Correct care of lips

Lips need not smaller leaving, than other parts of the face, as a rule, the nasolabial triangle begins to grow old a little earlier, than skin around eyes and a neck. The reason is that skin of lips thinner and therefore, it is more subject to damages. Care of lips important part of hygiene.

Lack of sebaceous glands leads to the fact that skin of lips begins to dry, lose quickly humidity, at the same time their outward and a state worsens. Especially it becomes noticeable in a cold season when dry cold air exerts the negative impact on skin of lips.

At a surface of lips there pass many blood vessels and nerve terminations therefore, any damages lead to plentiful bleeding. Also, it is possible to judge by a condition of lips about health of the person if lips smooth, beautiful red color, so the person is healthy if it has diseases of the blood circulatory system, lips become cyanotic color, at a heat, skin of lips issushivatsya, bursts, becomes covered by crusts.

Correct care of lips

Care of lips should not consist in putting lipstick on them. Daily it is necessary to apply on skin of lips the same nutritious cream which you in the mornings and to evenings apply on face skin. It is necessary to remove accurately lipstick a cotton plug with the cosmetic milk or the clearing lotion which is not containing alcohol in the evening. It is especially useful to do it by vegetable oil which will nourish in addition skin of lips.

At a peeling, it is necessary to carry out periodically a peeling of lips by special means, but even if skin is not shelled, it procedure is useful to carry out 2-3 times a month. When toothbrushing, do not forget to massage a few lips a toothbrush, it will improve blood supply of lips and will give them a fresh and healthy look. After short massage, it is good to grease lips with any fat face cream.

Choosing lipstick, be always interested in as far as it qualitative and that is its part. It is ideal if it contains proteins, vitamins A, groups B, E and F, and natural oils. Buying a face make-up, do not forget about lips, special lip creams which to contain all necessary useful components are issued now. It will give the chance to prevent the diseases connected with a vitamin deficiency.

Very well support skin of lips of a mask which can be prepared independently on the basis of vegetable oil (especially, olive or sea-buckthorn), having added to it cottage cheese, carrot or lemon juice, grated apple, oat oat flour or honey. It is regularly enough to do masks, 1-2 times a month. Begin to do the special exercises for lips strengthening muscles of nasolabial area. They are not difficult: you say several times vowels with an active articulation; put lips a tubule as at whistle, strain muscles and in 15-20 seconds sharply weaken; inflate cheeks, having detained, in such situation on 30 sec. and, also sharply, lower air.

These simple exercises for lips in combination with cosmetic procedures, such as a peeling of lips, will help to keep lips young and healthy.

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