Healthy puerperal nutrition

At once after the child's birth that in itself is a huge stress for a female organism, young mother, as a rule, loses from 5 to 6 kg. But nevertheless for return of former forms of it it is not enough. In the course of incubation of the child some more kilograms of the excess fat providing with energy an organism in the course of childbirth collect and also during the subsequent feeding by a breast.

Therefore, food after the delivery is very important point for each newly made mother. Besides, it is necessary to consider also that establishing breastfeeding and providing the healthiest nutrition for the kid becomes one of the most important tasks of the woman after the delivery. In the first days after the delivery it is not necessary to go even on a mild diet for weight loss at all or to limit itself in number of the eaten food. Provided that the woman nurses the kid, such restrictions are possible only in two months after the delivery. At the same time it is necessary to enter them gradually.

Food in the first month after the child's birth

If the woman consciously treats process of breastfeeding of the kid, then she perfectly understands that food of mother after the delivery has to be especially thought over and correct. All food which is eaten by mother directly influences quality of her milk, and, so food of the baby.

The most responsible attitude to food has to be in the first month after appearance of the newborn. Different food-borne allergens which the rich baking, milk, chocolate, etc. are should not enter a food allowance of young mother. It is not necessary to use in the days of the raw fruit and vegetables, most important for the child. The legibility in food of mother will help to adjust healthy nutrition of the child after the delivery and to adjust smooth operation of his digestive tract. In that case considerably the risk that the newborn will suffer from gripes, accumulation of gases and other problems with a gastrointestinal tract decreases.

There is special, the power supply circuit of mother after the child's birth providing an optimum diet for production of qualitative women's milk is checked by long-term practice. So, in the first days after the delivery it is necessary to use as drink the sweetened tea, a fruit drink from a cranberry, and also broth of some herbs (for these purposes it is possible to use a yarrow, a nettle, fennel, a shepherd's bag). To women who transferred difficult delivery and received gaps, it is recommended to use every day about one liter of natural chicken broth. Thanks to a gluten which is as a part of such broth healing of wounds happens more actively.

For the fourth day after appearance of the newborn mother can правильное послеродовое питаниеalready eat the different porridges cooked on water. It is reasonable to use oat, wheat, buckwheat, millet porridges. It is also possible to cook vegetable soup, to cook fresh vegetables on couple, to bake apples. Does not follow in the first days after the delivery is cabbage and potatoes as the cabbage provokes swelling, and potatoes contain a lot of starch. These days there is an active production of milk therefore the woman has to limit for some time the use of liquid to 1 l a day.

Later, seven days later after the delivery, the amount of liquid should be increased again, using about two liters of drinks every day. Gradually the food allowance of the first month after the delivery becomes more various. The woman can alternate the use of low-fat fish, beef, several times a week there is a cheese, nuts. In the last days of the first month of life of the child mother can enter into an egg diet, meat of chicken, fruit, bean. The further food allowance can form without special restrictions.

Observance of a rigid puerperal diet

To some extent the puerperal diet is observed by all women. However those mothers at whose kids certain unpleasant manifestations owing to reaction to mother's milk are observed have to have more strict approach to food. So, at the child can swell out a tummy, be shown locks, diathesis, excitement of a nervous system. Also some products can influence badly taste of maternal milk, thereby, reducing appetite at the child.

The healthy nutrition after the delivery provides in certain cases a complete elimination of the products causing allergic reactions in the newborn baby. Such products, undesirable to the child, are honey, fat beef-infusion broths, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, a citrus, a pickles, canned food, smoked products. The kid can negatively apprehend sausage and too frequent use by mother of eggs. In the presence of allergic reaction at the kid such refusal of products is reasonable for some time, but it is not less, than for half a year.

Very accurately it is necessary to try to use dishes from cabbage, a liver, carbonated drinks, dishes from bean. Fancy bread and white loaf it is the best of all to refuse completely.

The rigid diet after the delivery which is recommended to observe to mothers of the children inclined to allergic reactions, provides rather wide choice of different products. First of all, it is porridge, vegetables soups without cabbage, beet and other stewed and boiled vegetables, fish and meat it is obligatory low-fat grades. Also the use of vegetable oil, a laminaria is allowed. All these products will not cause negative reaction in the child.

Very carefully it is necessary to treat introduction to a diet of crude fruit and vegetables. It is reasonable to begin this process with onions and beet. It is important to monitor only very attentively reaction of the child to the use by mother of a certain product and to approach individually forming of own diet. Not to provoke serious allergic reactions at the child, mother has to try not to enter into own diet more than one product every day and to do it slowly and gradually.

Food in the first half of the year after the delivery

правильное послеродовое питаниеThe healthy nutrition after the delivery provides such diet for the nursing mother at which her milk will be the most nutritious and full.

The woman who recently gave birth to the child should not eat food seldom: the optimal variant – to eat five times a day, at the same time portions should not be very big.

Every day it is necessary to enter a number of products which will provide a necessary variety in food into a certain meal. It is kefir or curdled milk, cottage cheese and cottage cheese products, vegetables, meat, eggs, fruit, vegetable oil, bread. Products have to be combined reasonably. According to recommendations of specialists, at the woman's diet after the delivery daily there have to be about 100 grams of protein, 100 grams of fat, about 500 grams of carbohydrates. It is important that food stuffs contained enough phosphorus, calcium, vitamins.

