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  • Latin name: Postinor
  • ATH code: G03AC03
  • Active ingredient: Levonorgestrel (Levonorgestrel)
  • Producer: Gedeon Richter (Hungary)


750 mkg of levonorgestrel, and also silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous, magnesium stearate, starch potato and corn, talc, lactoses monohydrate are a part of 1 tablet.

Release form

The tablets packaged in blisters on 2 pieces. In packaging 1 blister.

The contraceptive tablets Postinor flat, with a diameter about 6 mm, with a facet, almost white color, on the one hand on them the text of "INOR" is engraved.

Pharmacological action

Drug promotes prevention of pregnancy, causes the effects similar to effect of hormones of a yellow body of ovaries in an organism, and also suppresses the effects caused by estrogen.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What is Postinor?

Postinor is means with the expressed anti-oestrogenic and progestagenny activity. These properties of drug complicate process of conception at an early stage and promote contraception.


As Postinor works, it is precisely unknown. The levonorgestrel which is contained in tablets warns an ovulation and fertilization of an ovum if USC (unprotected sexual contact) happened before an ovulation (when the probability of fertilization is highest).

Levonorgestrel also causes changes of an endometria which complicate implementation of an oospore in a mucous layer of a cavity of the uterus. In cases when an attachment of fetal egg already began, drug does not give the expected effect.

In Wikipedia it is specified that the mechanism of effect of levonorgestrel is implemented most successfully when the size of the dominating follicle of 17 mm. Best of all drug suppresses an ovulation not later than three days to it.

Efficiency of tablets

Probability of pregnancy after use of the tablets Postinor of 15-42%. Action after reception by that is better, than less time passed after NPK.

If means was accepted within 24 hours, its efficiency makes 95%, in the next 24 hours it decreases to 85%, on third day — to 58%. To accept drug later, than in 72 hour, there is no sense.

Whether Postinor is harmful?

Levonorgestrel in the dose recommended by the producer has no significant effect on lipidic and carbohydrate metabolism, and also on system of coagulation.


Absorption in the digestive channel at intake fast and full. In an organism drug contacts GSPG and albumine: about 65% of the accepted dose are connected with GSPG, in a free form there are only 1,5%.

96 minutes later after reception of a tablet plasma concentration of levonorgestrel reaches 14,1 ng/ml. Then 2-stage decrease Smakh is noted.

Drug is well distributed in fabrics and bodies.

Its biotransformation is carried out in a liver. The metabolism products (the conjugated glyukuronata) which are formed as a result pharmacological are inactive.

Levonorgestrel is excreted from an organism only in the form of metabolism products. About a half of the accepted dose is removed with urine, the rest — with excrements. Value of an indicator T1/2 varies ranging from 9 till 14,5 o'clock.

With milk about 0,1% of a dose get to the baby's organism at reception by the feeding woman Postinora.

Indications to use

"Urgent" contraception in case of unsuccessful use of the chosen method of protection or after NPK.


Contraindication to use of means is the intolerance of levonorgestrel or any of the auxiliary ingredients which are contained in it.

Drug is used in pediatric practice. This concerning its use for girls more young 16 years are limited therefore at teenage age Postinor is not recommended to be accepted without control of the doctor.

Side effects of Postinor: what is drug dangerous by?

In the summary to drug the producer reports that the most widespread reaction to use of levonorgestrel is nausea.

Besides, during researches the following side effects of Postinor were fixed:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • diarrhea and vomiting;
  • pains in the bottom of a stomach;
  • nausea;
  • the uterine bleedings which are not connected with a menstrual cycle;
  • failure of a menstrual cycle (namely, a delay monthly after the use of a tablet more than for a week);
  • increased fatigue.

Post-marketing supervision showed that use of drug sometimes is (rather rare) can be followed: hypersensitivity reactions (the small tortoiseshell, emergence of an enanthesis, a skin itch), a dysmenorrhea, pains in the field of a basin and/or in a stomach, a face edema.

Than Postinor is harmful?

About side effects allow to draw a conclusion that the most unpleasant, according to women, the phenomenon after Postinor reception:

  • bleeding (in separate responses it is mentioned that, without knowing how to stop bleeding after Postinor, the woman was forced to ask for medical assistance);
  • strong hormonal failure and the expressed disturbances of a cycle (many cases when after reception of Postinor is not present monthly during several cycles are described; at someone on recovery of a regularity of periods leaves about one year).

