Modern probema of breastfeeding

One of the leading companies in the field of sale of goods for wellbeing and health of mothers and the newborn conducted the research which received the name "Index of Health of Mother and Child". During this research nearly 4000 mothers from seven large countries among which there is Egypt, South Africa, India, China, the USA, Great Britain were interrogated. Studying of problems of breastfeeding of women around the world was a goal.

Results of work showed that practically all women would like to feed the child with breast milk, however more than a half refuse to do it still when to the child 1 year did not knock, and it is a threshold indicator. Besides, a third of the feeding mothers stop feeding to 6-month age of the child, that is to the minimum age, according to WHO recommendations.

Such results show that in global scales many mothers I have the problems connected with feeding. Lack of milk are a basic reason of the termination of feeding. It is actual both right after the child's birth, and within his first years of life. Besides, morbidity of feeding is one more essential reason to stop feeding.

Today, according to specialists, in the world there are all opportunities which would allow to solve or warn the problems connected with pain therefore, this problem arises generally for the reason that the woman does not get necessary support and information at the very beginning of breastfeeding.

The lack of time for feeding is the one more vital issue arising on the way of young mother. And, many women tell that they have no opportunity to nurse the child or because of return to work, or because of a lack of time in general. Thus, about 20% of mothers refuse feeding for these reasons.

As a result of research the conclusion was drawn that additional support and education of young mothers is necessary.

As for Russia, and in our country the active policy directed to that women nursed longer is conducted. On February 26 the scientific symposium which was devoted to questions of breastfeeding actual today opened.

According to Rosstat, in our country the positive tendency connected with breastfeeding is observed. The main problems which after all do not allow mothers to nurse are similar to problems in other countries.

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