Loss of a voice

Voice – one of the most important tools for verbal communication between people. Therefore loss of a voice is a serious problem for the person as in this state it is impossible to communicate fully between people.

How loss of a voice is shown?

Loss of a voice – this a state when sonority completely disappears. Therefore, the person in that case can only speak in a whisper. In medicine total or partial loss of a voice is called an aphonia. Depending on what reason of loss of a voice took place, the true, functional, paralytic, spasmodic, hysterical aphonia is defined.

Total and partial loss of a voice is defined. At partial loss of the person hoarseness, an osiplost disturbs. At full – the person is capable to make only the sounds similar to whisper.

In reproduction of a voice of the person the phonatory bands located over a trachea are directly involved. These are folds of a mucous membrane which are in a throat. In the course of vibration of phonatory bands the sound is developed. That the sound was developed fully, phonatory bands should not be inflamed or angry.

Loss of a voice can be followed by cough painful feelings in a throat and a throat, irritation, feeling of presence of a lump at a throat. At an infectious disease also dry cough, high temperature, the general weakness is often noted.

Very often patients have a loss of a voice at cold. The person can initially note that he is hurt by a throat, and loss of a voice is observed after that already after a while. Pain in a goal and loss of a voice are symptoms of a number of diseases of upper respiratory tracts. However laryngitis and loss of a voice is most often observed.

Боль в горле и потеря голосаIf the person cannot speak loudly and loudly, then it is about a voice osiplost. Such symptom is most often shown at diseases of a throat and shown owing to damage or irritation of phonatory bands. If not to practice treatment and not to take medicine at loss of a voice, the state can be aggravated. As a result, there is a pharyngalgia, cough and loss of a voice.

Nevertheless, any means from loss of a voice can be used only after the correct diagnosis is established to the patient. It is impossible to take independently a pill for loss of a voice, and also to practice treatment of loss of a voice folk remedies.

Why loss of a voice is shown?

And the subsequent loss of a voice can lead the different reasons to an osiplost. Nevertheless, most often the reason of hoarseness and loss of an opportunity to speak is inflammatory process of phonatory bands owing to development of a viral infection. Also leads some other the reasons, in particular bacterial infections, an overstrain of phonatory bands, influence of irritants, a number of the general diseases to loss of a voice.

Sometimes loss of a voice is result of so-called "laryngitis of teachers". This strong overstrain of phonatory bands which is often noted at people whose profession means continuous use of a loud voice. These are singers, teachers, announcers, etc. As a rule, owing to such overstrain of people completely loses ability to speak loudly and can communicate only in a whisper.

Охриплость и потеря голосаHoarseness and loss of an opportunity to speak – a symptom of acute or chronic laryngitis. Acute laryngitis is an effect of a viral infectious disease. At such state it is important to address the specialist as the throat stenosis can become complication of acute laryngitis afterwards timely. The acute form of laryngitis is very dangerous to small children.

Chronic laryngitis develops as an effect of often repeating acute form of a disease. Also can lead to chronic laryngitis inflammations of nasal bosoms, drinks, etc. As a rule, at a chronic form of an illness the voice does not vanish completely, but becomes hoarse, silent, osiply. At the same time overall health of the person can be quite satisfactory.

In certain cases the voice can be gone against a serious stress, strong emotional experiences and shocks, separate neurologic frustration.

Except rather often found reasons stated above loss of an opportunity to talk normally can be connected with development of high-quality and malignant new growths in a throat, diseases of a thyroid gland, trouble breathing.

Loss of a voice sometimes is connected also with development of heart failure, venereal diseases, tuberculosis. This symptom sometimes is a consequence of abuse of addictions, in particular, influence on a condition of phonatory bands of malicious smoking.

How to cope with the loss of a voice?

How to treat loss of a voice and what means should be used for this purpose, it is necessary to ask the doctor. The correct and effective treatment of loss the head perhaps only after final establishment of the diagnosis and definition of the reason which led to manifestation of this symptom. After that complex treatment of the main illness is carried out.

