Prostatitis is a man's disease at which the man has an inflammatory process of a prostate provoking emergence of a number of unpleasant symptoms.

The prostate is exclusively men's body. Rather often at prostatitis also the urethritis, a vesiculitis is diagnosed for the patient. If the patient elderly, then at him in parallel can take place also prostate adenoma. Perhaps acute and chronic course of a disease. At the same time emergence of acute prostatitis most often provoke gram - negative bacteria. Such form of an illness it is rather easy to diagnose and treat by means of reception of antibiotics. At the same time cases of chronic not bacterial prostatitis which gives in to diagnosis more difficult and has no communication with a certain defeat of infectious character very often occur among men. Therefore, in case of chronic prostatitis treatment by antibiotics will not be able to give due effect. According to the statistics, about 35% of men have chronic prostatitis is more senior than fifty-year age.

Prostatitis reasons

Development of prostatitis is promoted by a number of certain reasons. Very often symptoms of prostatitis are shown at those men who conduct irregular sexual life, often are exposed to overcooling and injuries. Besides, prostatitis can develop as a result of decrease in immunity, deterioration in a blood-groove and a lymphokinesis in bodies of a small pelvis of the man as result of hormonal failure which provokes a certain level of androgenic insufficiency. The factor promoting display of prostatitis also a number of infections which are transmitted sexually is considered. Therefore, prostatitis is often shown at men after the unprotected sexual intercourse.

Besides, prostatitis symptoms often arise against existence at the patient of certain obstacles in an exit from a bladder (stones, tumors, etc.).

Development of bacterial prostatitis approximately in 80% a case is provoked by colibacillus, in other cases other bacteria become the activator. The accessory factor promoting a disease is the fact that as a medium for own development of a bacterium use prostatic juice. Hit of bacteria in a prostate happens through blood, and from the infected urethra they can get into a prostate gland through a lymph. The similar phenomenon occurs in view of a special structure of a prostate and its supply with blood. In a prostate there are no own circulatory main vessels, and its supply with blood passes through several small vessels. In view of a weak blood-groove in gland fabrics often there are developments of stagnation and infections develop.

Therefore any factors directly influencing a prostate (too intensive or, on the contrary, rare sex life, carrying out catheterization, etc.), can become a starting point in development of prostatitis.

Prostatitis symptoms

простатитSymptoms of prostatitis of an acute form are shown by sharp increase of temperature. The patient suffers from a fever, it is hurt by a waist, muscle and joints pains are shown. In a crotch the man feels a certain discomfort and feeling of uncharacteristic heat. There the swelling can be formed, the prostate increases in sizes. Desires on an urination become frequent, at the same time urine of the patient grows turbid. Over time at a contact to a crotch there is pain which becomes more intensively at strong pressing on a prostate. Later to the general symptoms of acute prostatitis pain in the bottom of a back and in the field of generative organs increases. Pain can sometimes extend also to other body parts. The patient complains of noticeable increase of night urinations, at the same time in the course of an urination he is tormented by a burning sensation. At acute prostatitis symptoms of the general intoxication of an organism are shown. In certain cases owing to development of a local inflammation in a prostate at the patient sepsis begins. In similar cases the person needs immediate hospitalization and urgent treatment.

The chronic prostatitis having the bacterial nature often in general proceeds asymptomatically, however it can provoke emergence in the man of symptoms of infections of the urinary tract arising as complication of an illness. Besides, in this case emergence of the following symptoms of prostatitis is possible: morbidity during an ejaculation, availability of blood in sperm, continuous emergence of allocations from an urethra. Display of pain in the area between an anus and a scrotum is possible. Later the man can suffer from sexual dysfunction which arises owing to the described symptoms.

Complications of prostatitis

As complications of both acute, and chronic prostatitis there is a number of serious diseases and states. So, at the man who had prostatitis, can decrease noticeably amount of male sex hormones that becomes the reason of lowering of sexual desire. As a result, at the person constant problems with an erection are shown. Besides, difficulties with a potentiality at the man having prostatitis can arise as a result of a number of psychological problems.

One more serious complication of chronic prostatitis – infertility which is noted approximately at 40% of the patients suffering from a chronic form of a disease.

Sometimes as complications of prostatitis formation of stones and cysts of a prostate is noted. Even more terrible complication is the prostate sclerosis: the state when gland decreases and ceases to function fully. At this irreversible state the patient is doomed to constant pains, problems with an urination, sexual frustration.

The prostate adenoma which is high-quality education also often develops exactly as a result of prostatitis. At adenoma surgical intervention is inevitable.

The most terrible complication of prostatitis at men – a prostate cancer that is fraught with the most serious effects.

All these complications, and also directly disease of chronic prostatitis are worsened considerably by the man's life. For this reason timely competent treatment of prostatitis is extremely necessary.

Diagnosis of prostatitis

простатитFor the correct establishment of the diagnosis it is important to approach diagnosis of prostatitis in a complex. First of all, the specialist conducts survey and survey of the patient. The doctor makes manual rectal research at which defines some symptoms of prostatitis – morbidity and puffiness of a prostate.

