Psoriasis (scaly deprive)

Psoriasis (other name – scaly deprive) – an inflammation of integuments which has self-sustaining character. Too high activity of immune cells becomes the reason of this state. At psoriasis excess of local immunity which emergence is provoked by essential disturbances in functioning nervous, and later also immune system takes place. At the same time infection with infectious diseases, influence of both household, and food-borne allergens, alcohol intake can aggravate a situation considerably. Therefore, specialists regard display of psoriasis as a signal of the general negative processes in a human body. From the point of view of statistics incidence of psoriasis makes about 15-20% of all skin diseases. At the same time specialists fix increase in cases of incidence every year.

Psoriasis symptoms

At patients with psoriasis owing to the intensive growth of cells of skin dense sites on integuments which have white, red or silvery color are shown. At the healthy person development of cells of integuments happens gradually, their peeling happens approximately once a month. Therefore, new cells gradually move to the place of old cells in an upper layer of skin. At patients with psoriasis development of new cells happens much quicker: they are formed not for several weeks, and for several days. Respectively, during this time upper cells of skin do not manage to die off, and manifestation of the main symptoms of psoriasis — stratification and formation of plaques on skin as a result takes place. Such plaques at patients with psoriasis differ by the size. Their manifestation is observed on different parts of a body – on head skin, knees, hands, elbows, in the bottom of a back. Most often symptoms of psoriasis arise at mature people, however the disease can be shown at children and teenagers.

The first symptoms of psoriasis can be noted at any age — and at the two-month child, and at the person of advanced years. However most often psoriasis is shown at aged people from twenty to forty years.

It is accepted to allocate three stages in the course of the course of psoriasis: progressing, stationary, regressing.

At the first, progressing stage, papules have brighter color, their hypostases are shown, about a papule the expressed erythematic and edematous spotty border is swept up. Papules can be on the verge of merge, integrating in big general sites or in plaques with different outlines. At this stage of psoriasis the positive phenomenon of Kobner is often shown. Emergence of papules on those places which were subject to pressure and friction earlier is characteristic of this state. In this case even the small irritation to skin is fraught with emergence of papules.

In the regress period the papular infiltration disappears completely on a big site of a body surface of the patient. Where earlier there were rashes, the centers of hyperpegmentation or sites of a secondary leukoderma appear. At the same time around psoriasis elements which regress there is a clear pale border which is called a pseudo-atrophic rim of Voronov.

Psoriasis reasons

Псориаз (чешуйчатый лишай)Today specialists speak about the numerous reasons of display of psoriasis. The disease is provoked by changes in exchange processes which happen in an organism which are combined with existence of the centers of a streptococcal or viral infection.

Today also chromosomal disturbances conducting to disease outbreaks are found. The chromosome which is responsible for emergence of a dermatosis was found. If the virus is implemented into a cell, then coding of hereditary information is broken. As a result, there are new transformed cells having the changed hereditary properties.
The conducted researches demonstrate that hereditary factors are important Bol in comparison with environment influencing factors. The defining mechanisms which provoke the beginning of development of a disease are injuries of psychological character, a condition of a stress, long stay in a condition of tension.

Also certain role in development of a disease belongs to the centers of a focal infection (cholecystitis, tonsillitis, otitis, antritis, caries, etc.). Owing to infection sensitivity of an organism considerably increases owing to what the dermatosis can become aggravated or its primary symptoms are shown. The aggravation and development of psoriasis occurs under the influence of streptococcal infections.

Besides, symptoms of psoriasis can become aggravated under the influence of a number of medicines — antibiotics, beta-blockers, antiinflammatory drugs of nonsteroid character, vitamins of group B.

Complication an illness, its further distribution and shortening of the period of remission happens under the influence of an alcoholic poisoning.

Besides, psoriasis progresses owing to non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, constant problems of seed character, ignoring of the treatment mode ordered by the doctor.

Types of psoriasis

Псориаз (чешуйчатый лишай)Display of exudative psoriasis is characteristic of people who have obesity. In this case the person has bright red papules with yellow or gray scales. On them the crust after which removal skin becomes wet is formed.

At rupioidny psoriasis at the patient layer-by-layer crusts after which removal integuments get bright red coloring are formed. Such form of psoriasis is diagnosed rather seldom.

At patients with warty and papillomatous psoriasis of defeat in the basic are shown on extremities. Growths have the warty form or are sosochkoobrazny. Such form of psoriasis meets very seldom.

On soles and palms at the person blyashkovy, lentikulyarny, calloused, pustular psoriasis is shown.

Children or people of advanced age have psoriasis of folds generally. The illness develops against a diabetes mellitus. Red rashes which are shown under mammary glands, under mice, in a crotch, a navel are characteristic of this form of a disease. Their surface wet, and in folds often there are cracks.

