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  • Latin name: Protaphane
  • ATH code: A10AC01
  • Active ingredient: Insulin isophanes [human genetically engineered] (Insulin-isophan [human biosynthetic])
  • Producer: Novo Nordisk (Denmark)


As a part of drug active component insulin isophanes (human genetically engineered) contains.

Additional components: zinc chloride - metacresol, hydrophosphate sodium a dihydrate, glycerin, protamin sulfate, water for injections, phenol, sodium hydroxide, Acidum hydrochloricum.

Release form

Let out Protafan in the form of suspension for introduction under skin. Substance is packaged in cartridges on 3 ml, on 5 cartridges in packaging.

Pharmacological action

Medicine possesses hypoglycemic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It should be noted that Protafan NM is the insulin of the person having average long action, made by a method of biotechnology of recombinant DNA using Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. Drug enters interaction with the specific receptor located on outer side of a cytoplasmic cellular membrane with education insulin - a receptor complex. At the same time there is a stimulation of intracellular processes, for example, of synthesis of important enzymes: pyruvatekinases, hexokinase, glikogensintetaza and other.

Glucose as a part of blood raises thanks to its intracellular transport that strengthens assimilation by fabrics, and also stimulation of a lipogenesis and glikogenogenez, reduction in the rate of production of glucose liver and so on.

At the same time insulin Protafan is soaked up with a speed depending on such factors as: dosage, way, injection site and type of diabetes. For this reason the profile of efficiency of insulin can fluctuate.

Drug begins to work within 1-1,5 hours from the moment of introduction, achievement of the maximum effect happens in 4-12 hours and not less days work.

Full value of absorption and efficiency of this drug depends on the place and a way of introduction, and also a dosage and concentration of the main substance in drug. Achievement of the maximum content of insulin as a part of a blood plasma results in 2-18 hours from introduction subcutaneously.

Drug does not enter noticeable communication with proteins of plasma, finding only the circulating antibodies to insulin. At a metabolism several active metabolites which are exposed to active absorption in an organism are formed of human insulin.

Indications to use

The main indication to Protafan's use is the diabetes mellitus.


Use of drug is not recommended at:

  • hypoglycemia;
  • hypersensitivity to its components.

Side effects

During treatment by this drug, as well as in a combination Protafan – Penfill, negative effects which expressiveness depends on a dosage and pharmacological effect of insulin can develop.

Especially often as a side effect there is a hypoglycemia. The reason of its manifestation is covered in considerable exceeding of a dosage of insulin and need for it. At the same time precisely it is almost impossible to determine the frequency of its emergence.

The heavy hypoglycemia can be followed by a loss of consciousness, convulsive conditions, temporary or continuous disturbance of functions of a brain, and sometimes and death.

In addition, the side effects affecting functioning immune, nervous and other systems are possible.

Development of anaphylactic reactions, symptoms of generalized hypersensitivity, disturbances in work of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, a Quincke's disease, asthma, heartbeat failures, lowering of arterial pressure and so on is not excluded.

Protafan, application instruction (Way and dosage)

This drug is administered subcutaneously. At the same time its dosage is selected individually, considering need of the patient. The matter is that insulinorezistentny patients have higher need.

Also the doctor defines quantity of daily injections and how to use drug in the form of mono - or a combination therapy, for example, with the insulin possessing fast or short action. If it is necessary, the intensive insulin therapy with use of this suspension as basal insulin in combination with fast or short insulin is carried out. Usually injections enter depending on meal.

Most of patients enter Protafan NM subcutaneously, directly into the area of a hip. Injections in an abdominal wall, a buttock and other places are allowed. The matter is that when the drug is administered to the area of a hip, it is soaked up more slowly. It is periodically recommended to change injection sites to avoid development of a lipodystrophy.


In most cases overdose by insulin leads to development of a condition of a hypoglycemia which happens different severity. At emergence of an easy hypoglycemia the patient can eliminate it independently by intake of a sweet product. Therefore many diabetics carry with themselves various sweets: candies, cookies and other.

Hard cases can lead to a loss of consciousness. At the same time special treatment with administration intravenously of 40% of solution of the Dextrose or the Glucagon – intramusculary, subcutaneously is carried out. And after recovery of consciousness the patient has to accept the food saturated with carbohydrates at once not to allow repeated development of a hypoglycemia and other undesirable symptoms.


A number of hypoglycemic drugs, inhibitors of a monoaminooxidase, angiotensin-converting enzyme and karboangidraza, and also some non-selective beta adrenoblockers, sulfonamides, Bromocriptinum, anabolic steroids, tetracyclines, Cyclophosphamide, Ketokonazol, Mebendazolum, Clofibratum, Pyridoxine, Theophylline, Fenfluramin, lithium-containing drugs are capable to strengthen hypoglycemic effect of insulin.

At the same time oral contraceptives, thyroid hormones, glucocorticosteroids, thiazide diuretics, tricyclic antidepressants, heparin, sympathomimetics, Danazol, blockers of calcium channels, the Clonidine, Diazoxide, Phenytoinum, Morphine and nicotine can weaken its hypoglycemic action.

The combination to Reserpinum and salicylates can both weaken, and to strengthen effect of this drug. Some beta adrenoblockers veil symptoms of a hypoglycemia or complicate its elimination. Oktreotid and Lanreotid can raise or reduce requirement of insulin.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug needs to be stored in rather cool place – 2-8 degrees, without allowing freezing. Also it needs to be protected from light and children.

Period of validity

1,5 years.

Protafan's analogs

Treat the main analogs: Biosulin N, Gangculing of N, Insulin isophanes, Vozulim-N and emergency Protamin-insulin.


It is known that alcohol strengthens and considerably prolongs hypoglycemic effect of insulin.


  • Protafan NM suspension for p / to introduction 100me/ml 10 ml No. 1 flnovo Nordisk A/S
  • Protafan NM Penfill suspension for p / to introduction 100me/ml 3 ml No. 5 kartridzhinovo Nordisk A/S

Drugstore of IFC

  • Insulin Protafan NM Penfill susp. for inj100me/ml cards 3 of ml N5, Novo Nordiskdaniya
  • Insulin Protafan HM susp. for in 100ME/ml of 10 ml, Novo Nordiskdaniya
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  • Protafan NM suspension to injections of 100 PIECES/ml 10 ml a bottle No. 1 It is new Nordisk (Denmark)
  • Protafan of nanometer penfillnovo Nordisk (Denmark)
Section: Diabetic
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