Darkening of enamel of teeth

Darkening of enamel of teeth — the phenomenon which is often noted both at children, and at adults.

How darkening of enamel of teeth is shown?

Color of teeth at the person not always depends on enamel coloring, and on what color internal part of tooth, that is a dentine. Structure of tooth porous, and, both outside, and inside. As a result, those natural dyes which get on teeth with food and not only, paint tooth from the outside. But change in color happens also owing to penetration of pigments from within. In stomatology of discoloration of teeth it is accepted to subdivide into several types. These are the superficial changes of a shade of teeth, deep coloring of tooth and change in color tooth happening with age.

Why darkening of enamel of teeth is shown?

Darkening of enamel of teeth can happen for various reasons. All reasons provoking darkening of an adamantine substance of tooth can be subdivided on external and internal. Smoking, emergence of a dental calculus, the frequent use of coffee, black tea, red wine, some products belongs to the external factors influencing color of teeth. It is easy to eliminate darkening of enamel of teeth at children and adults which is connected with the external reasons, having carried out special procedures in dental clinic.

Tooth can darken owing to emergence of a dental plaque or a dental calculus. The dental calculus develops owing to hardening of a dental plaque. Its education is connected, first of all, with bad hygiene of a mouth. People who irregularly or incorrectly brush teeth, and also those who eat mainly soft food suffer from a dental calculus. The dental calculus can develop owing to chewing only on one side of a jaw. It is observed at the people suffering from disturbance of a salt metabolism of substances.

Потемнение эмали зубов у мужчинAt influence on color of tooth of the internal reasons there is a coloring of inside layers of tooth. In this case development of some diseases, excess of fluorine or its lack, reception of a number of medicines can affect color of teeth.

Tooth can quickly darken already at the initial stages of development of caries in it. Darkening of teeth is noted by people who often accept antibiotics of a tetracycline row for treatment of diseases. These medicines at the long and frequent use promote darkening of tooth. As a result, it finds a yellowish or grayish shade.

If in the region where there lives a person, the high level of a ftorirovannost of water is noted, that is it contains more than 1 mg of fluorine on liter, then at the continuous use of such water tooth becomes dark, or on it dark or bright white impregnations appear. However, darkening of enamel is possible also at a lack of fluorine.

People who never smoked can receive a brownish shade of teeth after establishment of several seals made of copper amalgam. If the person works at the enterprise where non-ferrous metals are processed, then darkening of teeth can be also shown after a while.

Darkening of enamel of teeth is observed at people of advanced age. These age changes are connected with thinning of an adamantine substance of tooth and development in tissue of tooth of a dentine of more dark color.

The frequent phenomenon — darkening of tooth after removal of a nerve. It occurs owing to low-quality establishment of a seal. Even darkening of a gingiva around tooth can be noted. Perhaps, the stomatologist in the course of treatment of tooth did not adhere to the correct technology of sealing, on carried out sufficient processing of tooth by means for disinfection. That darkening at the tooth basis was not observed afterwards, solution for disinfection has to get into upper part of a fang that there was a whitening in the channel. Therefore at the correct sealing the doctor has to process one channel about thirty minutes. It is possible to eliminate darkening of tooth at a gingiva by means of carrying out the subsequent whitening in channels with the help of special gel.

Темная зубная эмальDarkening of teeth at children can be connected with the different factors influencing their state. The reasons of darkening of teeth are often connected with early children's caries which begins to develop as a result of thermal differences (the use of hot and cold food), blows, injuries, and also bacteria which breed in an oral cavity. Because of kariyes there can be also a darkening of milk teeth.

The dental health at the child is also defined by his food. In those dishes which are used by the child there have to be many vitamins, minerals. If the balance of the used carbohydrates, fats and proteins is broken, then at the kid the composition of saliva can change owing to what darkening between teeth is noted. Such plaque appears again, despite continuous toothbrushing. In this case it is important to change surely a food allowance to reach optimum food balance, in particular, to limit amount of the consumed sweets.

