Ringer's solution

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  • Latin name: Ringer's solution
  • ATH code: B05BB01
  • Active ingredient: Calcii chloridum + Potassium chloride + Sodium chloride (Calcium chloride + Potassium chloride + Sodium chloride)
  • Producer: Hemofarm (Serbia), Mosfarm, Biosynthesis, Sakhamedprom Rumble, Plant Medsintez, Ozone Farm, Esky NPK, Krasfarm (Russia)

Composition of solution of Ringer

Contains in one milliliter of solution of Ringer 8,6 grams of sodium of chloride, 0,3 g of potassium of chloride, 0,33 g of Calcii chloridum.

Also are a part of drug: Acidum hydrochloricum, sodium hydroxide, water.

Release form

Means – transparent liquid without color.

Is on sale in bottles from plastic, with a capacity of 500 ml (10 pieces); bottles on 200 or 400 ml; containers with a capacity of 250 ml (40 pieces) or 500 ml (20 pieces); in containers on 100 ml after 1 or 50 containers in packaging; in containers with a capacity of one liter.

Pharmacological action

Compensates for the deficiency of power substrates, compensates deficit of electrolytes and extracellular liquid.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active components of solution of Ringer render the disintoxication, filling shortage of blood and electrolytes action.

Thanks to the fact that solution increases the volume of blood and liquefies it, concentration of toxins considerably decreases.

The effect of completion of volume of the blood lost by the patient quickly passes, Ringer's solution is quickly removed from a vascular bed in nearby fabrics. At first-aid treatment it is necessary to remember that such effect will last no more than 30-40 minutes.

Also there is Ringer's solution for dogs, cats and other animals. The structure of such means differs a little. For example, percentage of sodium chloride for mammals makes less than one ten-thousand share of percent, potassium chloride – 0,042%, calcium chloride – 0,024%.

Indications to use

Drug is used for rendering the emergency help to the victim at disturbance of electrolytic balance or a loss of blood.


  • at a collapse or shock;
  • after burns, frostbites, electric traumas;
  • for completion of balance of electrolytes in an organism owing to diarrhea (acute intestinal infections), vomiting, various poisonings;
  • at acute peritonitis, intestinal impassability, intestinal fistula;
  • for carrying out a medical plasmapheresis;
  • at a metabolic alkalosis in the course of which a lot of liquid was lost.


Drug is contraindicated:

  • at wet brain or lungs;
  • to the persons having chronic renal or heart failure;
  • at a hypervolemia, acidosis, hypernatremia and hyperchloremia;
  • if the victim has an allergy on any of medicine components.

Side effects

If to use Ringer's solution according to the instruction, then side reactions are shown extremely seldom. Most often any manifestations of undesirable effects are connected with overdose by means.

Can be shown: an allergy, insufficiency of potassium in a blood plasma, overhydratation.

If during administration of solution the allergy began, then procedure it is necessary to interrupt and make specific actions immediately. For elimination of other effects reduction of a dosage suffices.

Ringer's solution, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Ringer's solution is entered intravenously, with use of a dropper or struyno (according to indications, rendering the emergency help). Rate of administering makes about 60-80 thaws/min.

Application instruction of Ringer

The daily dosage is established individually.

For children calculation of a dose happens on a formula of 5-10 ml on body weight kg. Rate of administering to the 60th thaw/minute. In hard cases it is possible to increase a dosage to 30 ml by kg of weight of the child.

The dropper for the adult is calculated: 20 ml on weight kg (to 50 ml on kg).

Treatment duration depending on a disease and its weight makes 3-5 days.

It is sometimes reasonable to apply Ringer's solution for cats, dogs and other domestic animals acquired in a usual drugstore (not veterinary). It is in that case recommended to consult with the veterinarian about the drug dosing mode.


Overdose by means meets extremely seldom. As a rule, it leads to increase of frequency and force of side reactions. It is in that case recommended to stop input of solution and to correct a dosage.


At a medicine combination to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anabolic steroids, corticotropin, vazodilatator, androgenic means, estrogen, mineralokortikoida, ganglioblokator the sodium delay in an organism is possible.

Joint reception with cardiac glycosides increases their toxicity.

The solution combination to APF inhibitors, drugs of potassium and diuretics promotes development of a hyperpotassemia.

Terms of sale

For acquisition of medicine in a drugstore can demand the recipe in Latin. Means is allowed for use under control of the specialist.

Storage conditions

Drug needs to be stored in the dark, cool place (from 15 to 25 degrees). At the same time, if in a storage time medicine was frozen, then it can be used provided that outward of solution did not change (did not dim, there are no flakes or a deposit), packaging is not damaged.

To protect from children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

At prolonged use of solution it is necessary to control amount of electrolytes in blood, rn blood.

It is impossible to use drug on expiry date if packaging is damaged, solution dimmed or the deposit dropped out, color changed.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Darrou, Physical. solution, Acesolum, Disol, Yonosteril, Solution Ringer-Locke, Trisol, Hlosol.

Section: For blood
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