Fifth month of pregnancy

The fifth month of pregnancy is the equator of the period of incubation of the child for the woman. The kid begins to move actively, and, sometimes stirs are already felt not only by future mother, but also other people. The 5th month of pregnancy is the period when, most likely, it is already possible to learn what gender of future child. Actively the stomach therefore it will be necessary to correct clothes that the pregnant woman felt most conveniently grows.

Development of the child on the fifth month of pregnancy

On belief of physicians, on the fifth month of development the child can already hear and even to distinguish sounds and voices. Already at this stage he begins to learn a timbre of a voice of the parents gradually.

Gradually closed glands of a fruit get into gear of an organism. This month they begin to work actively, providing a fruit with hormones necessary for it. Also the child's spleen which produces a set of the lymphocytes and monocytes which are responsible for protective functions of an organism begins to function. The duty of a spleen includes tracking of quality of erythrocytes which are developed by red marrow. Thus, erythrocytes which have defect will be sorted and collapse.

Feature of pregnancy which 17th week is often marked by strengthening of pushes of the kid is gradual increase of its activity. The body of the kid during this period is covered by a so-called vernix caseosa – curdled whitish substance. It is the secret of sebaceous glands mixed with epidermis scales. The most dense layers of this substance are at a fruit on pilar part of the head, behind ears, on bends of extremities. In the next weeks the kid has laying of oroimmunity, rapid growth of muscles and bones continues. Gradually, by the end of the fifth month, the fruit gains more and more lines making it similar to the newborn. The body becomes more round, the down covering skin darkens. Already by the end of the 5th month of pregnancy the fruit will grow approximately to 25 cm, and its weight makes about 300-400 grams.

On the fifth month of pregnancy the woman, as a rule, passes the second ultrasonic research during which the fruit can be considered in more detail. Thus, the doctor can exclude a number of possible defects of bodies of the kid. During this research an opportunity to know and a sex of future child is given. However in certain cases position of the kid does not allow to define, the boy it or the girl.

Outward of the woman on the fifth month of pregnancy

Пятый месяц беременностиIf initially pregnancy which 18 weeks the woman gradually and rather slowly gains weight is not especially noticeable to surrounding people, then more intensive addition of body weight of the woman is characteristic of the fifth month of pregnancy. A normal increase of weight for this month three kilograms are considered. However each pregnant woman has to consider and the fact that in the course of incubation of the child the set of weight can occur not gradually, and peculiar jumps. Therefore in each individual case the number of the gained kilograms can differ.

During this period at the woman the sharp growth of hair which sometimes appear in rather unexpected places – for example, on spin, on a stomach is possible. At the same time head hair become much more dense, silkier. Also considerably the condition of nails improves: they become longer and stronger. The matter is that during pregnancy the blood stream becomes more intensive, respectively, the amount of useful nutrients in a female organism also increases. However it is necessary to consider that after the child's birth such positive changes, alas, as a rule, disappear.

Sex on the fifth month of pregnancy

On the 5th month of pregnancy many women note the fact that their sexual life becomes more harmonious. It will speak partly and the fact that in the second trimester of pregnancy health of future mother, as a rule, good. It becomes much easier for some women to feel an orgasm during sex. However, is also such which cease to feel it in general.

Such changes are a result of fluctuations of a hormonal background. After the child to be born, all these features will disappear.

Health on the fifth month of pregnancy

Пятый месяц беременностиGradually pregnancy which 20 weeks already behind, become more noticeable increases a stomach, and it steadily affects the general state of health of future mother. When walking or other exercise stresses she can already feel a small asthma. Frequency of urinations also increases: in a toilet it is necessary to rise and at night. Gradually the breast size increases. When pregnancy which 5 months changes of a breast were less noticeable continues to develop, sometimes at women from nipples a small amount of colostrum is allocated. This normal phenomenon during this period therefore it should not cause either nervousness, or discomfort.

Emergence of some problems with integuments which become excessively dry is possible. In some places skin can begin to be shelled up to emergence of attacks of small itch. At the similar phenomena it is possible to address for council the treating gynecologist or to use special means for pregnant women who are intended for care of skin.

At this time the woman has to take all measures to prevent display of a varicosity. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to refuse completely footwear on heels. And to women who have a tendency to problems with veins it is strongly recommended to wear special tights which can be bought in a drugstore. Perhaps, it is necessary to think also of new couple of convenient footwear, the size of a leg of the pregnant woman increases often a little.

Approximately after 20 weeks of pregnancy to some women recommend to carry a special bandage which promotes maintenance of a stomach. However it should be done only if the doctor confirmed that the child already stays in the correct situation – head presentation. Such bandage will warn return "turn" of a fruit, and also will help to avoid extensions on skin which appear in connection with its stretching. Besides in a bandage it is easier for woman to move.

Situation in a dream during pregnancy which 19 weeks the woman felt less noticeable discomfort needs also already to be adjusted. The stomach increases and to sleep both in situation on a stomach, and on spin it becomes inconvenient. Specialists determine by an optimum pose for a dream of the pregnant woman situation on the left side, at the same time having placed a pillow between legs, or having stuffed up a leg for a leg. At such pose in a dream the blood flow becomes more active, work of kidneys improves, and as a result the fruit receives more than nutrients necessary to it. At the same time products of a metabolism are brought out of an organism more intensively, and the woman does not complain of hypostases.

The pregnant woman staying on the 5th month should not lift heavy things and objects. The maximum weight which can be lifted and born makes five kilograms. If the raising of weights does not manage to be avoided, then it is extraordinary important to do it correctly – gradually, but not breakthrough. At the same time it is necessary to become, to place a little legs and to bend knees, but not to be bent in a belt.

