Grindings on the basis of medicative herbs at dorsodynias

Since the person became orthograde, dorsodynias became his frequent satellite. Doctors claim that diseases of a backbone are a peculiar payment that the ancestor of the modern person released hands for hunting and work. Since the same old times of people tries to help itself and to relieve pain by means of natural means, most often – plants.

One of such plants are the Indian onions, or an ornithogalum having a tail, or ornitogalum. And in Siberia it is known also as the Chinese onions. This southern American plant lives in the European climate only at a window in a flowerpot, but also a piece its long, similar to wild onions, there will be enough leaf for medical procedure at an exacerbation of radiculitis or osteochondrosis. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off one or several pieces of a leaf scissors and to put on a saucer. On cuts transparent, sticky and very burning juice therefore it is necessary to try that it did not touch open skin, except those sites for which it is intended immediately will act. A hand in a thin plastic bag it is necessary to press down leaf pieces counting upon the fact that juice will appear on a film, and then to distribute plant juice on skin of a sick site of a back. It is possible to repeat manipulation two-three times while on a saucer there is a juice. It is possible that the patient needs assistance if he cannot reach a hand a back.

Juice should be smeared only on skin, it is not necessary to pound and warm a back, under clothes for reasons of hygiene it is possible to lay a fine fabric. The first minutes the burning sensation will be very strong, but it will abate, as well as a dorsodynia. Juice of an ornithogalum causes an intensive rush of blood even to deep tissues of a body, it promotes elimination of an inflammation and hypostasis and release of the clamped nervous roots of a backbone. Fresh juice of a plant therefore it is the best of all to bring him at itself on a window sill is most effective, then medicine will be near at hand, it is possible to apply it several days on 1-2 times.

Растирания на основе лечебных трав при болях в спинеOther plant helping at similar diseases is called a dope ordinary. It grows on waste grounds and dumps, on coast of the rivers and at fences. Its flowers in the form of hand bells are known practically to all. It is alkaloid, is very poisonous therefore it is better to get its seeds from the herbalist or if there is opportunity, to buy spirit tincture of a dope in a drugstore.

To prepare tincture independently, it is necessary to crush seeds to a condition of powder, being careful. Then to fill in them with vodka without impurity, at the rate of tablespoons of the discharged powder of seeds on 0,5 liters of vodka. It is necessary to keep tincture within 10 days in the dark place, periodically stirring up. Then it is good to add one pharmaceutical bubble of Menovasinum to tincture  and as much camphoric alcohol. This structure in number of a tablespoon on procedure it is necessary to pound daily 1-2 times a sore point. The effect will not keep itself waiting, pain will recede, but grinding needs to be continued within 7-10 days.

Such ways of treatment are good the fact that they have the minimum number of contraindications and make local impact, without influencing an organism in general. They are tested for centuries and the traditional methods of treatment applied by modern medicine are noteworthy not less, than.

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