Available measures for rehabilitation after backbone operation

Diseases of a backbone are in most cases connected with serious pains and at aggravations demand long and sometimes expensive treatment. Often they result in need of surgical intervention, but also after operation of people has to follow certain rules and take measures not to allow return of an illness.

One of necessary rules of conduct in such situations consists in avoiding the load of a back connected with rise and transfer of weights. This rule has to become in a sense the vital principle for many years and if former work of the person who underwent backbone operation was connected with movement of weights, then need to replace it becomes obvious. These restrictions are especially important within the first two-three years after operation when the backbone adapts to a new state.

Also moderated and dosed exercise stress which will allow muscles of a back to create a natural corset for a backbone which, as any another, will be able to protect it from overloads is very important. There are sets of exercises intended for performance during the postoperative period. Consultation at the specialist doctor on physiotherapy exercises who taking into account features of a condition of the patient will be able to pick up such complex is reasonable. In a staff of all sanatoria which accept on rehabilitation of the patients who underwent backbone operation such specialists are. But even if consultation is unavailable for some reason, it is possible to create independently for itself such complex, following certain rules.

The majority of exercises are better to carry out in a prone position, this pose – the most sparing for a back, but it allows to give to muscles the necessary loading. The movements by legs on weight on the "bicycle" or "scissors" type are effective, and it is necessary to increase gradually the number of such movements during occupations.

Also serial movements of legs imitating writing in air of figures and letters finger-tips of each leg are useful. The minimum quantity of figures which have to be "written", – from 1 to 10.

One more useful exercise which is recommended by the famous healer Valentin Dikul represents walking on all fours. During performance of such exercise practically all muscles of a back, hands and legs are evenly and moderately loaded. It is recommended even at exacerbations of a disease as promotes improvement of blood circulation in the fabrics surrounding a backbone.

Of course, exercise, unsurpassed on preventive impact on an organism, is swimming. Regular trainings swimming in the pool or natural reservoirs in summertime of year have to become an integral part of the actions directed to rehabilitation of those who were operated concerning backbone diseases. It is impossible to forget about the immutable rule: only the person is able to keep and strengthen the health, and only he in the answer for it.

Section: Orthopedics and traumatology