Why the child refuses food?

Many parents face such phenomenon as refusal of children of meal. It would seem, there passed enough time from the moment of the last acceptance of food, and the child already had to get hungry, "to work up appetite" so to speak. But, nevertheless, under any pretext the child does not eat. Many parents consider that there is nothing unusual in this situation. Now did not eat – will eat later. Yes, it is valid, to force the child is it is not necessary at all. And this is not about a small appetite because of the improper and unbalanced feeding. Refusal of meal can testify to some problems with health of the kid. So why the child does not eat?

Quinsy it becomes very frequent a cause of failure because of painful feelings when swallowing food. All of us, adults, ever had this disease. And, really, such minutes is, to put it mildly, there is no wish. And meanwhile, quinsy is very dangerous by the complications. In time not diagnosed or not finished the cure, this illness is capable to lead to such diseases as myocarditis, rheumatism, nephrite, to formation of abscesses in a throat, etc. At the slightest suspicions it is necessary to see a doctor.

There are also such cases, the child got hungry, begins to eat, but after a while with crying spits out food. It can be a symptom of stomatitis to which temperature increase very often precedes. At survey of an oral cavity the first that is evident - it is unusually bright coloring and puffiness of a mucous membrane. On cheeks and in language very erethistic small ulcers of white color develop.

Stomatitis — very widespread disease to which 80% of children under 3 years are subject. Specialists explain this fact with the fact that immunity of the child is still very weak and is not created up to the end. Also reception of antibiotics which, by the way, also at this age can lead to development of bronchial asthma can serve as the reason of emergence of this disease. It is impossible to disregard all these symptoms. Stomatitis is dangerous by the complications. At the first manifestations by all means ask for the help the doctor.

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