Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Manifestation of strong sensitivity, variability of mood, sudden flashes of rage is inherent in most of women. But not always such features of behavior are explained only by character subtleties. Actually psychological state of women very strongly depends on a menstrual cycle.

The premenstrual syndrome (in abbreviated form this state is called also by PMS) is a difficult complex of disturbances which are shown at the woman in days before periods. All these symptoms disappear at once after the periods began, or stop in the first days of monthly. In this case it is about exchange and endocrine, psychoemotional and vegeto-vascular disturbances.

As the statistics demonstrates, that such PMS, on own experience knows up to 80% of all women on the planet. As a rule, this syndrome is observed at women aged from 20 till 40 flyings. But in most cases at women the easy form of a premenstrual syndrome therefore with complaints they do not address specialists develops. But nevertheless in certain cases over time symptoms of PMS become more expressed. Therefore, those women who feel the aggravated unpleasant symptoms before periods every month should consult surely with the doctor not to allow deterioration in a situation in the future.

Why PMS is shown?

Предменструальный синдром (ПМС)Till today the reasons of manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome are definitely not defined. But nevertheless there are assumptions that manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome is a consequence of sharp jump of level of estrogen in a female organism in the last days of a menstrual cycle.

Besides, among origins of PMS call cyclic monthly contents of amount of some substances in a brain of the woman. Among these substances – the endrofina exerting direct impact on mood of the person.

Somewhat manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome also depends on the wrong approach to food: thereof in an organism liquid is late, the breast becomes very sensitive, the fatigue which can be connected with shortage in a B6 vitamin organism is observed. to provoke a headache, strong heartbeat, dizzinesses can provoke deficit of magnesium in an organism. There is also not proved opinion that genetic tendency leads to manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome.

Symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome

Symptoms of PMS are shown at women absolutely differently: at one this state passes rather quietly, others very violently worry days before periods. But time of emergence of such signs allows to diagnose this state: they are always shown for a certain period before periods.

PMS at women can be shown by periodic emergence of panic attacks, a depression, a mastopathy, condition of uneasiness. Sometimes PMS leads to disorder of menstrual function.

Signs of a premenstrual syndrome arise in 2-10 days prior to the first day of periods. The premenstrual syndrome can proceed differently. So, three different options of PMS are allocated, each of which has certain features.

At the first option of development of PMS symptoms of this state do not progress over time. They, as a rule, arise in the second half of a monthly cycle and stop when there come the periods.

At the second option of development of a disease symptoms of PMS disappear only when the periods completely stop. Over the years intensity of symptoms amplifies.

At the third option of a current of PMS disease symptoms over the years only amplify. Signs at the same time disappear only several days later after the periods stopped.

Different women can have absolutely various manifestations of a premenstrual syndrome. Tearfulness, irritability manifestations, high sensitivity to pungent smells and sounds, discomfort in mammary glands is characteristic of this state. As a rule, at women of young age of PMS it is shown by tearfulness and a depression, and at teenagers aggression flashes are possible. In mammary glands, except a sensation of discomfort also other changes can be shown. In particular, painful sites are felt, there are consolidations which can be probed. Besides, in the period of PMS at the woman the face, shins, fingers, a skin itch, perspiration can swell.

The headache at a premenstrual syndrome reminds pain during a migraine attack, at the same time there is vomiting and nausea during a headache attack. Disturbs the woman also dizziness, feeling of fear, a cardiopalmus. Sometimes sharply arterial pressure rises. The symptoms of PMS described above can be shown in various combinations.

Sometimes symptoms are so strongly expressed that the identity of the woman is reversed. In certain cases the woman significantly gains weight during manifestation of PMS as at it appetite considerably increases.

Diagnosis of PMS

Предменструальный синдром (ПМС)Initially the woman addresses the specialist with certain complaints to a combination of symptoms. Depending on such complaints, and also the PMS forms are appointed certain researches for specification of the diagnosis. So, if the doctor suspects that at the woman the psychovegetative and tsefalgichesky form of a syndrome takes place, to the patient consultation of the doctor-neuropathologist, and in certain cases – and the psychiatrist as it is important to exclude mental diseases is appointed.

