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  • Latin name: ProstOptima
  • ATH code: -
  • Active ingredient: Phytosterols + Kukurbitatsina + Microelements (Phytosterols + Kukurbitatsiny + Microelements)
  • Producer: Farmoqievtik Ko, China is sickly


In 1 capsule of selenium of 55 mkg, zinc of 15 m, extract of seeds of pumpkin of 480 mg extract of a palm tree of a sereno of 320 mg, lycopene of 4 mg.

Release form

Capsules No. 60.

Pharmacological action

Normalizing function of a prostate, antiinflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Phyto-mineral complex which normalizes function of a prostate. Possesses antiinflammatory action. Reduces pelvic pains, eliminates disturbances of an urination, prevents prostate tissue growth, recovers a potentiality. Has also antioxidant effect.

Extract of fruits of Palma Serenoa — recognized vegetable means for maintenance of health of a prostate. Active components of extract are sitosterols which have anti-androgenic properties as bonds of dihydrotestosterone and androgenic receptors of a prostate interfere. At PZh hyperplasia they inhibit 5α-редуктазу and provide anti-oestrogenic effect. Extract of this plant and for prevention of adenoma of a prostate is effective.

Active agents of extract of seeds of pumpkin are kukurbitatsina which interfere with increase in a prostate. Oil of seeds of pumpkin promotes reduction of symptoms of a hyperplasia of a prostate: pain decreases, the urination is facilitated, sexual function is supported.

Lycopene — powerful antioxidant which strengthens a host defense prevents regeneration of cells of a prostate. Zinc an important microelement which participates in process of a spermoobrazovaniye: increases mobility of spermatozoa and increases amount of sperm.

Selenium participates in biosynthesis of men's hormone of testosterone, is necessary for normal function of generative organs. Its deficit in certain cases is the reason of man's infertility.

The product is certified and has the certificate on the state registration.


It is not provided.

Indications to use



Side effects

In rare instances — allergic reactions.

Prostoptima, application instruction (Way and dosage)

About 1 capsule is accepted inside once a day it is desirable in the morning. Course of treatment 2 months.


Cases are not registered.


It was not studied.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Homeopathic medicines: Gentos and Prostanon, Apiprost containing beekeeping products Will put down, Extract of a palm tree creeping + vitamin E + zinc and drugs on the basis of extract of fruits of a palm treePermikson, Palprostes, Prostaplant, Prostamol-uno, Sernens, Prostaseren.

About Prostoptim

According to urologists, in a complex with medicines at prostatitis reception of products of beekeeping, microelements and various dietary supplements which part complexes (herbs, microelements), glands, necessary for normal functioning, are will be not superfluous.

It is wrong to call "Prostoptim's medicine" is not medicine, and an additive to food with the balanced structure. And if you do not take a jaundiced view to dietary supplements, then it can be included in complex treatment. At chronic prostatitis the content of zinc and a lysozyme decreases. Microelements selenium and zinc play an important role in forming of mechanisms of neuroprotection, and selenium is necessary for antioxidant protection of a cell.

This food additive prevents decrease in microelements in a prostate and makes the revitalizing impact on a man's organism. Extract of fruits of a palm tree of a sereno is long since applied to treatment of diseases of a prostate and is a part of many drugs (Sernens, Prostaseren, Permikson, Prostaplant, Palprostes, Prostamol Uno).

About positive action of this means many responses meet:

  • "… The urologist advised Prostoptim's medicine to the husband as it increased gland. He spent on drink 2 months. At survey the prostate was normal".
  • "… By the experience I advise — pay attention to "Prostoptim". I recovered in a month, nagging pains in a crotch disappeared, sexual function was recovered".
  • "… Found adenoma in the grandfather. Peele is four months old. Then passed inspection — adenoma decreased".

This dietary supplement can be accepted for prevention of prostatitis and adenoma.

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Education: Graduated from Sverdlovsk medical school (1968 - 1971) as "Paramedic". Graduated from the Donetsk medical institute (1975 - 1981) as "An epidemiologist, a hygienist". Passed postgraduate study in the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow (1986 - 1989). An academic degree – the candidate of medical sciences (degree is awarded in 1989, protection – the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow). Numerous advanced training courses are studied in epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Experience: Work as the manager of department of disinfection and sterilization of 1981 - 1992. Work as the manager of department of especially dangerous infections of 1992 - 2010. Teaching activity at Medical institute 2010 - 2013.

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