Than vegetable oils are useful?

Usually our daily menu is limited to several types of vegetable oils – sunflower, rape and sometimes olive. But in the world there are also other types of vegetable oils which not only enrich taste of dishes, but also strengthen our organism.

It turns out that peanut butter helps not only to lose couple of extra kilos, but also contains the natural antioxidant possessing antineoplastic properties. Big contents of magnesium positively influences skin and helps with fight against a stress.

Linseed oil, such popular once in Russia, is an ideal source of unsaturated fatty acids an omega-3. Such acids limit risk of development of a breast cancer, a large intestine and prostate. By scientists it is proved that unsaturated acids stimulate death of cancer cells. Linseed oil contains a large amount of the vitamin E called by "youth vitamin" because favorably influences skin and stops processes of aging in an organism, and reduces risk of a disease of cardiovascular system. Besides, it limits accumulation of plaques and brings bad cholesterol out of an organism, helps at inflammatory diseases of a digestive tract. In cosmetology linseed oil is used at an external disease of skin and to a hair loss.

Что полезного в растительных маслах?Avocado oil, one more type of oil which, by all means, has to find the place in any kitchen. This oil contains a large amount of unsaturated acids an omega-9. The main advantage of oil is availability of lecithin which improves work of a liver and blood circulation. Sincaline which contains in lecithin improves memory that is useful for prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Grape seeds oil, is a source of unsaturated fatty acids which lower cholesterol level in blood. Oil is an excellent prophylactic of such diseases as oncological, cardiovascular system and a diabetes mellitus. In cosmetology oil is used for massage and added to medical masks.

Corn oil contains 60% of linolic acid and vitamin E, it combinations influences positively reproductive system of the person.

Oil of a walnut influences work of a brain, stimulates attention and increases intelligence.

Sesame oil in combination with polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated will help to lower a blood pressure. The uses 35 gr oils within two months will be reduced by pressure upon several units.

Что полезного в растительных маслах?In order that vegetable oils brought desirable effect it is necessary to choose a product of the first extraction and processed by a cold method. Such way of processing of oil helps to keep nutritious and medicinal properties.

It is especially useful to include in the menu vegetable oils to children, elderly people and women during pregnancy. Try to use every day vegetable oils in cooking, it will prolong your health and youth for many years.

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