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  • Latin name: Progestogel
  • ATH code: G03DA04
  • Active ingredient: Progesterone (Progesterone)
  • Producer: Besins Healthcare, Belgium


Progestogel gel contains 10 mg or 1 g of active agent – progesterone.

Auxiliary components are: carbomer 934, trietanolamine, polyoxyethylene, alcohol, the water purified, octyl-2-lauryl alcohol, the hydrogenated and polyhydroxyethylated castor oil.

Release form

Drug in the form of 1% of the gel packed into 80 g to a tube is issued.

Pharmacological action

Gel possesses gestagenny action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This ointment is intended for outside use at treatment of a mastodynia. Active agent progesterone has the blocking effect on receptors of estrogen that improves process of absorption of liquid of fabrics, lowering a sdavlennost of lacteal channels. Along with it the blocking of receptors of prolactin in a mammary gland leading to decrease in a laktopoez is noted. In general Prozhestozhel begins to act thanks to increase of concentration of active agent in tissues of a mammary gland.

Drug use, even during creation of high concentration of progesterone in a site of application, does not cause systemic action and undesirable effects.

Some natriydiuretichesky action as a result of oppression of a canalicular reabsorption and increase of cellular filtering is also noted that prevents a liquid delay during secretory transformations of a ferruterous component of a mammary gland and pain syndromes.

At a transdermalny way of introduction of a gestagen there is a noticeable influence on a condition of a vascular network and a ferruterous epithelium, thanks to it permeability of capillaries decreases, puffiness of tissues of mammary gland goes down, mastalgiya symptoms are eliminated.

The Transdermalny way of use of gel promotes fast penetration into tissues of mammary glands, passing process of destruction in a liver and not leading to development of undesirable systemic actions in an organism. At the same time absorption of progesterone makes about 10% of a dose and at least an hour from the moment of putting drug remains, without changing hormonal level.

By means of cutaneous applications in mammary glands high concentration in the place of use, even is created at reduction of a dose.

The secondary metabolism of drug occurs in a liver. At the same time conjugates with sulphuric and glucuronic acid are formed. Besides, participation of an isoenzyme of CYP2C19 is noted.

Drug mainly with kidneys is removed - it is about 50-60%, and a small amount with bile, about 10%. The number of metabolites which are removed through kidneys depends on a phase of a yellow body.

Indications to drug use

Gel Prozhestozhel is appointed in complex therapy:

  • at a fibroadenoma;
  • at a mastodynia and some other diseases of tissues of mammary gland.

Before to begin to use this means, it is possible to look at a photo how to apply gel on an affected area.
Как наносить Прожестожель

Contraindications to use

It is not recommended to use this outside means at:

  • nodal formakhfibrozno-cystous mastopathy;
  • tumors and tumorous educations in mammary glands of not clear origin;
  • monotherapies of a breast cancer or generative organs;
  • II and III trimesters of pregnancy;
  • intolerance or sensitivity to drug and so on.

It is necessary to apply with care gel to patients who have a liver, renal failure, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, migraine, a depression, an extrauterine pregnancy, tendency to fibrinferments, acute forms of phlebitis, a diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and some other diseases or special states.

Side effects

In rare instances use of gel can cause disturbances in activity of a reproductive system, for example:

  • increase of morbidity of mammary glands;
  • strong rushes of blood;
  • decrease in a libido;
  • metrorrhagia.

Besides, allergic manifestationsirritations in a site of application, puffiness of lips and a neck, a feverish state, headaches, nausea and another are not excluded.

The instruction on Prozhestozhel (A way and a dosage)

This ointment is entered in the transdermalny way. To calculate a daily dose apply the special pallet doser from plastic. When it is necessary to apply gel Prozhestozhel, the application instruction advises to press a tuba in the place above a ruler of the pallet. One dose corresponds to a gel column on deepening length on a ruler. Usually the tube is enough for 30 doses.

The squeezed-out means is applied on a skin surface of each mammary gland. Quite often women doubt the accuracy of drawing this means and would like to see video "How to Put Prozhestozhel It Is Correct". However in this process there is nothing difficult. It is necessary to carry out this procedure daily, irrespective of frequency of a menstrual cycle or in the days determined by the specialist. After drawing, gel has to be absorbed completely in skin. The average duration of treatment makes 3 months. Carrying out repeated therapy requires appointment of the doctor.


Overdose cases this means are improbable because of its low system absorption.


Simultaneous use of the combined hormonal contraceptives strengthens effect of gel.

Terms of sale

Issue of drug is carried out according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store gel at a temperature up to 25 °C, in the unavailable place for children.

Period of validity

3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Main analogs of Prozhestozhel: Utrozhestan, Progesterone, Endometrin.

Alcohol and Prozhestozhel

In the instruction of the producer there are no data on interaction of this means with alcohol. According to specialists, joint use of alcohol is possible, but in reasonable quantity.


  • Prozhestozhel of 1% gel 80 of

Drugstore of IFC

  • Prozhestozhel gel of 1% 80 g, Besins Manufacturing Belgiumbelgiya
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  • Prozhestozhellab. Besins International (France)


  • Prozhestozhel of 1% 80 g gel naruzhn. Bezen Menyyufekchuring Beldzhium (Belgium)
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