It is possible to include emergence of "man's" signs, disbolism and acne rash in this list.

Sometimes effects of reception of the tablet Postinor are shown in the form of not incubation of the subsequent pregnancies and infertility.

That harm for an organism was minimum, it is necessary to use drug not more often than 3-4 times a year.

Tablets Postinor: application instruction

How to accept Postinor?

In the instruction it is specified Postinor that the contraceptive effect is provided at reception of two tablets (provided that the first medicine is taken in the first 3 days after NPK). Between receptions 1 and 2 doses maintain a twelve-hour interval.

If within 3 hours after drug was drunk (irrespective of, the 1 or 2 dose), it is necessary to accept immediately 750 more mkg of levonorgestrel (the 3rd tablet).

Means can be applied in any phase of a menstrual cycle. An indispensable condition is absence at the woman of a delay of periods.

After reception of tablets prior to the beginning of the following monthly it is recommended to use means of barrier contraception (a cervical cap or condoms).

Administration of drug is not contraindication for continuation of use of hormonal means for regular contraception.

How to understand that drug worked?

The tablet begins to work at once after dissolution and absorption in the intestinal highway.

The certificate that drug "worked" are the periods.

Bleeding after the use excludes pregnancy approximately in 95-85% of cases if it begins in 3-6 days after reception of a tablet.

What the delay after Postinor can testify to?

If after the use of drug there is no bleeding or bleeding begins after the specified terms, the woman is recommended to make blood test on HGCh and to pass survey of the gynecologist to exclude pregnancy.

It is worth seeing a doctor not only at a delay monthly, but also if after acceptance of Postinor of an effect are expressed as bleeding, unusually severe for the woman. Exceeding of the recommended dose and a negative impact of levonorgestrel on a uterus endometria can be the reasons of such bleeding.

Sometimes women note that at them after reception brown allocations began. The phenomenon is considered norm if allocations appear within several days, completing thus monthly which are artificially caused by tablets. Nevertheless, at some women, the smeared allocations can continue about one month.

Most likely, it is individual reaction to a severe stress for a reproductive system, but only the doctor precisely can diagnose the reason of allocations.

Reason for concern are menstrual bleeding lasting more than 14 days, absence full monthly, emergence of clots or plentiful brown allocations, pains.

When have to go monthly after reception of tablets?

To precisely tell when after use of Postinor monthly begin, it is impossible. Tablets contain a large amount of levonorgestrel therefore even single use of drug does not take place completely for an organism.

In most cases after reception of means the menstrual cycle remains former. Sometimes bleeding can begins earlier or a bit later. Normal the delay should not be more than 5-7 days. Otherwise it is necessary to exclude pregnancy.

After levonorgestrel reception the woman is recommended to visit the doctor who will help to pick up her the most suitable method of regular contraception.

Whether it is worth accepting Postinor if NPK occurred during meschny?

Women with an irregular cycle have a probability to become pregnant even during menstrual bleeding. Expediency of use of means of "urgent" contraception if NPK took place during monthly, the doctor can define.

How it is often possible to accept Postinor?

Doctors answer the question "How It Is Often Possible to Drink Tablets of an Emergency Contraception?" that drugs of type of Postinor are not intended for systematic use. They are used only in emergency situations and 3-4 times within a year are not more often.


The clinical picture of overdose is not described by hormonal means of an emergency contraception. Most likely, that nausea and bleedings of break will be the first symptoms of poisoning.

Postinor has no specific antidote.


In a combination with inductors of liver enzymes activation of a metabolism of levonorgestrel is noted.

Efficiency of drugs as a part of which there is a levonorgestrel can decrease at simultaneous use with:

To the women accepting these drugs, before reception of Postinor it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Levonorgestrelsoderzhashchy drugs can provoke increase of toxicity of cyclosporine that is connected with possible suppression of its metabolism.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets have to be stored at a temperature of 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

Means of "urgent" contraception are intended for incidental use and do not replace a regular method of protection from pregnancy.

Because of a possibility of hormonal failure it is not recommended to reuse drug during one cycle.

