Recolpectasia – the phenomenon which is often observed at women after the child's birth, and also after characteristic injuries. This symptom causes a certain discomfort and influences quality of sex life. It is possible to overcome it by means of some conservative methods, and also by carrying out intimate plastic surgery.

How the colpectasia is shown?

The colpectasia, as a rule, occurs owing to extension of soft tissues of a crotch and their subsequent deformation. At the same time both the vagina muscle strain, and stretching of walls of a vagina can be noted. In that case the woman often experiences difficulties of physiological character – morbidity during sexual intercourse, lack of an orgasm.

Except physical unpleasant feelings the woman can also experience psychological difficulties, feeling unattractive is sexual.

Sometimes after the delivery young mother notes, besides, dryness in a vagina that conducts to an itch, emergence of irritation and discomfort. As a rule, this temporary phenomenon which is connected with reduction of products of hormone of estrogen in a puerperal period. For about two months gradually these feelings disappear, and the tone of a vagina raises. However in certain cases the complete recovery of prenatal shapes of a vagina does not occur.

Sometimes stretching is noted also after carrying out abortion.

Why the colpectasia is shown?

Most often the colpectasia after the delivery disturbs if in patrimonial process there are gaps, or the doctor makes the decision on carrying out a perineotomy.

Gradual stretching occurs when the fruit actively moves on patrimonial ways. Gaps which grow afterwards with connecting fabric result. After that capacity in a vagina increases. If the woman had several childbirth, restretching is even more expressed as every time a situation is aggravated.

Stretching of vulvar lips at the woman occurs owing to some chronic diseases, natural aging, excessive products in an organism of male sex hormones. Otvisaniye and flabbiness of small vulvar lips it is sometimes also connected with sharp loss of weight.

How to eliminate a colpectasia?

Лечение растяжения влагалищаTo reduce the vagina sizes after the delivery, in modern medicine two techniques are used. It is a conservative way (by means of special gymnastics) and surgical (by means of plastic surgery).

By means of special exercises effectively it is possible to reduce the vagina sizes after the delivery if all patrimonial process happened without special complications, and, respectively, ruptures of fabrics did not occur.

In that case the woman is regularly recommended to carry out exercises for vaginal muscles which were developed by doctor Kegel. The gymnastics by Kegel's technique allows to strengthen vulval muscles, a uterus and other bodies of urinogenital system of the woman. In total there are three groups of exercises: tightening of muscles, reduction and pushing out.

Compression is carried out so: it is necessary to strain with concentration vaginal muscles for three seconds, and then to relax them completely. It is necessary to strain as and at desire to stop process of an urination.

Reduction is carried out the next way: the first exercise repeats, but at the same time it is necessary to detain compression only for 1 second, that is it is necessary to strain and relax muscles very quickly.

Pushing out should be carried out, carrying out a peculiar simulation of attempts at childbirth for the purpose of training of muscles.

Упражнения при растяжении влагалищаEfficiency of such exercises will be shown quickly if every day to carry out not less than five approaches, making for one approach on ten exercises of each type. Over time it is necessary to finish the number of such exercises till 25-30 for once. The gymnastics of the Size can be done even at a preparation stage before pregnancy to raise a tone of muscles. It will help to pass all process of future childbirth much easier. It is possible to do such simple exercises practically in any place therefore their performance will not make difficulties. It is possible to begin such "trainings" in several days after the child's birth. The earlier young mother will begin to do them, the quicker she will recover an optimum intimate form. However before Kegel's gymnastics it is necessary to consult about it to the attending physician.

There are also some medicamentous means for local use which women at whom the small stretching of a vagina which is not connected with serious problems with health is noted can apply. Some means need to be put to the area of a crotch in several minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

If the woman had numerous gaps at the time of delivery, the falling of the womb, restretching of vulvar lips or other pathologies is noted, it is necessary to carry out surgical intervention.

It is possible to perform such operation not earlier than in one year after the birth of the kid. At the same time excision of excess fabrics then muscles and mucous membranes are sewed is carried out. Such intervention continues throughout about one and a half hour, the general anesthesia is used.

Before operation the woman it is charming resembles researches (an ECG, gynecologic inspection), makes laboratory tests, smears.

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