Foreign subject in the child's nose

Occasionally, children in the course of knowledge of the world and all real begin to study abilities of the organism strenuously. In particular, the capacity of a svy nose by means of the room in it various objects. And, as practice shows, they very often do it "on the quiet" until we, adults, are busy with the affairs.

If you suspected that your child in a nose has a foreign subject, then you should not hesitate at all. And the more so to make any attempts to take this subject from a nose of your child independently. It is not necessary to wait that this subject itself somehow will leave the child's nose. The first that needs to be made is to call the ambulance.

But there are such cases that it is not always possible to claim with confidence about existence in a nose of the child of foreign bodys. Some features in behavior of the kid can testify to it.

1. The child is uneasy, very often touches a nose, picks it a finger.

2. Breathes through the mouth. In view of difficulty of nasal breath children begin to breathe only through the mouth. Though this phenomenon can also be a symptom of adenoides.

3. If the subject is in a nose long time, then from a nose transparent liquid with very unpleasant smell of decay begins to be emitted. In slime bloody or purulent impregnations can sometimes meet. If you felt a putrefactive smell – it means that in a nose of the kid, really, there is a foreign body, and for a long time.

4. Sharp raising of temperature. At long finding of a foreign subject in a nose there can be a sharp jump of level of body temperature of the kid because of the beginning of inflammatory process.

For the rest, the child can behave as usual, at all without signaling about presence at its nose something nonnative. Physicians explain this fact with the fact that after a while the organism of the child gets used to a foreign body, learns to live with it and about a current of time does not notice it any more.

Meanwhile, presence of a foreign body at respiratory tracts conceals in itself many dangers. For example, at a breath this subject can get further into respiratory tracts, to thereby block air passing that can lead to very deplorable effects. Ability to inflate in the wet environment that can also lead to asthma has some objects. The putrefactive smell testifies to the beginning of decomposition of this subject, similar can lead to inflammatory process.

Section: Pediatrics (Children's diseases)