Perspiration (hyperhidrosis)

The hyperhidrosis is a state at which the person has too strong sweating. At a hyperhidrosis owing to swelling and a softening of skin the fungal, and also pyogenic flora often develops. Often at a hyperhidrosis at the person occurs strong causeless releases of sweat in a site of armpits, feet or palms. Sometimes strong release of sweat arises at the same time in three specified zones.

Features of a hyperhidrosis

At this state at the person sweat flows streams on a body, in this regard constant humidity of feet, hands and other body parts is observed. The most unpleasant phenomenon for the patient is existence of an unpleasant smell at release of sweat (a so-called osmidrosis). It is a consequence of accession of fungal and bacterial flora.

The hyperhidrosis of armpits, and also other forms of this disease, first of all, give to the patient a noticeable inconvenience. So, the person suffering from a hyperhidrosis should take very often a shower, to constantly use napkins, not to put on clothes of light color. Owing to constant perspiration the person has an irritation of skin, dermatitis. Besides, this illness influences also a psychological state of the patient: he constantly stays in a condition of discomfort, feels
uncertainty in, and sometimes and depression. The hyperhidrosis influences as well on a possibility of career development, considerably reduces the general quality of life.

Types of a hyperhidrosis

Потливость (гипергидроз)The hyperhidrosis can be subdivided into primary hyperhidrosis (so-called causeless, idiopathic) and a secondary hyperhidrosis. At a secondary hyperhidrosis primary disease which often accompanies the raised department of sweat becomes a basis of emergence of this state. It can be a diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, a hyperthyroidism and other diseases.

It is accepted to distinguish a hyperhidrosis the general and localized. Manifestation of the general hyperhidrosis happens when the person is influenced by high temperature of air, tension of both physical, and emotional character takes place. Also this phenomenon arises at a number of associated diseases.

The localized hyperhidrosis most often is shown as a hyperhidrosis of large folds and a palmar and bottom hyperhidrosis. In this case vegeto-vascular dystonia, and a consequence of non-compliance with personal hygiene, carrying low-quality footwear, clothes, etc. can become the reasons of such phenomenon.

At a normality of people in days allocates from 500 to 1500 ml of sweat. At the same time at the patient with a hyperhidrosis 1500 ml of sweat an hour can be allocated. There are two types of sweat glands: apocrenic and ekkrinovy. Locations of apocrenic glands — a crotch, area of armpits, a peripapillary site. These glands allocate together with then pheromone creating the smell of a body of the person not similar to other smells. Ekkrinovy glands are located on all body surface.

At the patients suffering from a hyperhidrosis both the number of sweat glands, and their volume increases. From the point of view of chemical composition sweat consists practically for 99% of water and approximately for 1% it is made by sodium salts, calcium, potassium and other chemical components.

According to the hyperhidrosis given supervision over patients, approximately at a half of patients with this illness from it also their parents suffered.

Hyperhidrosis symptoms

Symptoms of this disease at people often arise at children's age. When the person enters the teenage period, manifestations of a hyperhidrosis at it sharply increase. Factors which contribute to intensive progressing of an illness is the condition of a severe stress, change of hormonal balance. People at whom primary axillary hyperhidrosis develops suffer from continuous sweating in armpits which arises without the visible reasons. Very often owing to accession of fungal and bacterial flora the unpleasant smell when sweating appears.

гипергидрозAt a hyperhidrosis of armpits the raised department of sweat occurs very intensively. As a result, in view of existence at sweat of properties of weak acid, constantly wet clothes very quickly spoil, and on skin dermatitis and irritation is often shown.

Strong inconvenience delivers to patients also a hyperhidrosis of palms. Such people have palms constantly wet, therefore, objects can slip out. Besides it is difficult for such patient to work with the objects sensitive to water.

Besides, this disease can become a fatal illness for musicians, people playing sports.

One more unpleasant form of a hyperhidrosis – the increased perspiration of feet. In this case very often the microbic and fungal flora is connected to process that becomes the reason of emergence of an unpleasant smell.

Besides, owing to humidity of skin of feet patients often have a dermatitis, maceration. If not to undertake the measures directed to treatment of this state, then after a while the fungal infection can affect nails, skin. As a result, there is organism intoxication, diseases of internals develop. In this case it is very important to establish correctly the diagnosis, a hyperhidrosis of feet, as well as a hyperhidrosis of armpits, it becomes very frequent an effect of a certain basic disease.

Diagnosis of a gipergidoz

At diagnosis of a hyperhidrosis it is important to collect the anamnesis and to conduct full and careful examination of the patient which has complaints to strong sweating. First of all, the secondary hyperhidrosis is excluded that demonstrates existence of a disease which became the reason of this state.