Being guided by collected data, he makes the decision on appointment to the patient of crops of urine for the purpose of establishment of the reasons of an infection. To receive exact results, comparison of cultures in three samples of urine is carried out. The analysis of the urine collected at the beginning of an urination from an average portion is for this purpose carried out, and also the prostates received at massage after an urination are exposed to the analysis of allocation. If the increased quantity of bacterial clumps takes place, then prostatitis is confirmed.

Not to make mistakes in the course of diagnosis of prostatitis, it is important to exclude some diseases which some symptoms are similar to symptoms of prostatitis. It is appendicitis, cystitis, a prostate cancer, an urine incontience, a benign hyperplasia of a prostate, pyelonephritis.

Also blood test in which results at prostatitis increase of number of leukocytes and growth of a blood sedimentation rate is noted is carried out. Besides, if necessary to the patient also additional methods research – ultrasonography of a prostate and bodies, nearby, a computer tomography or a magnetic resonance tomography are appointed.

Treatment of prostatitis

Carrying out treatment of prostatitis includes a course of a medicamentous and subsequent maintenance therapy. Surgical intervention is made if the effect of a course of conservative treatment was unsatisfactory.

At treatment of acute prostatitis immediate carrying out system antibacterial treatment is important. Most often the attending physician appoints to the patient reception Trimethoprimum sulfamethoxazole, tetracycline, ftorkhinolon. In case of display of prostatitis as consequences of venereal diseases treatment includes also reception of a tseftriakson, doxycycline, etc.

Treatment continues depending on severity of an illness. It can last from two days to seven days. After a basic course the doctor appoints to the patient a course of the supporting treatment.

In the course of a maintenance therapy it is important to observe the sparing mode, it is desirable bed. There shall be a sufficient hydration including, at least, drink of eight glasses of water every day. The patient can accept analgetics, means with febrifugal effect. Perhaps periodic use for treatment of prostatitis of sedentary bathtubs. At acute bacterial prostatitis after adequate therapy of the patient completely recovers. Manifestation of complications is seldom possible: owing to prostatitis of an acute form at the man abscess or fistula of a prostate can sometimes develop.

At treatment of chronic prostatitis use of long courses of reception of antibacterial drugs practices: they are appointed to the period of 4-8 weeks.

If at the patient chronic prostatitis takes place, it is necessary to complete a course of massage of a prostate which considerably facilitates the general condition of the patient. At not bacterial prostatitis for simplification of its symptoms anticholinergic drugs, and also analgetics are used. To get rid of constant chronic pain in a prostate, treatment by alpha adrenoblockers and and muscle relaxants is necessary. Introduction of analgetics to the patient practices for the purpose of elimination of spasms of a bladder. Also physiotherapeutic methods which are directed to stimulation of nerve terminations of a prostate and the fabrics surrounding it are often appointed. As a peculiar method of therapy also periodic carrying out masturbation which promotes protection against emergence of hypostasis of tissue of prostate is recommended. Besides, today there is a number of the techniques allowing to normalize exchange processes in prostate tissues, to improve blood circulation, to stimulate prostate muscles. Electrostimulation, laser therapy, magnetotherapy and other effective methods is for this purpose applied.

Besides, there are also folk remedies which are used for treatment of prostatitis. They can be applied as the accompanying therapy, however approval of all ways of treatment of an illness of the specialist is required.

However even at the correct approach to treatment to a disease recurrence of prostatitis happens very often. So, according to the statistics, the illness repeats approximately in half of cases.

At inefficiency of all treatment methods stated above the doctor makes the decision on need of surgical intervention. In this case it is about a transurethral resection of a prostate. During this operation all infected fabrics completely are removed. Such operation is appointed to elderly patients, after its carrying out at the person infertility can develop. Sometimes also to patients carrying out a prostatectomy – an operative measure during which the prostate and the fabrics surrounding it completely are removed is appointed. After such operation at the person impotence and an incontience of urine can develop.

Prevention of prostatitis

простатитTo provide adequate prevention of prostatitis, the man, first of all, has to care for observance of all standards of intimate hygiene carefully. It is not necessary to allow long overcooling. Prevention of prostatitis provides change of an everyday food allowance. It is important to minimize the use of those dishes and products owing to which regular locks which negatively influence a blood stream to bodies of a small pelvis develop. It is about fat, sweet food, and also about fried dishes. The man has to watch that his bladder was emptied regularly and completely constantly. It is impossible to allow an untimely urination.

Regular sexual life is not less important for the purpose of prevention of prostatitis also. At the same time it is not necessary to allow the unprotected sex with accidental partners to avoid infection with an infection.

If the man a long time stays every day in a pose sitting, then it is very important to carry out breaks in sedentary work during which to make dynamic warm-up. Also exercises, regular exercise stresses are important.

Prevention of prostatitis provides annual preventive consultations and surveys at the urologist. This clause should be implemented without fail to those men who already were thirty years old.

Besides, it is necessary to treat observance of a healthy lifestyle responsibly: to refuse smoking, not to allow an alcohol abuse.

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