Prevention of diseases of joints

 The seafarer Columbus famous for the whole world was constantly tormented by fever and severe pain in joints. Modern physicians consider that arthritis was the cause of such pain. At this stage the modern medicine can help at many diseases of joints. But, as we know, possibilities of medicine are not boundless! For this reason it is necessary already now to begin to care for the joints.

The special attention needs to be paid to a knee joint. Knee joint most often suffers from influence of external factors. If the person is engaged in such sports as soccer, mountain skiing, tennis, a skateboard, volleyball, basketball, then this information is especially necessary for it.

How to avoid diseases of joints?

It is very useful to take for stimulation of blood circulation and food of cartilages dancing classes, swimming, water aerobics, walking on skis and to carry out foot walks. The best prevention of diseases of joints is the moderate exercise stress and a balanced diet. First of all, it is necessary to normalize the weight of the body. It is known, excess weight is an additional load of human joints. Also it is necessary to limit carrying weights to 3 kg.

The day diet has to be various, and also vitamin-rich and microelements. Such food always positively affects the general condition of joints. The huge benefit to joints is brought by low-fat dairy products which are rich with calcium. Surely it is necessary to eat also fish products. Fish contains an omega-3 fatty acids. Such acids considerably reduce risk of development of various diseases of joints.

The special attention needs to be paid and to liquid which is used during the day. Sufficient level of liquid is simply necessary for a good shape of cartilaginous tissue, in particular for knees. It is necessary to use not less than 1-1,5 l. Waters during the day.

Fans of nicotine need to think of further smoking too. Because smoking very negatively affects a condition of a bone tissue and joints. Therefore it is better to try to refuse smoking.

It is very important to wear correctly picked up shoes. If initially to wear inconvenient shoes or footwear on very high heels, then it will lead to an illness of joints and their destruction over time.

There are three more checked way of treatment of joints:
1. Acupuncture or acupuncture in most cases takes off many disease-producing effects in joints. Research is shown that acupuncture often is much more effectively than tablets or special ointments. Therefore this quite pleasant procedure should allocate a little time sometimes;

2. Miracle olive oil. Scientists, having conducted the mass of researches, came to an unanimous conclusion that people who constantly use olive oil are exposed to a disease of joints (arthritis) much less. Besides olive oil has a number of other useful properties;

3. It is necessary to choose ointments which part comfrey extract is. The comfrey promotes reduction of inflammations of joints and accelerates recovery of already damaged fabrics.

To the health it is necessary to treat with special attention because it is the most important gift in human life. The only thing that should be remembered always so is that at any pain it is necessary to address the specialist surely. Sometimes self-treatment only aggravates already already difficult situation. These councils will help to be still long time to joints in a good shape, to avoid emergence and development of diseases of joints, and also not to limit the movement. And the movement is life!

Section: Orthopedics and traumatology