Puerperal contraception

In several weeks after the desired child is born, the woman is gradually restored to usual sex life. And at this time, more than ever, the question of contraception sharply appears. Most of women after appearance of the kid are not eager to become pregnant without "respite" again at all. And if before among young mothers there was an opinion that feeding by a breast is the period when conception of the child cannot happen, then the abundance of other facts completely crosses out this theory.

In this case the pregnancy coming at once after the woman already gave birth to the child, is undesirable to young mother and in view of her weakened state. Young mother should recover fully an organism, otherwise her state of health during the following pregnancy can worsen considerably, and the fruit can develop with some delay. In the standard opinion of physicians, the complete recovery of a female organism and readiness for the subsequent incubation of a fruit comes approximately in two-three years after the delivery. Therefore, very often pregnancy which happens at once after the child's birth in very many cases comes to an end with its artificial interruption. And it is extremely undesirable from the point of view of receiving both physical, and psychological damage. Thus, contraception after the delivery is the extraordinary important issue demanding competent approach.

Sex life of the woman after the delivery

It is not necessary to hurry from the beginning of sexual life after the delivery unambiguously. Doctors strongly recommend to adhere to the abstention period, at least, four weeks. But it is the best of all to sustain nevertheless the recommended six weeks. However, there are statistical data that most of spouses resume intimate relations already life in the first month after the child was born. In that case the woman has to realize the fact that approach of pregnancy is after the delivery possible even before resuming of a menstrual cycle. Therefore at the first sexual intercourse after the delivery it is necessary to apply without fail contraceptives, using one or several methods of protection.

Features of puerperal contraception

However, physicians confirm that there is rather low probability of a possibility of fertilization of an ovum for the first half of the year after the delivery. Chest feeding – natural, natural process at which the visible advantage not only for the kid takes place, but also for mother as processes of involution in an organism at the feeding mother happen more dynamically. And contraception after the delivery provides selection of such method of protection against undesirable conception which will not have a negative impact on process of a producing breast milk, its quality, and also will not affect it is undesirable on health of mother and kid.

послеродовая конрацепцияThe method called lactic amenorrheas on condition of its correct use works, statistically, in 98% of cases. However observance of all conditions has to be the most careful. The similar method of contraception is after the delivery admissible only if the woman makes feeding of the child according to his requirement, and at the same time feedings also take place at night. It is important that feeding of the child happened exclusively breast milk, that is dokorm it was not used. The child has to take a breast once at three o'clock in the afternoon, and between night feedings there should not pass more than six hours. Thus, than more often there will be feedings on demand, especially such method of contraception will have a high level of efficiency. The matter is that hormone influence prolactin which causes a lactation depressing influences sex hormones. Therefore, conception does not come.

At use of a method of a lactic amenorrhea it is important to consider that it works only prior to the beginning of the first periods and no more than half a year after the delivery. At once after the woman enters dokorm into a diet of the child or increases intervals between feedings, efficiency of a method sharply decreases.

In practice there are many special moments which need to be considered. So, for example, sometimes 8-12 weeks of normal process of feeding of the child later the woman has a so-called lactic crisis. As a result there is an unplanned pregnancy. At the same time women who do not feed the child with milk already later can become pregnant six-eight weeks again.

Other methods of puerperal contraception

Perhaps also use of other ways of contraception after the delivery. Rather high level of efficiency (about 99%) is provided by intrauterine contraceptives. If contraindications are absent, and at childbirth the woman had no complications, then intrauterine contraceptives can be used practically at once after the delivery. The most optimum time for process of introduction of such contraceptive — the middle of the second month after the birth of the kid. Such calculation of time considerably will reduce risk of possible loss of VMK.

Intrauterine contraceptives do not exert a negative impact neither on quality of women's milk, nor on process of its development. They can be applied throughout a long span – about five years. This means protects from undesirable pregnancy at once after its correct installation.

As shortcomings of this method of protection it should be noted probability of an ekspulsiya (that is "losses") a contraceptive at once after its introduction. Besides, after introduction of VMK at some women the loss of blood can amplify considerably during periods, and also morbidity these days can be shown. Besides at use of this method of contraception there is no full protection against development of an extrauterine pregnancy. Such way of protection should not be used to the woman who has several sexual partners.

As contraception use of a condom is after the delivery reasonable. On condition of observance of the instruction for use of this means, and also coherence of both partners efficiency of use of a condom can make 100%. A condom, besides, it is possible to apply at the first puerperal sexual intercourse.

This method of contraception is the most available, at the same time it does not influence health of the kid and mother at all. Besides, as the positive moments it should be noted protection by means of a condom from diseases which are transmitted sexually.

However many women note as shortcomings existence of communication of use of a condom with sexual intercourse, change of feelings in the course of sexual intercourse, need to carefully adhere to all instructions concerning its use.

послеродовая конрацепцияUse of a diaphragm as puerperal contraception is effective approximately for 80–90%. If to use this method in a complex from a spermitsidama, then it is possible to increase its efficiency a little. It is important to consider that the diaphragm is used only after there pass six weeks after the child's birth. It does not influence a state of health of the woman and child at all. But at the same time it is very important that selection of a diaphragm was carried out individually by the gynecologist. Besides, after each sexual intercourse it is necessary to look after a diaphragm.