Как лечить потерю голоса?If the person cannot normally speak owing to development of viral infections and, respectively, acute laryngitis, then to it drug treatment of loss of a voice can be appointed. The doctor appoints the sprays having the softening components in structure: Cametonum, Bioparox, etc. Also anti-inflammatory local medicines are appointed. Often the special respiratory gymnastics, physical therapy allows to improve a state.

If in a throat there is no pain, then rinsing, most likely, will not be an effective method of treatment.

Very important throughout the treatment period, and also the subsequent recovery period to exclude any addictions. It is impossible to smoke, take alcohol as this will only aggravate a problem.

It is necessary to observe carefully voice rest – to try not to strain phonatory bands, not to speak very loudly, at all not to shout and not to sing. It is also necessary to talk as little as possible.

Doctors insistently advise during treatment of an osiplost or loss of a voice to bring any acute, acid and very hot dishes and drinks out of a diet. Some people mistakenly consider that to return an opportunity hot tea normally helps to talk to a lemon or milk. Actually both hot drink, and citric acid influence phonatory bands annoyingly therefore as a result of people can get additional burn of a mucous membrane.

Some national methods of treatment which allow to recover effectively and quickly ability to speak normally practice. First of all, inhalations belong to such methods. However it is undesirable to do such procedures without preliminary approval of the doctor. For carrying out inhalation it is necessary to prepare broth of herbs (mix of a linden, a camomile and an eucalyptus or separate broths of each of plants). After broth began to boil, it is necessary to bend over a saucepan, to be covered with a towel and to breathe couples 10-15 minutes.

Inhalations are also carried out with use of aromatic oils of a cedar, basil, eucalyptus, lavender. Several drops of oil need to be dissolved in a pan with boiled water and further to carry out inhalation similarly.

There is also a number of national recipes which for recovery of a voice are practiced by singers, leaders, announcers. However doctors emphasize that such means are only an auxiliary method to the main treatment. Besides some recipes suit not all people.

It is possible to prepare solution from two ovalbumins, two teaspoons of sugar and 50 g of cognac. Carefully shaken up solution is drunk before going to bed, at the same time each its drink needs to be washed down with warm water.

One more useful drink — milk and fig "cocktail". That to prepare it, it is necessary to fill in pulp of a fig with milk and to warm up a little. Such warm mix should be accepted several times a day.

Лечение горла при потере голосаFor recovery of a voice in traditional medicine also horse-radish infusion is used. For its preparation the small piece of horse-radish (the size approximately about a walnut) is small cut and filled in with a third of a glass of boiled water. Mix is drawn about 20 minutes then it is necessary to add 1 teaspoon of sugar to it. For day it is necessary to accept infusion on 1 teaspoon each hour.

At loss of a voice useful it will be warm: around a neck for the night it is necessary to wrap a scarf from natural wool, and to put on woolen socks legs. At the same time it is desirable not to strain phonatory bands, that is not to speak.

If the person feels that hoarseness, an osiplost is shown, it is better to cancel at once all actions connected with use of a loud voice as it is very easy to put the inflamed sheaves for a long time out of action and to seriously aggravate a state.

Doctors advise to take care of that all barriers which are not allowing to breathe through a nose were eliminated. People who are forced to breathe through the mouth in connection with a curvature of a nasal partition, existence of adenoides, etc., often suffer from the hoarseness which is shown under the influence of dry and cold air.

Essential measure of prevention of changes of a voice is refusal of smoking as the tobacco smoke irritates a throat and dries up a mucous membrane. You should not abuse also drinks which contain caffeine as they promote organism dehydration that, in turn, leads to dryness of phonatory bands.

Dryness in a throat is provoked by also some medicines. If in the course of treatment of any diseases the patient notes such side effect, he should consult with the doctor and to try to find replacement to such drug. Most often such by-effect is observed at treatment by antihistaminic drugs, and also drugs for a thyroid gland and from the raised blood pressure.

It is necessary not to be a long time in those places where there is a lot of dust, a smoke, or there are any other irritants.

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