Mental functioning at advanced age

Approach of an old age is followed by inevitable change of many biological and mental functions of an organism which are shown, everyone time, individually. Also, arise with age and psychoemotional manifestations of an old age, assimilation of new knowledge, mobility of mental processes considerably worsens, ability of imagination dies away, there are dysmnesias. In spite of the fact that quality of intellectual processes can remain long, at the same time, rate of a course of certain mental processes significantly can be slowed down and more time for the solution of any tasks is required. Senile changes gradually accrue, gaining irreversible character.

Psychoemotional manifestations of an old age

Biological changes in an organism, an illness and illnesses cause feeling of own uselessness, an infirmity and can lead to difficult psychoemotional manifestations. On this background various psychosomatic and mental disorders often form. All manifestations in a complex reduce quality of human life and can promote development of frustration and suicide moods.

At senile age emotional instability, sensitivity, alarm often develops. The person can go in cycles in unpleasant experiences and fall into a depression. Depressions at advanced age represent separate group of frustration which occur at the majority of elderly people. At persons of senile and presenile age the frequency of mental disorders which can be shown in the form of boundary mental disorders or even psychoses increases. At 3-5% of aged people of 65 years is also more senior the condition of weak-mindedness, psychoses, affective frustration, irreversible change of the personality is observed. Carry involutional melancholy and involutional paranoid (paranoid frustration of the personality) to psychoses of the presenile period, emotional instability gains more expressed character.

The senile changes happening in a nervous system, are connected by death and an atrophy of cells of a brain, it, in turn, brings to changes in bark of big hemispheres and development of such hardest diseases as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's illness and to final fracture of the personality.

Section: Gerontology (Ageing) Psychology