Addiction to computer games can kill

The resident of Great Britain at the age of twenty years died of blood clot which was formed after uninterrupted game in computer games within twelve hours. The guy was engaged in development of design for games at university and spent a lot of time in online fights. He literally lived near the prefix. The young man's parents also did not assume that it can be dangerous. Having been at the computer all night long, for the morning the guy had a deep vein thrombosis and he died.

Blood clots are formed in veins of the legs located deeply. Coming off, they cause a thromboembolism of a pulmonary artery which occurs when blocking the main artery transporting the blood oxygenated to lungs. In 30% of cases, at non-rendering of the timely help, people with a pulmonary embolism die.

The main factor of risk for development of a deep vein thrombosis is the sedentary life. Formation of blood clots is promoted: computer games, long flights in the airplane, driving in the car. Other risk factors: smoking, obesity, replacement hormonal therapy. Contraceptive tablets also increase risk of formation of blood clots at women.

For prevention it is recommended to interrupt sitting, rising each hour to disperse blood. People should not ignore symptoms of blood clots — heat, calves pain, swelled, reddening. Serious signs and at a pulmonary embolism: the pricking stethalgias, a cardiopalmus, short wind, cough.

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