Instructions for use inhalers

At catarrhal diseases and bronchial asthma there is a need of use of inhalers.

Drugs for inhalation are issued in the form of aerosols, powders or solutions. The inhaler is more effective in comparison with drugs in the form of injections or oral means.

First, the medicine which got into bronchial tubes after inhalation begins to work instantly, literally, within several seconds after spraying.

Secondly, influence of drug happens precisely, on the necessary body, but not on all organism and therefore, the probability of undesirable by-effects decreases.

Thirdly, use of inhalation reduces to zero risk of emergence of possible inflammatory processes which can happen after frequent injections.

Minus of use of inhalers is that often patients do not know rules of their use therefore drug does not arrive to the bronchial tubes which are deeply in lungs settles in a trachea, an oral cavity, a drink, is swallowed and gets into a stomach. Efficiency of treatment falls, mistrust and prejudice in relation to inhalations appears from here.

There are three exits from this situation:

  • Use of various devices which can facilitate deep delivery of medicine, such as nebulizers or spacers.
  • Use of more perfect modern inhalers, for example, "Easy breath", multidisks, etc.
  • To accurately know instructions for use an inhaler and to observe technology of inhalations.

Physicians consider that they to 50% of patients use inhalers incorrectly and make mistakes, the most frequent of which are:

  • the leaky grasp of a mouthpiece lips, leads it to the fact that the part of medicine is lost;
  • the wrong position of the head when carrying out inhalation – the head is not thrown back or insufficiently thrown back back, and the most part of medicine does not get into bronchial tubes, and remains on a back wall of a throat;
  • the breath and pressing a barrel are not synchronous;
  • the breath is insufficiently deep, or sharp;
  • use of two or more inhalation doses for one breath;
  • the breath is followed by an exhalation, without the necessary breath holding at once.

The low performance from use of inhalers is especially actual in cases if children or elderly people are sick. In order that treatment was the most successful, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

The basic rules of use of an inhaler which have to know the sick having diseases of system of breath. The first inhalations usually take place in presence of the doctor, however, not to the liyena will be to repeat these rules, for the best storing:

1. Vigorously stir up an inhaler several times, then remove a cap.
2. Make a quiet deep breath, then exhale and after that take a mouthpiece in a mouth and densely squeeze it lips.
3. Take a slow and smooth breath, at the same time pressing an inhaler, these 2 actions have to be synchronous.
4. Inhale most slowly and deeply, before full filling of lungs.
5. Hold the breath for several seconds as far as it is possible, but without unpleasant feelings.

If your attending physician more than one dose of drug are offered, repeat points 2-5 in the same sequence.

Правила пользования ингаляторамиYou hold an inhaler always with the closed cap and constantly control quantity of an aerosol in a barrel. If you have doubts in whether correctly you use an inhaler, see the doctor, he will prompt you rules and will point to your mistakes.

From the correct use of an inhaler, observance of storage conditions and operation depends that how effective will be treatment.

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