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  • Latin name: Proproten-100
  • ATH code: N07BB
  • Active ingredient: Antibodies to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein


In 100 g of drug in the form of drops 1 g of active component – an antibody to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein contains.

One tablet contains the cleared antibodies to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein – 3 mg. And also excipients: lactoses monohydrate, MKTs and magnesium stearate.

Release form

Medicine has two forms: the tablets Proproten-100 for a rassasyvaniye, 1, 2 and 5 blisters packaged on 20 pieces and packed in a pack.

And also drops for intake on 25 ml in a bottle dropper.

Pharmacological action

Medicine possesses anti-hypoxemic, neuroprotective and anti-abstinent action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

At treatment of Proprotenom-100 there is a modifying of functional activity of S-100 protein which carries out interface of metabolic and information processes in a brain. Besides, synthesis of a neyronalny membrane, modulation of synoptic plasticity of neurons is normalized. Functions of structure of a brain are as a result recovered, forming of alcohol addiction, hypothalamus and other is eliminated. At the patients suffering from alcohol addiction influence on the positive and emotional reinforcement leading to reduction of frequency of self-stimulation of a lateral hypothalamus is normalized.

Also activity of neurons of a hippocampus goes down, the number of the circulating immunocomplexes in peripheral blood is reduced, the correlating decrease in consumption of ethanol is noted. Reception of Proprotena-100 strengthens brake influences of GABK in TsNS, recovers neuromediator balance and conditioned-reflex functions. At the same time resistance of a brain to toxic influences and a hypoxia increases.

Thus, treatment by this medicine helps to facilitate psychopathological disturbances, for example: concern, mental tension, sleeplessness, irritability, alarm, recession of mood, a strong inclination to alcohol. Also therapy allows to lower or to completely eliminate the somatovegetativny frustration shown: weakness, perspiration, headaches, tremor, tachycardia, digestion disturbances. This drug is actively used for decrease or elimination of symptoms of an alcoholic "hungover" syndrome.

Also the antialcoholic effect of drug reducing an inclination to alcohol and reducing probability of recurrence is noted.

Indications to drug use

The main indication to use of Proprotena-100 is monotherapy of an alcoholic abstinence syndrome easy and moderate severity.

Contraindications to use

It is not recommended to accept this drug at:

Special instructions

It is known that the composition of this drug includes lactose therefore it is not appointed to patients with an inborn galactosemia and a lactose intolerance, a glucose sprue.

Side effects

Reception of Proprotena-100 can cause exceptional and short-term cases of disturbance of accommodation – the bifurcation in eyes lasting about 5 - 10 min.

It is not necessary to exclude also development of reactions of individual hypersensitivity to drug.

Proproten 100: application instruction (Way and dosage)

This medicine is intended for intake, separately from food. Drug in tablets is appointed on one piece, and by drops on 10 drops to one-time reception. At the same time tablets are recommended to be held in a mouth until they completely are dissolved.

For removal of a hungover syndrome medicine needs to be taken every 30 min. in the established one-time dosage.

To the patients accepting drops of Proproten-100, the instruction recommends for drug at approach of a dream, to resume reception right after awakening. If weighting of symptoms of alcoholic abstinence is noted, then it is necessary to add treatment with other drugs which are used usually in a detoxication.

When carrying out prevention of recurrence, reception of a one-time dosage of drug of any form on 1–2 doses a day, for 2–3 months is supposed. Accidental alcohol intake demands additional reception of a double dosage 2 times a day.


In clinical practice of cases of overdose it is noted. However administration of drug can cause dispeptic frustration, at intolerance of the substances which are its part.


The concomitant use of Proprotena-100 from other medicines, as a rule, does not lead to development of symptoms of intolerance.

Nevertheless, joint reception of various drugs can lead to easing or strengthening of action of each other. It can become the reason of non receipt of the expected effect or bring to overdose and even poisoning.

Terms of sale

Drug is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug is recommended to be stored in the place, dry, unavailable to children. At a temperature less than 25 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.


The main analog of this drug on active ingredient is Tenoten.


  • Proproten-100 No. 20 of a tabletkimateri of the Physician NPF Holding of Ltd company
  • Proproten-100 No. 40 of a tabletkimateri of the Physician NPF Holding of Ltd company
  • Proproten-100 drops 25mlmateria Physician NPF Holding of Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Proproten-100 drops fl 25 ml, Materia of the Physician NPF Holding of Ooorossiya
  • Proproten-100 tbl for a rassasyvaniye No. 40, Materia of the Physician NPF Holding of Ooorossiya
  • Proproten-100 tbl for a rassasyvaniye No. 20, Materia of the Physician NPF Holding of Ooorossiya
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  • Proproten-100 25 ml of a kaplimateri of the Physician Holding (Russia)
  • Proproten-100 No. 20 of the tab. of Materia of the Physician Holding (Russia)
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