic bottom need to be pulled in on a breath and on an exhalation to weaken. The gymnastics after the delivery has to include surely such exercise as it is extremely important for recovery of elasticity of muscles of a vagina. That the tone of muscles was recovered as soon as possible, it is necessary to repeat such exercise every day not less than hundred times, carrying out it in several approaches for day.

All described exercises can be varied at own discretion. It is not necessary to carry out those from them which cause a resistant sensation of discomfort. The main thing that occupation brought pleasure, and after it appeared feeling of cheerfulness, but not fatigue.

Exercises from a complex of puerperal gymnastics during the recovery period

Послеродовая гимнастикаApproximately on the third week it is possible to enter into a gymnastics complex after the delivery more difficult exercises which promote strengthening of a tone of muscles of a body. It is desirable to diversify a set of exercises in a prone position. So, it is possible to carry out serial raising of legs: straightening a leg above, the woman can detain a leg in such situation and work as a sock, serially attracting it to itself and delaying back. On the following raising of legs it is necessary to do rotary motions. To repeat raising of each leg 15-20 times.

In a prone position of a hand are extended along a trunk. Legs on an exhalation should be tightened to a breast serially. Exercise on each leg repeats 6 times. After the end of approach it is necessary to become straight, having extended in a string: socks last in one party, fingers of hands – in another.

Lying in situation on a stomach, hands should be put under a forehead the back. Exhaling air, to raise up an upper body. Hands remain pressed to a floor surface. The head cannot be showered: it is on one tenches with a backbone. Rise repeats 6-7 times.

It is useful to enter into the general complex of puerperal gymnastics exercise known for all "cat": to execute it, it is necessary to rise on all fours and to cave in as much as possible in back, having rounded it. Carrying out this exercise, it is necessary to pull in also crotch muscles.

Also exercise which promotes strengthening of a tone of muscles of a crotch and stomach at the same time is on all fours carried out. For this purpose it is necessary to fall by elbows, to exhale air and to cramp together shovels. On a breath of a shovel get divorced, and the back is as much as possible rounded, as well as in case of performance of "cat". Remaining in such situation, it is necessary to pull in a crotch and a stomach as much as possible. On an exhalation the maximum relaxation follows.

One more exercise should be carried out, sitting on a chair. At the same time it is necessary to straighten as much as possible a back and to pull in a stomach. Legs are located approximately at shoulder length. In such situation inclinations in the parties are carried out. At the same time a palm it is necessary to reach a floor. It is necessary to bend about 6-7 times in each party. However to women to whom at childbirth stitches on area of a crotch were put, of exercise sitting it is better not to carry out some more weeks. It is serially possible to bend in the parties and from a standing position: such exercise promotes forming of a waistline.

In a standing position it is possible to do any simple exercises directed to training of muscles of a prelum abdominale, hands, legs. The exercises including the movements by a basin are useful: for example, being kneeling a little bent in legs (at the same time legs together), it is necessary to shake a basin back and forth, to draw a circle in one and other party. At rotary motions it is necessary to try to pull in a stomach strongly. On a breath it is necessary to stop, on an exhalation – to continue the movement further.

Послеродовая гимнастикаAfter performance of a set of exercises it is necessary to have a rest a little, lying on a floor on a stomach or on spin. At the same time breath has to be very deep.

In house conditions it is useful to include in the general complex of puerperal gymnastics several exercises with dumbbells. So-called resistant exercises for strengthening of muscles are carried out with easy dumbbells (their weight should not exceed 1 kg).

Besides, on coming of puerperal 6-8 weeks it is possible to carry out full stomach exercises (to sit down from a prone position), to be wrung out from a floor.

One more option of rather cheerful puerperal gymnastics — performance of exercises together with the kid and the father. So far the small child, he can act as peculiar "shell": the kid can be lifted on the bent legs, to squat with a backpack kangaroo in which the baby sits. And later the kid will gradually get used that the daily gymnastics is a norm of life. Besides occupations together with mother always please quickly growing up child.

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