How to get rid of darkening of enamel of teeth?

It is not necessary to consider that darkening of enamel of teeth is exclusively cosmetic problem. Diseases of teeth can provoke deterioration in the general condition of an organism over time. In most cases qualitatively the dentist will help to recover color of teeth. Besides recovery of color often requires treatment of enamel of teeth. Initially the stomatologist performs inspection and establishes the diagnosis, defining whether the erosion of enamel of teeth or a crack on tooth enamel developed at the patient. Sometimes thinning of enamel of teeth is the reason of darkening, and at the child the hypoplasia of enamel of milk teeth can be noted. Depending on the reasons of darkening of teeth further procedures for treatment or whitening are carried out.

The enamel hypoplasia at children is connected with its underdevelopment. Depending on disease degree enamel can or become thinner, or be absent completely. This disease occurs at modern children very often. Its main complication is very fast development of carious processes in several teeth at once. The reasons of such phenomenon — influence of adverse factors during incubation of the kid, and also right after his birth. Even after treatment of milk teeth of an effect of a hypoplasia in the form of spots, grooves, darkenings all the same remain. Later defects of second teeth improve by means of microprosthetics.

The erosion of an adamantine substance of tooth often develops as a result of increase in secretion of saliva. More often such defect of enamel of teeth is observed at the people suffering from disturbances by function of a thyroid gland. Depending on degree of an erosion administration of drugs of phosphorus and calcium, vitamin complexes is appointed. The erosion of enamel of teeth is processed by the special drugs containing fluorine, calcium.

If darkening of enamel of teeth was caused by the external reasons, then it is eliminated with the help or professional whitening in the conditions of clinic, or by carrying out some procedures for whitening. By means of professional whitening the plaque on teeth is removed that promotes return of natural tone of an adamantine substance of tooth. However at the same time it is necessary to remember that whitening is rather radical procedure, and it is impossible to carry out it too often. Modern stomatologists carry out whitening by means of ultrasound, the laser, by use of chemical and lamp whitening.

If at the patient not darkening of enamel, and discoloration of an inside layer of tooth is noted, then vinira or lyumira will help to overcome this defect. These slips which the stomatologist fixes on teeth allow to improve not only color of tooth, but also a crown form. If darkening of tooth is strongly expressed, the stomatologist can advise to carry out his prosthetics.

Причины потемнения зубной эмалиIt is possible to get rid of darkening of enamel of teeth in house conditions by means of regular use of special pastes for teeth, and also by use of some national recipes which basis is baking soda, hydrogen peroxide solution, the processed absorbent carbon, etc. However such procedures cannot be carried out often as quality of enamel of teeth at the same time gradually worsens. It is reasonable to apply them if darkening of an adamantine substance of tooth is connected with the use of the coffee, tea and other products painting enamel of teeth in dark color.

It is necessary to use very carefully such means as their influence can lead to injuries of gums and damage of enamel of teeth as a result. Some natural means allowing to bleach a little an adamantine substance of tooth are more sparing. The lemon, wild strawberry, strawberry possesses such properties. It is regularly possible to grease with their juice an adamantine substance of tooth, but after that teeth need to be brushed paste which contains fluorine.

By the way, the special toothpastes having effect of whitening contain enzymes and abrasives. Therefore their impact on tooth is very similar to influence of baking soda. Therefore, constantly it is impossible to brush teeth such pastes at all.

Not to allow essential change of a shade of an adamantine substance of tooth, it is necessary to remember prevention measures. Parents have to accustom the child to regular hygiene of a mouth in the early childhood. If at the kid tooth begins to darken, then it is necessary to take away the child on survey to the stomatologist. Caries at an initial stage is treated very simply, and tooth manages to be saved from darkening.

Adults also should not forget about elementary rules is a two times toothbrushing daily, use of a dental floss, preventive visits to the stomatologist. It is impossible to eat very cold and very hot food, doing it at the same time. Teeth become yellow over time at people who smoke. Therefore as an effective measure of prevention it is worth getting rid of so addiction.

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