The woman has to use beef, chicken or a turkey every day as meat provides an organism of iron and animal protein. Meat should be cooked or stewed. Choosing fish who is a source not only a squirrel, but also fatty acids, important for an organism of the woman, it is better to stop on a pike perch, a cod, a hake and other low-fat grades. Fish it is possible both to cook and to bake in an oven. And here with seafood young mother has to be extremely careful as they very often provoke allergic reaction.

Among dairy products it is optimum to prefer fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt. Unlike milk, such products are much better acquired and at the same time they positively influence intestinal microflora. And for providing an organism of the woman with calcium, so necessary for it,  it is the best of all to eat cottage cheese: not less than 100 g every day. However it is desirable to refuse the glazed sweet curd cakes.

The use of vegetables positively affects functions of intestines of the woman as they contain vegetable fibers and a big variety of vitamins. It is possible to use vegetables and in the raw, and boiled. Beet, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, carrots best of all is suitable for young mother. It is preferable to choose bananas, green apples, pears from fruit. Dried fruits which not only replace sweets are very useful, but also positively influence the gastrointestinal tract functions. From flour products rye bread and grain small loafs most is suitable for the menu of the feeding mother.

In certain cases the doctor can advise the woman to accept polyvitamins. For avoiding of locks it is important to adhere to the correct drinking mode: daily using not less than two liters of liquid. After a while after the delivery young mother can gradually begin to drink milk. However it is necessary to pay attention that too large amount of the used milk can provoke a sensitization of an organism of the child to protein of cow's milk.

In order that feeding of the kid took place without disturbances, it is not less important to adhere to the correct day regimen. It is necessary to try to provide a normal healthy sleep for the feeding mother: she has to have a rest not less than eight-nine hours a day. Out of doubts, both alcoholic beverages, and smoking of tobacco when feeding the kid are strictly contraindicated.

General recommendations about food after the delivery

правильное послеродовое питаниеSpecialists are unanimous that the feeding mother should not feel hungry. Therefore some physicians advise the woman to eat together with the kid who eats approximately once at 3-4 o'clock. During feeding of the child it is possible to have a bite cheese, kefir, a piece of bread or the boiled vegetables.

To avoid long process of cooking of food, young mother can use the frozen vegetables for preparation of ragout or soup. It is important that products always were near at hand, and cooking took a little time as differently the woman risks to miss meal in view of strong employment.

Each woman has to consider also own reaction to certain products. If ever it noted an allergy to a certain dish or product, then it unambiguously should be excluded from a puerperal diet.

How to eat to lose excess weight after the delivery

During incubation of the child extra kilos appear at the lion share of women. And return of former forms, as a rule, is given to young mother not without effort. That process of return to a form after the delivery was minimum difficult, it is necessary to take care of the future even during pregnancy. – not to overeat the main thing during incubation of the child, to try to include only useful products in a diet and not to lean on sweet and fat. Then after the birth of the kid several extra kilos will disappear for months of breastfeeding.

In view of very essential hormonal reorganization in a puerperal period it is strictly forbidden to adhere to diets to both nursing mothers, and those women who for certain reasons do not nurse kids. It is possible to address restrictions not earlier than in two-three months after the delivery.

Meanwhile puerperal food in the first months has to be organized so that the situation was not aggravated even more, and at the same time the kid received good nutrition.

правильное послеродовое питаниеIn the first weeks after the child's birth young mother spends much more energy for daily affairs and care of the newborn. Therefore, for a covering of these expenditure enough about 500 additional calories. In order that the feeding woman had a normal development of breast milk, every day it is necessary additional 800 kilocalories. About 300 calories are spent for these purposes from fat which collected during pregnancy. Has to contain 500 more additional calories everyday a food allowance. Thus, the daily caloric content of the eaten food these days has to make no more than 3000 calories. If the number of calories in the daily menu is much lower, then emergence of problems with a lactation is possible. If the norm is exceeded, it is fraught with emergence of excess weight.

However at the same time it is important to take care of balance of food and to exclude very caloric food from a diet. Meat of a duck and goose, sour cream, mayonnaise, sugar, sweets, potatoes, rice belong to those products.

Despite the statement that the feeding mother should not be hungry, constantly it is also not necessary to chew something. It is better to eat food in strictly allowed time, and in the course of feeding of the child it is possible to arrange with a breast easy having a snack. It is the best of all to have a bite fruit and a glass of milk or kefir late evening.

There is an opinion that weight loss will be promoted after the delivery by separate food. Such type of food provides that in one meal those products in which to contain proteins and carbohydrates, proteins and fats, etc. are not combined. If competently to approach drawing up a diet, then the similar method of food will not do much harm to a condition of the kid.

It is not less important to provide at least the minimum exercise stresses which should not be too tiresome for young mother. Over time their intensity will increase.

Thinking over a food allowance, the woman who recently gave birth to the child has to realize that in this case and the speech cannot go about too fast dropping excess weight. Only smooth and competent approach to a question of puerperal food will provide stable results.

Doctors strongly recommend to use rigid diets for fight against excess weight to the woman not earlier than her child is nine months old. However in this case the healthy nutrition throughout further life will be more efficient technique.

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