Expanded diagnosis of diseases of hair

Let hair be also not the main body of a human body, but nevertheless they carry out very important esthetic function. But at the same time hair of the person very brittle, there are also many diseases which can seriously spoil their outward and cause the person serious troubles.

Diseases of hair develop at the person in connection with a large number of the different reasons. Diseases of skin and hair of the head lead to intensive loss of hair, deterioration in their outward, problems with integuments. However it is necessary to know that not always display of a severe hair loss conducts to baldness, and also to define some other nuances. To learn what diseases of hair of the head take place in a specific case, it is necessary to address the trichologist. He will be able to carry out adequate diagnosis and is accurate to define what diseases of head skin became the reason of a state of disrepair of hair. The hair illness without the correct treatment can lead to negative effects of which it will be difficult to get rid as a result.

Hair loss

Determining the frequency with which at people diseases of hair are shown, it should be noted that most of people complain to the doctor of their loss. This problem, first of all, is esthetic. But the last concerns a so-called symptomatic (reactive) hair loss, but not baldness. If to consider this disease, the hair loss in this case is result of action of a certain negative factor or their complex. Specialists allocate different types of a hair loss and, considering their features, choose a way of treatment which will help to get rid effectively of a disease of skin and hair.

Not always fungal and other diseases of integuments become the reason of a hair loss. Very often other factors can provoke a hair loss absolutely. So, the seasonal hair loss often falls on the spring and autumn period.

Basic reason in this case — active reorganization of an organism on other natural and weather conditions.

Very often hair begin to drop out actively owing to a serious stressful situation. Owing to the endured shocks in a human body there is a strong emission of hormones and biologically active agents, at the same time vessels and capillaries are narrowed. As a result, to follicles of hair which grow enough nutrients is not delivered. Such hair through a certain span (there pass about two months after a stress) begin to drop out.

Also the postponed illness owing to which body temperature at the patient rose higher than 39 degrees becomes the hair loss reason sometimes. At strong temperature increase there is a protein turning. As a result, the growing hair, having received less it, begin to drop out.

Красивые и здоровые волосыOften women begin to lose actively hair after the postponed abortion. It is connected with very sharp hormonal fluctuations. At the same time during pregnancy hair become more dense, look healthier in connection with increase in an organism of future mother of estrogen. But after the kid is born, estrogen level in a female organism sharply decreases. In several months so-called puerperal loss after the delivery begins. If it proceeds no more than eight months, then no special treatment is required. Except the specified situations with hormonal fluctuations reception of some contraceptives, very rigid diets is connected

Sometimes the hair loss can be connected also with reception of some medicines. But nevertheless loss of hair at women is most often connected with a lack of iron of an organism. Even if hemoglobin indicators at the woman normal, and the content of iron sufficient for functioning of other bodies, for his hair all the same can not be enough. Therefore at a long hair loss women are recommended to make the special analysis. As a rule, at deficit of iron the doctor appoints reception of special drug as the use in food of the products rich with this mineral, in this case does not solve a problem.

Thus, at a symptomatic hair loss it is important to establish the correct diagnosis and to find the reason which provoked this phenomenon. In this case to cure sore hair rather simply. Having established a factor which led to their loss, the doctor makes the decision how to cure sore hair. As a rule, medicines, physical therapy, cosmetic drugs are used. But even if the hair loss does not seem a big problem how to treat and what to do, the specialist has to define.

It is necessary to realize also the fact that coloring or a chemical wave cannot lead to a hair loss. These procedures can affect negatively a condition directly of hair, however they will not begin to drop out from it.


Alopecia it is accepted to call process of baldness. Most often doctors diagnose an androgenic and focal alopecia. The androgenic alopecia is the baldness occurring on man's type. However not only men, but also women have this disease. But if men begin to grow bald in parietofrontal part of the head, then women lose hair on all head evenly. In this case the reason of such phenomenon — disturbance of hormonal balance, high sensitivity
hair follicles to testosterone. As a rule, the androgenic alopecia strikes the person either during puberty, or in the period of a climax. In this case treatment of hair in house conditions is impossible as only the trichologist can understand the reasons of this phenomenon and advise a treatment method.

The focal alopecia is an autoimmune illness which conducts to a hair loss in certain places. Such centers of baldness at the correct approach to treatment can grow with hair completely. Sometimes it is enough to carry out several procedures of the irritating therapy only. However in hard cases not to do without consultation of the immunologist.

The splitting hair

If hair very long (it is more than 20 cm), then they can quite be split on the ends. Such hair grew throughout the long period, and, therefore, were exposed to mechanical and chemical influences. But if hair, length which it is less, then the speech already split goes about the pathological phenomenon. In the course of diagnosis most often it turns out that the major factor which affected a condition of hair is deficit of calcium, iron, proteins, amino acids. At the splitting hair it is important to cut off the split tips and to try to injure hair as little as possible. There is a number of the cosmetics allocated for overcoming of this problem.

Early gray hair

Здоровье женских волосCanities of hair happen at the person as an effect of a lack of a tyrosine organism. Besides, doctors speak about communication of emergence of a gray hair with an anemia, problems with activity of a nervous system and hemadens, a lack of vitamins, and also with long stay under direct beams of the sun. Also it is necessary to consider heredity of the person and influence of some diseases of the virus nature.