Performing inspection of the patient, the doctor defines what condition of his clothes and whether there are at it sweat traces. It is possible to judge degree of a hyperhidrosis of armpits in size of spots of sweat on clothes which are shown in armpits. So, if diameter of a spot makes up to 5 mm, then a similar fortune could arise also at a certain exercise stress and, as a rule, is normal.

If diameter of a spot of sweat on clothes makes about 10 mm, then the patient has an easy degree of a hyperhidrosis. Diameter of a spot about 20 cm testifies to moderate degree of a disease and if the size of a wet spot is even more, then it is possible to speak about heavy degree of a hyperhidrosis.

If to speak about a hyperhidrosis of palms, then its easy degree is shown without existence of drops of sweat: the person has just constantly wet palms. If moderate degree of a hyperhidrosis of palms takes place, then sweat is emitted with noticeable drops to finger-tips. At heavy degree of an illness sweat running off by streams is possible.

For more exact diagnosis of a disease use specially developed methods of definition of extent of sweating, namely a gravimetric method, test of the Minor, a hromatografichesky method.

Treatment of a hyperhidrosis

Потливость (гипергидроз)The doctor defines tactics of treatment of a hyperhidrosis after there is a statement of the diagnosis "primary hyperhidrosis". If the secondary hyperhidrosis takes place, then, first of all, the measures directed to therapy of a basic disease are taken.

At primary hyperhidrosis introduction to the patient of botulotoxin A is used. Microdoses of this drug enter vnutrikozhno. This drug influences directly sweat glands, blocking an innervation. At use of this medicine its action continues from three to six months. However some people in general are insensitive to this drug, at others duration of its action is defined individually. Most often drug does not affect male patients.

One of important methods of complex therapy at a hyperhidrosis the special diet is considered. It is necessary to exclude those products which contain the stimulating substances from an everyday diet. Therefore, such food can promote release of sweat. It is about hot, salty dishes, spices, coffee. However similar changes in a diet positively influence generally people who suffer from easy degree of a hyperhidrosis.

In the course of treatment also psychotherapy techniques which are directed to improvement of the general psychological state of the patient primenyaetsya. However such methods of therapy do not affect a physiological condition of the person. Use of soothing medicines and tranquilizers which can reduce department of sweat somewhat is sometimes reasonable. However broad use of these means is not admissible in view of their negative impact on the general condition of an organism.

Sometimes radiation therapy is applied to treatment of a hyperhidrosis: problem places are irradiated with small doses. The similar technique can improve a state for some time. However it is important to remember negative impact of radiation therapy in general.

Treatment of a hyperhidrosis is carried out also by carrying out an electrophoresis. Special devices allocate low-voltage currents which influence problem areas of skin. This procedure is carried out regularly for several weeks. Its efficiency is noted directly after carrying out. However owing to use of this procedure for patients often there is an allergy, irritation of skin, an itch, dermatitis.

It is not necessary to consider that an effective method of elimination of this problem are antiperspirants. Despite continuous emergence in the market of new types of such means, they do not solve a problem of treatment of a hyperhidrosis. Besides their continuous use often provokes the allergic phenomena and irritation of skin.

Потливость (гипергидроз)Today also surgical methods of treatment of the increased sweating are applied. Today in this case two groups of surgeries are applied. The operative measures which are carried out on a problem zone belong to the first group. They are generally made at a hyperhidrosis of armpits. Still in the sixties last century the possibility of carrying out operation on a skin vysecheniye in armpits together with which glands which emit sweat are removed was open. Later a sick hyperhidrosis began to perform operations by method of an open adenotomy at which the vysecheniye of hypodermic fabrics together with glands is made. Eshchespustya some time there were certain new, less traumatic techniques allowing to remove sweat glands. For this purpose today ultrasonic technologies, endoscopic video surveillance are used.

The interventions made on nervous gangliya belong to the second group of operations. Similar operations were performed by removal nice gangliyev through a back surface of a neck earlier. Today such technique is replaced by use of video endoscopic technologies, the laser, etc.

Prevention of a hyperhidrosis

To the people inclined to the increased sweating, it is recommended not to wear shoes from rubber, synthetic socks and stockings. Important every day to pay special attention to hygiene of legs and other parts of a body on which the raised department of sweat is observed. After acceptance of a bathtub was ended, it is necessary to dry some time feet and a body in the open air, and only then to put on socks and clothes. It is necessary always to try to put on on weather, to avoid stressful a situation. Besides, as an effective measure of prevention to the people inclined to a hyperhidrosis, it is recommended to be engaged in any sport to strengthen the general tone of an organism.

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