Reduksin the Light Strengthened formula

Редуксин Лайт Усиленная формула Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Reduxin Light
  • Active ingredient: Linolic acid
  • Producer: Polyaris (Russia)

Reduksin's structure the Light Strengthened formula

The bioadditive in structure has such ingredients: the conjugated linolic acid, 5 hydroxytryptophane, the crushed root of the Chinese yam, an extract from extract of a wild yam.

Release form

Means Reduksin the Light Strengthened formula is made in capsules for oral administration. In packaging — 30 or 60 such capsules.

Pharmacological action

This means is an active biological additive to food which is used for weight reduction, and also for the purpose of modeling of a figure and control of appetite at the patients aiming to get rid of excessive weight.

In view of availability in structure of this of dietary supplement of the conjugated linolic acid there is an active burning of reserves of fat. Also this substance interferes with emergence of adiposities, exerts tonic impact on tissue of muscles of the person. In the course of reception reduction of volumes in a waist, a stomach, hips, that is in the most problem zones of a body is noted. At active physical exercises of KLK promotes accumulation of muscle bulk.

Amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophane-NC provides loss of appetite. Under its influence at the patient there occurs the feeling of saturation quicker.

Under the influence of extracts of wild and Chinese yams decrease in aspiration to the use of fats is noted. At the patient intensity of emergence of fatty deposits in internals of the person decreases. As a result, functions of bodies improve.

Besides, under the influence of this drug at the patient who adheres to the principles of dietary food under the influence of dietary supplement the emotional background improves.

The substances which are a part of an additive work in a complex, supplementing influence of each other.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Information on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics Reduksin the Light Strengthened formula are not provided.

Indications to use

The additive is recommended to apply to people whose purpose is disposal of a certain quantity of extra kilos. Administration of drug in a complex with other measures directed to active weight loss is shown. It is necessary to consult surely with the specialist before beginning a course of use of this additive.


There are certain contraindications on dietary supplement use:

Side effects

On the official site of drug there are no side effects given about manifestation.

The instruction on Reduksin the Light Strengthened formula (A way and a dosage)

The application instruction of an additive provides reception on one capsule of an additive twice a day. It is necessary to wash down capsules with a large amount of water. It is possible to drink them in the course of meal or before food. The course of use lasts one month. It is possible to repeat it in 3-4 months.


Information on overdose of dietary supplement is absent.


About interaction of this additive with other drugs there is no information.

Terms of sale

This bioadditive is implemented without recipe.

Storage conditions

Dietary supplement needs to be kept dry, temperature of storage should not be more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

Capsules store 3 years.

Special instructions

It is important to combine regular reception of an additive with a diet, and also to constantly practice the increased physical activity.

At manifestation of any negative effects in the course of reception of means it is important to address the specialist at once.


There are no analogs of this additive on sale. Mirrasil, Reduksin Layt, Bioaktiv of KLK1000, Floravit E, etc. have similar effect on an organism drugs.


  • Reduksin the light Strengthened formula No. 30 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
  • Reduksin the light Strengthened formula No. 60 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
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