Use of spermitsid which efficiency makes about 95% on condition of their correct use, perhaps already at the first sexual intercourse after the delivery.

Spermitsida do not exert negative impact on health of the woman and the child, and somewhat render protection concerning diseases which are transmitted sexually.

As notable shortcomings of this method note its relative high cost, accurate communication with sexual intercourse, and also change of quality of feelings during oral sexual contacts.

Hormonal contraceptives after the delivery

Uses as a contraception method after the delivery means, drank the called mini-, is effective at the correct use approximately for 98%. If mother feeds the child with breast milk, then to apply mini-saw follows six weeks later after the delivery. Not feeding mothers apply mini-drank in a month after the child's birth. As a part of mini-saw female sex hormone gestagen, not influencing a producing, quality and amount of milk at the woman contains. When using this contraceptive over time the woman can gradually pass to the combined oral contraceptives (in abbreviated form the COOK).

Mini-drank influence slime of a neck of uterus, thus, without allowing fixing in an oospore uterus. Reception of this drug has to take place strictly according to the instruction, continuously, in one and too time. Besides when using these tablets in the first several months periodically at the woman bleedings between periods can be shown. However after a while such manifestation disappears independently. Before use of this contraceptive the woman has to get advice of the treating gynecologist surely.

As hormonal contraception also so-called hormonal injections are applied. Efficiency of such method of protection makes about 99%. After the delivery mothers who feed the child have to make the first injection six weeks later. At the same time not feeding mothers do a hormonal injection in a month after the birth of the kid.

This means is a chistogestagenny hormonal contraceptive which part female sex hormone gestagen is, not influencing negatively process of a lactation. Such method of contraception does not influence also health of the kid and mother. After one injection, depending on what type of drug was used, protection against approach of pregnancy for a period of eight about twelve weeks is possible.

But nevertheless when using such method of protection many women complain of emergence of allocations with blood between periods. It can occur in the first months of use of means, later this phenomenon disappears independently. The woman can sometimes feel dizziness, at her body weight can change.

Before use of this method it is important to get advice of the doctor surely. Surely it is necessary to control a situation and in time to make the following hormonal injection. After administration of drug stops, recovery of ability to conceive is observed for one year.

Послеродовая контрацепцияContraceptions after the delivery it can be carried out also by Norplant's introduction  — a hormonal implant which effectively influences approximately 99%. After the delivery women who feed the child have to enter Norplant in six weeks. Not feeding mothers enter an implant already cherezodin month after the birth of the kid.

This means consists of 6 silastikovy capsules which contain female sex hormone gestagen. These capsules enter by means of a small surgery into the forearm interior. Their action to last five years.

The method does not influence negatively a condition of the child and woman, is not connected with sexual intercourse. In five years efficiency of this way sharply decreases therefore capsules need to be deleted.

As side effects of a method of the woman sometimes note emergence of bloody allocations during the period between monthly, increase of body weight, display of periodic dizziness.

Before use of a method it is necessary to get advice of the doctor. The specialist has to carry out extraction of capsules only. After influence of drug stops, ability to conceive is recovered for one year.

Use of the combined oral contraceptives when feeding by a breast can take place only from seventh month after the birth of the kid. After suspension of feeding it is possible to apply this method at once. Not nursing mother can use oral contraceptives from fourth week after the delivery. If it is correct to apply this method, then its efficiency can make up to 100%.

The combined oral means provide not only absolute protection against approach of undesirable conception, but also to some extent protect manifestations of inflammations of a small pelvis, diseases of a mammary gland and female generative organs. Also such means exert a certain positive impact on skin and the woman's hair.

As the negative moments it should be noted decrease in amount of milk at use of such tablets. Also their reception influences quality of women's milk. Therefore, when breastfeeding use of the oral combined contraceptives is inadmissible. Before use of such method of contraception after the delivery it is necessary to consult initially with the doctor and to pass the researches appointed by it.

Other methods of puerperal contraception

Contraception after the delivery by means of a natural method of planning of a family directly depends on that, the menstrual cycle of the woman is how regular and whether she observes all instructions exactly as follows. And even at the same time efficiency of a method makes only 50%. In this case periodic abstention from sexual contacts is required. It is important to consider also that such way can be applied not right after the birth of the kid but only after a complete recovery of a menstrual cycle. At the woman who does not feed the child with breast milk recovery of a monthly cycle happens on the sixth or eighth week after the child's birth.

It is important to consider also the fact that the ovulation occurs earlier, than periods. Therefore, the woman can be already pregnant, but she explains lack of puerperal periods with a puerperal period.

There is also a method of female and man's sterilization which is way of irreversible contraception. In this case operation on bandaging of pipes or on imposing of plugs at women on uterine tubes is made, and to men make bandaging of deferent ducts. But those people who are completely sure of unwillingness to have children in the next or farther future have to take so serious step only.

Ideally before sexual life after the birth of the baby the woman should visit the gynecologist and to jointly define the contraception method which is most suitable for it after the delivery.

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