Diagnosis of diseases of hair

Accurately to define a condition of hair and to define what reasons provoked specific diseases, the specialist conducts research which is called a trikhogramma. In the course of this research it is carried out studying of a ratio of hair in a phase of an anagen and a telogen. Research is conducted with use of a microscope. Studying the patient's hair, the specialist defines their stage of development, a condition of a sebaceous gland, blood supply and other indicators. At a hair loss the wrong ratio of telogenovy and anagenovy hair is, as a rule, noted.

If the trichologist defined the reason which provoked diseases of hair, the patient is directed sometimes to consultation to other specialists.


In order that treatment of hair yielded that result at which the patient and the doctor aims, it is important to provide an integrated approach to this question. Depending on a cause of illness treatment of hair of the head can continue from two weeks to six months. Responses of patients demonstrate that it is possible to get rid of a disease only in that, a case if recommendations of the doctor are observed implicitly. Therapeutic methods allow to eliminate the splitting hair, to suspend a hair loss, to accelerate their growth. Sometimes the doctor recommends to practice national treatment of hair also. For example, good results at a hair loss can be received, using henna, burdock oil, some other natural oils. At the same time treatment of hair at women a keratin, nitrogen, fire and by other modern methods practices in salon.

Treatment of hair fire is the innovation method allowing to recover hair, to accelerate their growth, and also to get rid of a problem of the splitting hair. Treatment with use of liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) effectively at a krugovidny aplopetion, a fat seborrhea of the scalp. By means of liquid nitrogen krugovidny massage of the head which practices courses till 10-20 of procedures is carried out.

Keratinaceous treatment of hair — a technique which consists in positive action on hair of the person keratinaceous a complex. Protein, a keratin and a number of nutritious elements is a part of such complex. This structure is applied on the patient's hair, providing effective treatment and recovery of earlier injured hair. Important advantage of this method of treatment is the fact that the complex is created only from natural components and therefore has no negative effect on hair.

House treatment of hair assumes not only therapy by folk remedies, but also careful daily care of hair. If the reason of a hair loss or other diseases is the hereditary factor or natural aging, then the special attention should be paid to the choice of a hairbrush (it has to be with rare teeth, from natural material), or to use a brush from a natural bristle. As seldom as possible it is necessary to dye hair and to dry them by means of the hair dryer. The chemical wave can also lead to an aggravation of symptoms of hair. You should not pull together strongly hair, stacking them in a hairdress. If carefully to adhere to these recommendations, treatment of a hair can just not be necessary.

If the problem consists in constant and very severe hair loss, then the doctor can order carrying out transplantation of hair. Also there is a technique of a vpleteniye of hair and nylon threads. At a focal alopecia use of pricks with steroids directly in head skin is possible. At an androgenic alopecia complex treatment assumes hormonal treatment, physical therapy, a mesotherapy, use of antiseborrheal outside means. Besides, reception of fortifying means — complexes with vitamins and minerals, bioadditives positively affects a condition of hair. However even so harmless, on the first a look, means, it is possible to use only strictly according to the instruction of the attending physician.

Treatment of hair folk remedies

Диагностика болезней волосIt is proved that correctly picked up treatment of hair folk remedies can help to cope with the disturbing problems and to considerably improve a condition of hair. There is a set of the national councils and recommendations checked by time. For example, at a hair loss it is recommended to rub burdock oil, sea-buckthorn oil in head skin, and also to use sea-buckthorn berries inside. To strengthen roots of hair, it is worth including the products containing vitamin A in a diet. Broth from branches of a juniper and leaves of a birch will help to strengthen hair. The handful of such mix needs to be boiled in 3 l of water for 5 minutes and to use broth for washing of the head. Broth for washing is prepared also from a root of a burdock which needs to be boiled for 15 minutes. Such broth can be used for washing and rinsing several times a week.

Those who wants to get rid of a problem of the splitting hair are recommended to wash the head as seldom as possible, to use as much as possible fruit and vegetables, and also to hide hair from direct beams of the sun. For treatment of the splitting dry hair it is possible to use the mask containing honey, an egg yolk, bulb juice, vitamin A. The egg yolk is applied also to massage of head skin and hair. It needs to be pounded to foaming, doing it slowly and carefully.

Regular use of a mask from the aloe passed via the meat grinder, and 1 tablespoons of alcohol will help to overcome problems of an oily hair. It is also possible to prepare a mask from equal parts of garlic, honey of juice of an aloe, lemon juice and a yolk of one egg. The good effect gives use for rinsing of hair of broth of oak bark. Traditional medicine recommends to wipe head skin with Tinctura Calendulae periodically. Using all these and other folk remedies, it is important to adhere also to the general recommendations. In particular, the head cannot be washed with very hot water as sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. And after to wash in the absence of other means the head can be rinsed with water with lemon juice or one spoon of vinegar.

It is much more difficult to resolve a problem of early emergence of a gray hair. But some national recipes will help to slow down process of their emergence. Stimulates blood supply of head skin a mask from juice of an aloe, vodka and honey. Mix of these components is rubbed in head skin and remains on it for 40 minutes. In head skin it is also possible to rub a fresh support or the soaked rye bread. Burdock and castor oil are also suitable for 40-minute applications for head skin. But the most important — to lead the correct life, to fully eat, avoid stresses and in time to treat all diseases. Hair, first of all, are the accurate indicator of the general condition of an organism.

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