Loss of volume of the person

Loss of volume of the person is observed at the person owing to loss of a fatty layer and reduction of a tone of muscles.

How loss of volume of the person is shown?

Retraction of fabrics and, as a result, loss of volume of the person, quite often is the evidence of aging. Very often in the course of aging of fabrics retraction of cheeks, formation of the expressed holes under eyes, drying and withering of skin is noted. All this occurs owing to atrophy of muscles and subcutaneous fat.

Deformation or loss of the person leads to change of a form, volumes. Gradually the human face becomes flat. Elasticity of integuments disappears, the texture of skin changes. If the person had an oval shape of a face earlier, then owing to degradation of fatty tissue it can become closer to square.

Sometimes such symptoms are observed at the person even at early age, at the same time in mature years they are significantly aggravated. Very thin face can be a consequence of features of anatomy of a facial skeleton.

Age loss of volume of the person conducts to the fact that the person looks even is more senior than the years. Depending on the reasons of such phenomenon doctors appoint the different methods of treatment allowing to correct appearance.

Why loss of volume of the person is shown?

Volume is lost owing to a variety of reasons, connected both with natural processes of an organism, and with some diseases. First of all, this natural aging leading to changes of outward of the person. The young organism develops enough collagen which provides sufficient elasticity and elasticity of integuments. However in process of aging products of collagen decrease. As a result, there is a change of an outline.

As a rule, the person considerably grows thin in the course of sharp loss of body weight and severe dehydration of an organism. Outward is influenced considerably also by excessive exercise stresses. Besides, the human face which has the illnesses connected with endocrinological disturbances is considerably changed. Owing to such diseases (a gipopituarizm, a thyrotoxicosis, a diabetes mellitus) skin becomes dry, gets a grayish shade, cheeks sink down, muscular tissue will atrophy. Contours can be changed owing to development of a ptosis of soft tissues of a face.

Худое лицоAlso development of malignant new growths, progressing of tuberculosis, a heart and renal failure can be the reasons of change of volumes.

Sometimes this symptom is noted at infectious diseases, at disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract functions, cirrhosis, neurologic diseases, infection with parasites. If at the person this symptom is shown, to establish why it occurs, the specialist will help.

How to get rid of loss of volumes of the person?

Many women are sure that if their wish "I want the thin person" comes true, then it looks beautifully. Nevertheless, painful leanness actually testifies to absence of health. Besides this symptom can be a symptom of very serious illness.

Therefore if the person has very thin person, it is required to address surely the specialist and to pass those inspections which he will appoint. After establishment of the diagnosis complex treatment of the revealed disease is carried out. If the thin longish face is a result of features of anatomy, diagnosis will confirm absence of serious diseases.

Too thin person on a photo and in life looks emaciated, tired. If the long thin person is a result of aging, it is recommended to address for consultation the plastic surgeon who will prompt what to do if the thin face is a serious cosmetic shortcoming for the person. There are many methods which allow to improve a situation and to make appearance of the person of more expressive, having cleaned consequences of aging. In particular, massage for the thin person, introduction of various fillers under integuments, and also surgical intervention practices.

Восстановление объема лицаExcept tool procedures, recovery of a metabolism in a human body will help to improve appearance. By means of vacuum massage, special masks (vitamin, hot paraffin) it is possible to improve blood circulation that will promote delay of processes of aging.

If volume is lost slightly and only small defects of integuments and outward generally are noted, the plastic surgeon can offer carrying out a chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and other procedures. More serious procedures which promote consolidation of skin are carried out only by plastic surgeons having a wide experience of carrying out such manipulations.

Modern physicians practice rather new techniques directed to recovery of contours. It is nitevy tightening which allows to receive the noticeable result remaining for several years. A popular way of return of the lost volumes – carrying out injections of hyaluronic acid. This acid is a collagenic product and allows to keep result for a year.

The Lipofilling is an operation in the course of which for filling fat from the patient's body is used. Administration of fatty tissue allows not only to return the lost volumes, but also to somewhat recover a metabolism in epithelium fabrics.

If volume was lost owing to lack of teeth, prosthetics of dentition is carried out. To prevent process of a senilism and, respectively, loss of volumes, it is necessary to treat critically way of life, to correct daily food, to try to get rid of addictions. The woman can visually improve appearance by means of correctly made make-up and successfully picked up hairdress.

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