"Urgent" contraception not always allows to prevent pregnancy. In the presence of doubts concerning time of NPK or if the unprotected act took place more than in 72 hours during the same cycle, it is impossible to exclude probability that the oospore was already implanted into a uterus wall.

In this regard use of tablets at the following sexual contact can be inefficient. At a cycle delay more than for 5 days, at development of atypical bleeding in day of the expected periods, and also in the presence of other bases to suspect pregnancy emergence, it is necessary to exclude the pregnancy fact.

After reception of levonorgestrel there is a risk of development of ectopic pregnancy. The absolute probability of it is low as means interferes with an ovulation and fertilization.

Ectopic pregnancy can remain, despite emergence of uterine bleeding.

The extrauterine pregnancy at the women noting an unconscious state or severe pains in a stomach, and also in the presence in the anamnesis of operation on uterine tubes, ectopic pregnancy, or VZOMT is most probable.

Proceeding from it, patients of risk group are not recommended to take the pill Postinor.

Reception of tablets can change several character of bleeding, however in most cases the following periods begin at most in a week after usual date.

At a delay of menstrual bleeding more than for 5 days it is necessary to exclude the pregnancy fact.

Drug should not be used to women with serious pathologies of a liver. Heavy disturbances of absorption can negatively influence efficiency of tablets (for example, granulematozny enteritis).

The women having similar diseases before carrying out an emergency contraception are recommended to consult with the doctor.

The tablets Postinor contain lactose what it is necessary to warn patients with a lactose intolerance and disturbances of absorption of glucose and a galactose about.

Drug is inefficient as means of regular contraception and is not alternative to it. Also it is necessary to remember that this means does not replace the necessary precautionary measures connected with protection against STD.

If the woman addresses concerning the Postinor reuse, the doctor has to recommend to her to use long-term methods of protection from pregnancy.

Researches concerning impact of levonorgestrel on ability to driving or work with mechanisms were not carried out, but it is necessary to forget about possibility of dizziness.

Postinor and its analogs: what to replace drug with?

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of Postinor with the same active ingredient: Escapelle, Eskinor-F.

Similar drugs with the similar mechanism of action: Implanon, Laktinet, Charozetta, Mifepristone, Ekslyuton, Zhenale, Ginepriston.

The price of analogs of drug — from 186 rubles. If the price is decisive factor at the substitute choice, Eskinor-F is better to give preference to drug.

What it is better — Escapelle or Postinor?

Escapelle and Postinor are synonyms. A basis both is levonorgestrel. Only in the first case its concentration of 1,5 mg / tab., and in the second — 0,75 mg / tab. That is it is necessary to accept Escapelle in case of NPK once, and Postinor — in 2 receptions with an interval at 12 o'clock.

What it is better — Zhenale or Postinor?

Active agent of Zhenale — synthetic antiprogestin mifepristone. Substance is derivative Norethisteronum and is used for abortion on early terms. Its contents in each tablet — 10 mg.

Mifepristone is non-hormonal means which reversible and quickly blocks exclusively peripheral PR (progesterone receptors). Depending on a phase of a menstrual cycle drug interferes with emission of a lyuteotropin, detains or blocks an ovulation and causes disturbances of transformation of an endometria that, in turn, complicates implantation of an ovum.

In WHO data it is specified that use of low doses of mifepristone is more effective and it is safe, than an emergency contraception using levonorgestrel.

Besides, it was experimentally proved that the contraceptive effect of mifepristone does not decrease at increase in an interval between NPK and Zhenale's reception till 120 o'clock. It also is essential advantage of the last before Postinor.

In need of "urgent" contraception it is enough to take 1 pill of Zhenale within the first 72 hours. Drug is used in 2 hours prior to food.

What it is better — Postinor or Ginepriston?

Active agent of Ginepriston is also mifepristone in concentration of 10 mg / tab. Thus, drug has the same advantages, before Postinor, as Zhenale.

Means has high performance, is characterized by lack of the expressed side effects and can be applied to incidental contraception at women with irregular sex life.

Besides, drug is more available comparison with Postinor. Its price in the Russian drugstores approximately for 100-120 rubles of low price of Postinor.


  • No. 2 postinor 0,75mg tabletkigedeon Richter

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  • Postinor of 0,75 mg No. 2 of table.
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