The interrupted sexual intercourse

Now both the woman, and the man can choose the most suitable methods of contraception from a set of options. However and till present time among couples the so-called interrupted sexual intercourse is eurysynusic. Such technique of protection from undesirable conception by right is considered as the first widely applied way of a kontatseption. And if in the history of contraception this method takes a special place of honor, then on a question of whether it is possible to become pregnant at the interrupted sexual intercourse, accurately and precisely it is impossible to answer.

The matter is that, it agrees with medical statistics, pregnancy at the interrupted sexual intercourse comes approximately in 10-18% of cases. Therefore the probability to become pregnant at this method of contraception is too high.

Modern use of a method

As the conducted researches testify, now this method is still applied, but at the same time protects from conception not always. Prevalence of this method fluctuates ranging from 15 to 30%. But still there are countries in which interrupted sexual intercourse as a way of protection from unplanned pregnancy is considered the basic (Turkey). In the past this method was used as a contraception measure in many countries that led to notable decrease in birth rate.

Method essence

Use of this method of protection assumes that the sexual intercourse will be interrupted till that time as the partner will have an ejaculation. Thus, the interrupted sexual intercourse is sexual contact at which the ejaculation occurs out of a vagina and female external genitals.

However in this case nevertheless there is a high risk of fertilization. The matter is that except sperm man's generative organs emit the so-called predeyakulyatsionny liquid consisting of the secret collecting in Cooper's glands. This liquid also contains spermatozoa of the last ejaculate. As laboratory researches testify, one drop of this liquid can sometimes contain about 1 million spermatozoa. If predeyakulyatsionny liquid gets into a female vagina, then pregnancy approach is possible. Especially such probability increases if the woman reaches several orgasms for a short time.

Advantages and shortcomings

Several clear advantages and shortcomings of such method of protection are allocated. As the most explicit advantage it is necessary to consider ease of its use and total absence of material inputs. For its use certain tools or chemical means are not necessary. This way of protection is often used when the woman raises the kid breast milk as the majority of other methods is contraindicated at this time. Besides it can be combined with other ways of protection for the purpose of reduction of risk of undesirable conception. For example, the woman can trace a calendar of own menstrual cycle and not practice the sexual intercourses in days when the ovulation is probable.

However shortcomings of the interrupted sexual intercourse are more serious. The most important of them – very high percent of so-called "contraceptive failure". So, approach of pregnancy for the first year of use of such way of contraception makes about 18%. But in general to define precisely efficiency of this method very difficult. One more apparent defect — continuous self-checking in the course of sexual intercourse from the man. In spite of the fact that owing to so accurate self-checking of an effect for health of the man are not shown at once, interruption of sexual intercourse can become the reason not of full satisfaction. This fact reduces popularity of this method of protection. However, some specialists assure that use of such method of contraception for several years reduces a potentiality, provokes emergence of symptoms of a neurasthenia at the man. Besides, development of a prostatauxe is possible. Also the method is not recommended to practice to men who differ in the high level of excitability, and also to people with disturbances in work of a nervous system.

The negative impact in this case occurs also on a female organism. There are data that about 60% of women cannot test an orgasm if the interrupted sexual intercourse practices. The matter is that for a full-fledged orgasm the woman needs very thin mood and confidence. There is also an opinion of specialists that at long use of such method of protection of the woman can suffer from frigidity, developments of stagnation in a small basin, development of dysfunction of ovaries is sometimes possible.

Gynecologists also express confidence that hormones which are in men's sperm positively influence the woman's organism, and also her mood and overall health. Especially it is important during those periods when in an organism of the woman the hormonal imbalance is noted. So, at the woman's climax transfer symptoms of this state better if practice normal sexual intercourse. The matter is that there are researches, testimonial that the secret which is contained in sperm reduces the level of estrogen. Therefore during a menopause doctors advise women to have full-fledged sex.

How the method is applied?

Прерванный половой акт. Вероятность беременностиBefore introduction of a penis to a female vagina the man has to wipe surely his tip to prevent a possibility of penetration into a vagina of spermatozoa.

The man has to control very attentively own state in the course of the act and at feeling of the approaching ejaculation quickly to take a penis. Thus, the ejaculation has to occur out of a vagina and external genitals.

Couple always has to have on pickup any spermicidal means which should be applied quickly if penetration of sperm into a vagina nevertheless happened.

It is inexpedient to apply this method of contraception if the man and the woman will have repeated sexual acts as the ejaculate remains after the first sexual contact can become the conception reason. In any case, before repeated sexual intercourse the man has to wash carefully. It is also desirable to empty a bladder for the purpose of washing away from an urethra of the remained spermatozoa.

Do not practice this method and if the man cannot accurately trace the beginning of an ejaculation. Only if it controls an ejaculation, the interrupted sexual intercourse can be considered admissible. Besides, this way of protection does not protect from diseases which are transmitted sexually, and also from HIV infection. Therefore at accidental sexual bonds with partners, the confidence in which is not present, this method cannot be used at all. For prevention of infection it is necessary to use a condom surely.

Sexopathologists advise couple even before commission of sexual intercourse to discuss probability of use of this method. Thus, it is possible to reach the maximum coordination of actions and to considerably improve efficiency of protection.

But if the married couple practices a similar technique as a contraception method for many years, and pregnancy at the partner never came, then, at desire to have the child in the future, it is necessary to take place inspection and to exclude existence of infertility.

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