Premature ejaculation

The premature ejaculation at men is a state when the man cannot control sufficiently process of an ejaculation that both partners reached full pleasure from sexual intercourse.

How the premature ejaculation is shown?

The fast ejaculation is defined if it comes owing to the minimum sexual stimulation. According to different data, the premature ejaculation at men is widespread sexual disturbance and to some extent takes place approximately at 30% of men. Especially often this disturbance is noted at men of young age.

Too fast ejaculation provokes emergence of psychological problems in the man as the problem of a premature ejaculation influences sex life of partners. Therefore, the man gradually has an understating of a self-assessment, complexes and problems in communication with women appear. Quality of sexual life at the same time is seriously broken.

Specialists subdivide a premature ejaculation on absolute and relative. The absolute early ejaculation is noted if sexual intercourse continues no more than two minutes. The relative early ejaculation is defined if sexual intercourse continues more than 2 minutes, but at the same time its duration does not allow both partners to become widespread sexual.

Thus, in modern medicine in attention two definitions of an early ejaculation most often undertake. It is a situation in which more than in half of cases at sexual intercourse the ejaculation comes before an orgasm at the partner. Also early ejaculation takes place if at one or at both partners otsustvut both sexual, and emotional satisfaction and wellbeing.

It is considered to be that the normal duration of sexual intercourse with which both partners can become widespread makes 7-15 minutes.

Duration of sexual intercourse is defined by influence of several factors. It both age of the person, and frequency of sexual contacts, and that fact, how fast ways to have satisfactions both partners in couple.

The reasons of a premature ejaculation should be looked for if the man cannot control process of an ejaculation if the ejaculation occurs still before directly sexual intercourse begins. At regular repetition of such phenomenon it is possible to suspect existence of problems with health or influence of other factors.

Why the premature ejaculation is shown?

Преждевременная эякуляция у подростковIn modern medicine of the reason of a premature ejaculation are defined not precisely. As a rule, the specialist individually holds consultation, makes the diagnosis and defines what factors affected a state of health in a specific case. Respectively, treatment is carried out depending on the reasons and features of a state of health of the person.

The reasons of such state can be both psychological, and physiological. Psychological factors significantly influence quality of sex life of the man. Often manifestation of a premature ejaculation at young men is connected with lack of sexual experience. Gradually the man gets necessary experience and learns to control approach of process of an ejaculation. At some men the early ejaculation is shown with age as it is often difficult for elderly men to control approach of an ejaculation. Therefore this problem can concern even those men who never noted earlier an early ejaculation.

The psychological reasons also can strongly influence features of an ejaculation. Staying in a condition of a depression, concern, feeling feeling of fault, the man cannot abstract completely from the events and completely devote himself to sexual contact. At the same time men in most cases underestimate communication of an emotional state and ability to fully have sexual intercourse with the partner.

Not less serious problem is lack of harmony in the relations between partners. The early ejaculation at the man can be a consequence of the continuous conflicts, offenses, impossibility to find a common language with the partner. As a result, difficulties gradually appear at sexual intercourse, in particular, an early ejaculation. Doctors advise not to disregard this problem as over time the man can have serious forms of sexual dysfunction. Except the problem reasons described above in the course of sexual intercourse can arise also owing to the distorted ideas of young people of the normal duration of sexual contact. They can consider that full sexual contact has to last long very much whereas actually this statement is the myth. As a result, the man believes that he is not capable of full-fledged satisfaction of the partner and feels the psychological discomfort leading to manifestation of an early ejaculation.

Преждевременное семяизвержение у мужчинPhysiological factors are connected both with diseases, and with features of a structure of a reproductive system. The early ejaculation can occur at people who have very high sensitivity of area of generative organs, in particular, hypersensitivity of a head of a penis. The inborn and acquired sensitivity of a balanus is defined. The acquired form of such state develops against a balanoposthitis or a phymosis and is rather seldom found disease.

The premature ejaculation sometimes is a consequence of a chronic vesiculitis at which there is an inflammatory process of seed bubbles. The vesiculitis always develops at patients with prostatitis.

Cases of an early ejaculation are sometimes connected with inflammatory diseases of a reproductive system of the man, neurologic diseases and the postponed injuries. In the course of inspection it is necessary to pay surely attention to functions of internals as display of sexual dysfunctions is sometimes connected with them. Also premature ejaculation is often noted at the men abusing drugs and alcohol. Sometimes leads poisoning with toxins, nicotine, negative impact of environment to impossibility to carry out full sexual intercourse, etc.

Hormonal imbalance in an organism – one more reason which defines in certain cases manifestation of an early ejaculation at men. Hormonal disturbances are connected both with a lack of testosterone, and with disturbances of endocrine character which conduct to too active products of prolactin.

How to get rid of a premature ejaculation?

Как можно избавиться от преждевременной эякуляцииIf the man seriously thinks of how to get rid of a premature ejaculation, he does not need to try to solve this problem independently. Treatment of a premature ejaculation can only be carried out qualitatively after the specialist andrologist precisely establishes the reason of this state. If it is known what factor influenced disturbance of sexual functions of the man, it is possible to say about what to do and how to avoid such problems.

Defining the scheme how to treat a premature ejaculation, the doctor can suggest to use at sexual contacts special condoms with greasing which prolongs the period of sexual intercourse. Even the usual condom somewhat reduces sensitivity therefore it can be useful to those whom interests how to prevent emergence of such problem.

Treatment of an early ejaculation at hypersensitivity of a balanus is carried out by trimming implementation, that is removal of a prepuce. Such treatment of a premature ejaculation allows to prolong duration of sexual contact several times. Trimming – most the way out if the doctor defines how to treat a premature ejaculation at a phymosis, a balanoposthitis.

The doctor can recommend how to fight against a premature ejaculation, to young people who need to gain experience to overcome this problem. It is possible to practice some exercises promoting finding of control over process of an ejaculation. For example, the man can practice some time mental derivation from process while feels approach of an ejaculation. Sometimes certain poses at implementation of sexual intercourse allow to reduce sensitivity.

Быстрая еякуляция у мужчинHow to get rid of a premature ejaculation by means of other techniques, the specialist when carrying out personal consultation will prompt. If the man looks for the most effective remedy from a premature ejaculation, the doctor can advise special drugs for treatment of a premature ejaculation. It is necessary to take a pill for a premature ejaculation throughout a long time. At treatment of this state also use of local anesthetics practices. It is impossible to do it at all uncontrolledly as administration of drugs can be appointed in a complex with other methods of treatment.

Except the treatment methods stated above at a premature ejaculation administration of hyaluronic acid, use of gel with anesthetic practices. At influence on a state of health of the man of the psychogenic reasons psychotherapy sessions are shown it. Use of phytotherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy is in certain cases reasonable. If all methods of conservative therapy are inefficient, the doctor can make the decision on use of surgical methods of treatment.

Prevention of an early ejaculation includes observance of the general principles of healthy mode of existence, and also the arranged sex life.

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