Radical national treatment of rheumatism tincture of roots of monk's-hood

In recent years significantly interest in the national travolecheniye taking a place of honor in written heritage quickened for a number of the objective reasons. Among the conventional folk remedies, the Tibetan and Mongolian Aesculapians at treatment of rheumatism the strongest and drastic remedy is use of a root of monk's-hood.

Monk's-hood (or the fighter) represents a herbaceous noxious plant from family of crowfoot family which all parts contain alkaloids. More than two tens kinds of monk's-hood grow mainly on wet places along road roadsides and the rivers, on mountain meadows and soils rich with humus.

In a travolecheniya young roots and all part of a plant located over the earth during blossoming (June-September) are used. It is necessary to collect monk's-hood and to work with it in gloves. In traditional medicine applied, mainly, spirit tinctures or wine with a monk's-hood additive.

Way of preparation of medicine for treatment of rheumatism from monk's-hood roots:

− only   monk's-hood roots (without stalks) weighing 100 gr. fill in with liter of vodka of high quality or the pharmaceutical alcohol divorced to 60 degrees;
− establish ware with tincture to the warm place and maintain three days;
− readiness of tincture for the use is determined by color – it has to find a type of strong tea.

Way of treatment – rubbing in dry no more than one tablespoon of tincture on sore points (suffering from heart – no more teaspoon). Rubbing in needs to be carried out quickly as slow rubbing in can cause cold. The applied means differs in unusual force. At tincture rubbing in blood circulation so amplifies that the patient immediately feels unusual heartbeat.

Use has to be gradual: at pains of both hands and legs in one day rub on one extremity. The place of rubbing in needs to be kept in the warm, without allowing influence of cold air. For this purpose after rubbing in the bandage is surely applied. Rubbing in is made for the night. Approximately in two hours prior to rise from a bed the bandage applied the place of rubbing in is removed. In two hours after removal of a bandage to the patient's exit to the street it is necessary to rub off the rubbed place the napkin moistened in cold water and strong wrung out. If to make rubdown several minutes prior to an exit to the street, then the patient can be subjected to very serious troubles, connected with his health. At painful forms of rheumatism of rubbing in have to be spent daily throughout 4 − 5 weeks before going to bed.

Monk's-hood is very poisonous. After tincture rubbing in surely carefully wash up with hand soap. It is impossible to rub "dirty" hands of an eye at all – it is possible to be left without eyes. At poisonings with monk's-hood before arrival of the doctor the victim is given vinegar or wine in small doses. At poisoning with monk's-hood it is required to cause immediately an emetic reflex, thereby, having cleared a stomach of contents, after to drink 20-30 g of the absorbent carbon divorced in water and, of course, to call the doctor.

Section: Traditional medicine