On the part of the head covered with hair seborrheal psoriasis develops. Defeats of diffusion type are characteristic of this illness. Rash can sometimes be shown also outside part of the head covered with hair. In that case at the patient the so-called "psoriasis crown" is formed. At the same time defeat and a hair loss does not happen. At this form of an illness small plaques appear also on a face, near a breast.

At psoriasis of nail plates at the patient plates of nails are always surprised, however defeat can be expressed differently. In case of dot damage of nails on plates of nails small deepenings in the form of points appear. In this case nail plates remind a thimble surface therefore psoriasis call naperstkovidny.

At all patients with psoriasis of nails small opacification of nail plates, grayish coloring of nails and their hardly noticeable longitudinal striation is observed.

If damage of a nail very noticeable, is allocated three forms of psoriasis of nails: atrophic, hypertrophic, and also damage of nails with hyponychial hemorrhages.

Псориаз (чешуйчатый лишай)Manifestation of a psoriasis erythrosis happens during the progressing of an illness and development of process of merge of plaques. Also this phenomenon develops under the influence of some suddenly shown factors – overcoolings, the wrong approach to treatment, sharp cancellation of corticosteroids. Reddening and a cutaneous dropsy, existence of a noticeable peeling is characteristic of it. The person suffers from an itch, a febricula, anemia, a confluence of hair.

At artropatichesky psoriasis defeat happens asymmetrically, in one or several joints a foot and brushes. Such form of an illness is more characteristic of young people. In this case damage of distal joints generally takes place and if the illness continues to progress, then defeat of charters can become generalized. At the same time symptoms of psoriasis will remind a pseudorheumatism: at patients hypostases of joints, morbidity, an erythema, limitation in the movements, changes of small joints of brushes, etc. are observed. Sometimes on a X-ray analysis it is visible articulate osteoporosis, osteophytes, the erosion of bones takes place less often. It is accepted to allocate several forms of artropatichesky psoriasis.

At pustular psoriasis on palms and soles there is a generalized and limited rash.

Rather heavy current at generalized pustular psoriasis: at the person body temperature increases, the febricula is observed. Initially on an integument the erythema appears, then there are small superficial pustules, burning and pain is shown. At further development of a disease there is a draining of the centers of defeat, peeling of skin and developing of purulent erosion. The illness is long, periodically there are its aggravations.

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Process of diagnosis of psoriasis does not present special difficulties and is based on studying of characteristic outward of integuments of the patient. Usually laboratory analyses or specific researches at psoriasis are not conducted. However in certain cases at the progressing heavy psoriasis blood test nevertheless is necessary for identification of inflammatory, autoimmune, rheumatic processes. Also carrying out a biopsy of skin is sometimes appointed to differentiate psoriasis with other illnesses of skin. One more symptom of psoriasis to which the specialist pays attention in the course of diagnosis, this existence of dot hemorrhages and fast display of bleeding after stripping of a plaque from skin.

Treatment of psoriasis

Псориаз (чешуйчатый лишай)Treatment of psoriasis is generally directed to control of an illness, the means which are completely relieving of this disease today, now does not exist. In most cases people suffer from easy forms of psoriasis and to improve a state, use drugs of local influence.

At severe forms of an illness and distribution of defeat on all body treatment of psoriasis becomes already more complex challenge. Besides in most cases psoriasis reveals tendency to recurrence.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis are offered by the doctor, being guided by localization, an illness form, age of the patient and his state of health. Selection of drugs is made taking into account extent of defeat by organism psoriasis.

Local means are widely used for treatment of the psoriasis proceeding benign. In this case regular correct care of skin, use of the moisturizing creams and gels, use of special medical shampoos is important. Specialists recommend to acquire a tan also whenever possible.

It is important to show consideration for an opportunity to fall under influence of those factors which can cause progressing of an illness.

If influence of local means does not yield desirable result, then for treatment of psoriasis other means provided only according to recipes are used. Often for treatment of psoriasis of different forms use drugs with the content of vitamin D, local corticosteroids, tar drugs, retinoids. Sometimes according to the recommendation of the doctor for topical treatment not one is applied, and several different means. Also local drugs are combined with peroral.

If moderately severe psoriasis is diagnosed for the person, then in this case purpose of phototherapy – stay on the sun or influences of an ultraviolet is possible.

Quite good results are quite often observed also at treatment of psoriasis by folk remedies. There are special tinctures and broths which help to adjust accurate work of all internals that is a necessary condition for further therapy of psoriasis.

So, the condition of thyroid and pancreatic glands improves the walnut shell broth use. It is also possible to prepare special ointments as which components often use honey, ovalbumin, solid oil medical, celandine powder. Also for treatment of psoriasis broths of herbs which the valerian enters, an immortelle, coltsfoot, a train are used, etc. it is useful to take baths with celandine broth addition.

Very often sick with psoriasis have to try many various drugs and types of therapy, including treatment of psoriasis folk remedies before the optimum and effective scheme of therapy is developed. The patients having psoriasis of average and heavy degree can need continuous treatment throughout all life.

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