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  • Latin name: Raunatine
  • ATH code: C02AA04
  • Active ingredient: Alkaloids of Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia alkaloids)
  • Producer: Health (Ukraine), Valenta Farmatsevtika (Russia), VIFITEH (Russia)


The tablet of Raunatinum covered with a special cover contains 2 mg. active compound of alkaloid of Rauwolfia, and also auxiliary connections: tserulezum, sugar, calcium stearate, kros-povidone, glucose, stearic acid, main magnesium carbonate, gelatin, aerosil, middlemolecular polyvinylpirrolidone, talc, pigmental dioxide of titanium, beeswax, E 104 and KF-6001 dyes.

Drug belongs to group of sympatholytics, and also anti-hypertensive medicines. From what the tablet Raunatinum it is possible to answer a question with the following in the way – drug is shown at hypertensia.

Release form

Drug is produced in the form of biconvex tablets of green color. In one cardboard packaging usually there are 10 pieces of planimetric cell blisters, in everyone on 5 or 10 tablets. Besides, medicine can be packaged in banks from polystyrene. As a rule, in one packaging or bank of Raunatinum can 50 or 100 tablets contain.

Pharmacological action

This drug is carried to drugs of a plant origin which represent actively operating antihypertensives.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As such components as Rauwolfia alkaloids are a part of Raunatinum, it possesses well-marked hypotensive, and also antiarrhytmic influence. Medicine well influences a state of health of the patients suffering from arterial hypertension, and both easy and moderate severity.

It is remarkable that sedative effect of this drug is expressed less, than its antiarrhytmic and hypotensive properties. However, in comparison with Reserpinum Raunatinum is in most cases transferred much better though the expressed hypotensive effect of this medicine comes more slowly.

Indications to use of Raunatinum

Following indications on use, Raunatinum is recommended to use in the presence at the patient of symptoms of arterial hypertension.


It is not recommended to use drug at:

Side effects

At non-compliance with the recommended dosages at reception of Raunatinum there can be such side effects as: the increased sweating, decrease in a libido, swelling of a mucous nasal cavity, a depression, a cardialgia, an adynamy, and also bradycardia.

Tablets Raunatinum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

According to the application instruction of Raunatinum, a pill is taken after food. Not to do much harm health to the patient should adhere accurately to the scheme of administration of drug, and, besides, the recommended dosages. In the first days accept on one tablet, i.e. 2 mg.  Rauwolfia alkaloids  before going to bed.

In second day – on one tablet twice a day, next day – on three tablets, thus, gradually increasing a dosage to six pieces. After a two-week therapeutic course of treatment a dosage also gradually reduce a maximum to two tablets a day.


There are no data on overdose cases drug at the moment.


With special attention it is necessary to appoint drug at reception of beta adrenoblockers, Quinidine, cardiac glycosides, and also Guanetidina. Raunatinum is capable to strengthen impact of barbiturates, and also alcohol on a nervous system.

Terms of sale

Issue according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature up to 20 With in the place, hardly accessible for children, far from light.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Raunatinum can be accepted along with other drugs possessing hypotensive properties, for example, with Gidralazin, a hydrochlorothiazide and other ganglioblokator.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Dry extract of Rauwolfia, Rauavolfiya's alkaloids.


  • Raunatinum of 2 mg No. 50 tabletkivifitekh closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Raunatinum tbl p / about 2 mg No. 50, Vifitekh (г.Москва) Russia
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  • Raunatinzdorovye (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Raunatinzdorovye (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Raunatinzdorovye (Ukraine, Kharkiv)


  • Tab. Raunatinum p / about 0.002g the No. 10 Health
  • Tab. Raunatinum p / about 0.002g the No. 10 Health
  • Tab. Raunatinum p / about 0.002g the No. 10 Health


  • Raunatinum of 2 mg No. 20 tabl.p.o. Health - the pharmaceutical company (Ukraine)
  • Raunatinum of 2 mg No. 10 tabl.p.o. Health - the pharmaceutical company (Ukraine)
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Section: Cardiovascular
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