If the patient complains of regular emergence of pain in mammary glands, then she surely carries out mammography or ultrasonic research of mammary glands. Such researches are conducted in the first phase of a monthly cycle. Consultation of the mammologist is also necessary. Nevrrogolog can direct the patient to carrying out a kraniografiya – a skull X-ray analysis. If the woman is disturbed by a headache, then the electroencephalography for an assessment of a condition of vessels of a brain is in that case carried out. At hypostases it is necessary to measure a daily urine for definition of a delay of liquid in an organism. If the woman during PMS has crises, then it is important to visit the therapist, and also to provide regular control of arterial pressure.

But all described above research it is conducted only if symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome too strongly influence quality of life of the woman. But if the premenstrual syndrome is always noted only benign, then in that case there is quite enough carrying out gynecologic survey. Also it is necessary to make blood test on definition of hormones in both phases of a monthly cycle. These data will allow to confirm or disprove the diagnosis "a premenstrual syndrome".

One more method of definition of a condition of the woman is maintaining the special diary in which throughout three monthly cycles the woman will write in detail about the complaints. Such information will help to establish the diagnosis and to understand, how effectively used treatment.

It should be noted that the theory sometimes expresses existence of PMS at men. Actually the symptoms similar to PMS signs which are shown at women sometimes really develop also at men, however they have no relation to a premenstrual syndrome.

Treatment of a premenstrual syndrome

Treatment of a premenstrual syndrome has to be carried out surely in a complex. Therapy includes reception of hormonal means, vitamins, and also other drugs which are necessary in each case. Sometimes advise the woman to keep to a special diet and to carry out exercises from a complex of physiotherapy exercises. Both exercises, and a diet are effective at any symptoms. And drug treatment is appointed only according to the recommendation of the doctor. For example, to eliminate psychoemotional symptoms, reception of psychotropic and sedative medicines is recommended to the patient. Sometimes to the woman antidepressants, a course of treatment which not less than two months proceed are also appointed.

If the woman is annoyed by constant hypostases, then in this case treatment is carried out by drugs-diuretics. The drugs containing hormones are appointed for regulation of hormonal balance.

Предменструальный синдром (ПМС)For treatment of PMS homeopathic medicines which effectively reduce intensity of symptoms at PMS are also widely used. Such drugs recover normal hormonal balance, reducing psychological manifestations.

It is recommended to pay special attention to food. In particular it is necessary to reduce amount of the drunk coffee and to try to use as little as possible salt. At a diet there have to be surely fish, products from milk, sunflower seeds, rice dishes, fruit, vegetables, dark chocolate.

Regular physical exercises also promote improvement of the general condition of the woman. It is important to play sports several times a week. As the intensive physical culture increases the content of endorphines in an organism. However it is important to consider that too strong loadings, on the contrary, aggravate a state at PMS. So too it is not recommended to be zealous nevertheless.

The full-fledged dream – not less than eight hours, lack of strong emotional shocks, regular rest is important.

Drug treatment of patients with a premenstrual syndrome is carried out throughout three monthly cycles then it is necessary to take a break on several cycles.

There are also some national recipes helping to improve a condition of the woman. It is possible to prepare infusion from a grass of a dandelion medicinal which is used as a calmative. Correctly to make such drink, it is necessary to take one tablespoon of a grass of a dandelion and to fill in it with two glasses of boiled water. For days mix has to be drawn under a cover then it is filtered and drink on a third of a glass three times a day for half an hour before acceptance of food.

One more effective soothing collecting includes three parts of mint and a melissa, on two parts – a valerian and a camomile, and also one part of flowers of a jasmine. All this is filled in with very abrupt boiled water and ten minutes are drawn. It is necessary to drink mix not less than three times a day to gain desirable medical effect.

If hypostases take place, then Diuretic collecting which the ptarmigan-berry ordinary, a glycyrrhiza root, centaurea flowers enters is applied. Collecting needs to be filled in with one glass of boiled water and to draw it under a cover for 15 minutes. Infusion is accepted on one tablespoon four times a day before food.

How to distinguish PMS from pregnancy?

Very often at emergence of the described symptoms the woman asks a question: what is it — PMS or pregnancy? The matter is that very many signs of pregnancy and a premenstrual syndrome are actually very similar. At the address to the doctor it is possible to resolve a question very quickly: existence of a fruit which develops, ultrasonography, a palpation, listening of a cordial rhythm of a fruit defines. One more method – delivery of blood test on HGCh.

In house conditions the woman can conduct independently the test for pregnancy, or wait for that time when there have to come the periods.

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