Propolis for cold

Catarrhal diseases —  very unpleasant and often meeting, and it is possible to ache with them at all seasons of the year, even in the flying. Quite often during a heat the diagnosis can be "picked up", being in the own car, the conditioner can serve as the reason for that. Children whose immunity is not able to resist to this infection are especially subject to these diseases.

Many parents resort to the help of antibiotics, for certain, somewhat quicker to kill bacteria. And not many understand that the antibiotic, destroying bacteria activators, kills also useful microflora, doing thereby a bigger harm to immune system of a children's organism. Besides, by scientists it is established that the use of antibiotics in the early childhood leads to bronchial asthma.

As some kind of alternative to antibiotics serves one of ancient folk remedies – propolis tincture.

Propolis use

For treatment of catarrhal diseases and elimination of their symptoms it will be required to accept on an empty stomach a half of a teaspoon of sugar, having dripped 1 drop of tincture of propolis and to wash down with any drink, during the day to repeat reception of means of 5 more times. To carry out the last reception just before a dream. In addition, during meal in any drink it is possible to drip no more than 2 drops of tincture and to drink.Лечим ОРВИ прополисом

It is also necessary to rinse a throat, having dissolved 3 drops of tincture of propolis in a glass of warm water. For achievement of bigger effect it is possible to grease almonds and a back wall of a throat with mix of 1 tablespoon of 10% spirit extract of propolis and 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil.

At a catarrh of a throat or trachea apply also steam inhalations which carry out only before going to bed: in a pan put 3 tablespoons of the crushed leaves of an eucalyptus and 3 tablespoons of a linden, fill in with 4 glasses of boiled water and boil on weak fire of 5 minutes. Then, add 7 drops of tincture of propolis and begin to breathe in couples, having covered with a towel or dense fabric. After inhalation without fail accept warm drink.

Besides, such mix will help to get rid of cough: to grate a black radish, through a small sieve or a gauze to squeeze out juice. Further to mix 250 ml of juice and 200 g of liquid honey. To accept mix on two tablespoons before food and before going to bed.

In the first days of emergence of cough also such method is effective. In the morning, after washing, gather in a palm of water of room temperature and well pound a thorax (at first a palm, and then a towel). It is necessary to do this procedure and on spin.

Will help to bring down high temperature at cold rubdown of a body the towel moistened in vodno – acetic solution (1 tsp of 3% of vinegar for 1 liter of water).

During an illness, it is not dependent on a season, surely twice a day it is necessary to air the room in which there is a diseased. And at all not to melt. Therefore as it is easier for patient to transfer a cool, than a heat.

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