Condoms exist already for a long time, as well as concept contraception. In any case, their age at the present stage of development in approximate calculations makes several centuries. But despite it, references of similar contraceptives existed also in more ancient times (the possible image of a contraceptive in the French cave which age makes fifteen thousand years).

Considering that the Christianity considered as a sin any contraception, throughout long time in Europe they were not used. The first condoms which it is really mentioned in several sources it is Chinese (made of intestines of eanling, or silk), Japanese (were made of horns of animals, or a tortoise shell). The Chinese condoms had before Japanese indisputable advantage which was in what they completely closed the member while the Japanese covered only a head. Though at that time many did not even know how to dress a condom, their popularity steadily increased.

At the end 15-go-the beginning of the 16th century the first references of syphilis appear. Considering that this illness at that time was deadly and incurable, use of condoms became more frequent phenomenon. Gabriel Faloppy (the Italian doctor) recommends own means for protection against syphilis. This means represented a cover from flax which was lowered in special chemical solution, and then is dried up. From one thousand people who tested it any did not catch syphilis. After that in Europe the relation to contraception became much more serious, and condoms, begin to do of very thin skin and flax.

During the period from the 16th to the 19th century condoms give in to the severe criticism motivated with the fact that they do not give sufficient protection during sexual intercourse and stimulate men to enter chaotic sexual bonds. At that time sex without condom was the widespread phenomenon also. At the same time, despite of criticism, production of condoms only increases over time.

In America condoms begin to use only at the beginning of the 19th century. Over time to use a condom it is considered it is not moral and active promotion of sexual abstinence begins. Despite it, in Europe production of condoms continues, and European condoms import to the USA.

ПрезервативAfter the end of World War I in the USA the law that condoms can be used, but as means for avoiding of venereal diseases is approved. In the world community in general production of condoms doubles only for the 20th years of the 20th century.

In 1920 latex was invented that actually made revolution in production of condoms. Anyway, but there are both supporters, and opponents of contraception.

In the USSR the first condoms began to appear in the 50th years of the last century. However it was not accepted to tell the word "condom" in open for this reason its long time was called a product No. 2 (gas masks were a product No. 1). They were only three types (which differed by the sizes), and for those times they cost expensive very.  So proceeded up to disintegration of the Soviet Union. As the sizes of condoms in Soviet period did not differ in special abundance, the condom of the 2nd size was most often used that could also serve as the reason that it was called "product No. 2".

In the 1980th years of the public of the whole world the new illness — AIDS appears. After emergence of AIDS the number of supporters of contraception considerably increases, in turn, increases quantity and supporters of sexual abstinence. So proceeds up to our time.

What is a condom

In essence the condom represents peculiar "cover" which puts on on a penis, and nearly 100% are protection against any venereal disease, or undesirable pregnancy.

Material of which it is made as a rule is latex. Exactly thanks to latex condoms are flexible, waterproof, and rather wearproof not to tear during sexual intercourse. During production they specially become covered with greasing to facilitate penetration process. On a tip of a condom there is a special reservoir for sperm.

Types of condoms

ПрезервативThose condoms which can be seen on sale at the moment are made according to such scheme to derive the maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse. Some also possess various taste (for oral sex), they can be ridge (for stimulation of a penis), and superthin (for receiving feelings, as at the unprotected sexual intercourse). The sizes of condoms can be absolutely different and vary from those which are expected very small penis (from 5 centimeters), and to the magnum sizes (from 25 cm)

Spermicidal condoms contain a quantity of the substance which is actually destroying sperm, at the same time the period of validity of such condom is much lower, than at usual, and it can cause an infection of urinary tract in women.

There is an opinion that substance which contains in them prevents STD, or AIDS. At initial use really so. However, if similar condoms to use throughout long time risk of infection with AIDS on the contrary — increases, as well as a possibility that any sexual disturbances at both partners will be shown.

Generally, the fact that the condom should be stored raw is considered more correct point of view, and separately from a spermitsid, greasing only just before sexual intercourse. It will help to avoid unpleasant effects. As put on a condom of this kind it can to be dangerous, they do not enjoy special popularity.

Ridge condoms, or those products which in fact have a relief on a surface — are intended for stimulation of hollow function (most often G points at women). This type of condoms can have separate edges or pimples which surely are on that party which has to stimulate sexual function.

There is also a type of condoms which are intended only for preservation of spermatozoa (in the preventive purposes, for the analysis or collecting sperm). In everyday life similar condoms are not used.

It is known also about condoms which purpose is entertainment. Such condoms do not provide almost any protection, but at the same time can be fosforetsiruyushchy (glow in the dark), or are even edible.

In addition to man's, there are also female condoms. They are done of latex, and they are inserted into a vagina, at the same time in a female condom there is an internal ring which, in turn, is auxiliary at input, and holds a condom on site. These condoms are prohibited to sale in the USA, but at the same time they can be found in Asia, South America, Africa where they are very popular.

Cases of inefficiency of a condom

ПрезервативEfficiency of a condom as means of avoiding of undesirable pregnancy is proved for a long time. Despite it, at non-compliance with rules of its use possible is both a pregnancy, and STD. Some people (most often by inexperience) just do not know how to dress a condom. Actually for this purpose it is enough to read the instruction in which in detail and all process is visually described.

Also the fact that at a condom the period of validity expired is not excluded. If to overlook, it can not only not prevent pregnancy, but also to leave the partner defenseless before STD. For this reason upon purchase of a condom it is always necessary to pay attention to what period of validity at it and whether packaging is damaged.

A lot of things also the condom depends on that, how much is. Than the condom is cheaper, that will be probability that sexual intercourse will take place not as it was planned, moreover, probability to become pregnant more, using a cheap condom is much higher. Also concerning safety measures, it is necessary to notice that sex without condom gives far bigger pleasure, than with it, but at the same time the probability of a disease of AIDS, or STD is very high. If to consider also that when using condoms sexual function of the person is stimulated, then to have sex with use of a condom much better, than without it.

Considering the high durability, elasticity, availability, and usability, the condom by right is considered the best means for contraception. A lot of things will depend also on condom cost. As a rule, the condom, the more its efficiency is more expensive, respectively, the less its cost, the bigger is probability that it will tear, and feelings during sexual intercourse will be absolutely others.

Alternative use of a condom

ПрезервативIn addition to direct appointment, there is a mass of examples of use of a condom in other cases. In essence condoms are waterproof and if there is no money for the camera for photography under water, many economical tourists prefer photography on phone which was thrust and densely tied previously in a condom.

Condoms can be used by travelers during transitions on the desert for water storage.

Condoms can be used by smugglers for transfer of drugs in prisons, and through border. At the same time, if the condom is torn, it is fraught with death from overdose for this purpose who transferred drugs. As it is possible to put on a condom practically any subject thanks to its elasticity, and also taking into account their water tightness, them, in fact, it is possible to use as the multi-purpose container with protection against moisture.

In the conclusion we will note that the quantity of the sold condoms in many respects testifies to that, the country is how developed. For example the countries in which the quantity of the sold condoms on soul of the population - above, than in others, possess the best quality of life and are more developed economically (Japan, the USA, Germany, Great Britain).

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