What disturbs the woman on the fifth month of pregnancy

Пятый месяц беременностиDuring the 5th month of pregnancy future mother can note some phenomena of both physical, and psychological character which will disturb her. It can be too heavy traffics of a fruit, manifestation of locks, heartburn, periodic disorder of intestines. Perhaps constant feeling of obstruction in the nasal courses and cold, periodic emergence of headaches, dizzinesses, too plentiful allocation is more white, bleeding of gums. Also the woman bearing the child during this period can suffer from spasms of legs, hypostases of extremities, a varicosity. In spin periodic or constant pain can develop, on a face and on skin of a stomach arise pigmentation. Pigmentation is shown by the vertical darkish line on a stomach, also so-called hloazma – dark stains — appears on a face. Sometimes owing to friction of some sites of skin pregnant women have birthmarks or warts which in most cases disappear after the delivery. At this time appetite can amplify considerably. Future mother notes that sharp changes of mood at her happen less often now. She gradually realizes what is pregnancy owing to what periodically feels absent-mindedness and fatigue.

It is important to have a rest as much as possible and not to allow physical and moral overworks at all.

Syncope during pregnancy

On the fifth month faints and dizzinesses disturb many pregnant women. There is a number of the reasons which explain the similar phenomena. So, dizzinesses can become an effect of essential change of proportions between the volume of blood and volume of blood vessels. Such state provokes also the constant pressure of a uterus which quickly grows, upon blood vessels. At some women so-called orthostatic hypotonia is shown at this time. It dizzinesses which sharply arise at change of position of a body, for example in the course of a rising. Therefore to pregnant women it is strongly recommended to change under any circumstances position of a body very smoothly, but it is not sharp. In order to avoid faints important fully and regularly to eat as owing to starvation sugar level in the pregnant woman's blood can go down. Also the syncope can become an effect of insufficient amount of oxygen indoors. However at display of frequent faints the woman has to consult surely with the doctor, it can demonstrate development of anemia or other illnesses.

At feeling of dizziness the pregnant woman has to lay down and give to legs the raised situation. If to lie down there is no opportunity, it is necessary to sit down and bend the head forward or to become on one knee and to incline the head.

Dorsodynia during pregnancy

пятый месяц беременностиPain in spin at pregnant women arises because of relaxation of femoral and sacral joints. It occurs as the organism prepares for appearance of the child on light. Besides, owing to rapid growth of a stomach the pregnant woman's bearing changes, and it in order to avoid balance loss instinctively takes away shoulders back. Pregnant women at whom a correct posture, as a rule, do not suffer from dorsodynias.

In order that backbone pains were not shown too intensively, on the fifth month of pregnancy it is worth thinking of some moments. First of all, it is important to woman to watch the mass of own body. If weight grows too quickly, then load of a backbone also increases. It is necessary to put on only convenient and steady footwear, not to stand a long time in the same situation.

The pregnant woman has to sleep only on a firm mattress. If it is strongly bent, under it it is necessary to enclose something equal and firm. Carrying a bandage or a belt for pregnant women also promotes reduction of pain in a backbone.

The woman needs to pay attention and to whether correctly she sits. It is not necessary to cross the legs during sitting, such situation provokes strong load of a back. It is desirable to put legs on an eminence, and the chair back will be a support for a backbone let. It is important not to "sit up" and to walk periodically several minutes.

It is not recommended to raise for a long time hands up: in such position of a muscle of a back strongly strain. To reduce a dorsodynia, it is possible to take a heat bath or to do several special physical exercises which will be prompted by the doctor.

Food on the fifth month of pregnancy

During this period the woman can periodically suffer from heartburn attacks. To prevent their emergence, it is necessary to drink constantly juice of fresh potatoes, to drink kissel, is grated carrots. The correct approach to food during incubation of the child is important also for prevention of problems with a dental health which often arise in process of fetation. In the second trimester of pregnancy it is important to include many products which contain calcium in a diet, to try to reduce amount of the eaten sugar. Strengthening of gums is promoted by vitamin C. Therefore, it is necessary to use constantly the products containing this vitamin. The everyday diet has to be zbalansirovanny, food — nutritious. However the general caloric content of food should not be too high.

Dangers on the fifth month of pregnancy

Пятый месяц беременностиIn rare instances during the period between the 12th and 20th weeks of pregnancy there can be spontaneous abortions. Abortion on the 5th month occurs owing to inflammatory process in a uterus or in an afterbirth. The abortion can sometimes happen as a result of surgeries on vessels of a small pelvis, the use of some medicines. Perhaps also separation of an afterbirth from a uterus before term, the termination of a producing hormones which are responsible for the normal course of pregnancy. Besides, can provoke an abortion on late term also an infectious disease, chronic illnesses, anatomic features of a uterus, and also a heavy stress.

The woman has to know that the main signs of development of pathological process are allocations of pink or brown color which continue more than two days, existence of spasms, bleedings. If such signs take place, it is important to see the attending physician immediately.

Sometimes the pregnant woman on this term has abdominal pains which are connected with process of stretching of nodes and muscles which support a uterus. Pain can have different character – it happens as spasmodic, pricking, and long and aching. Such manifestations – norm option. However if this state is shown against the increased temperature, bleeding, strong allocations, a faint, then it is important to see a doctor at once.


Specialists do not object to travel of pregnant women on this duration of gestation. However before it future mother has to consult to the doctor and pass survey. Travel to tire the woman at all, therefore, it should not is impossible to assume that it was distant and dangerous. With itself it is necessary to capture the card with pregnancy history, the first-aid kit.

Fi.zichesky activity on the fifth month of pregnancy is also not contraindicated. However, carrying out physical exercises, it is necessary to remember own situation. Therefore it is reasonable to do a special complex of simple exercises for pregnant women, it is useful to do also on this term swimming.

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