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  • Latin name: Reduxin
  • ATH code: A08A
  • Active ingredient: Sibutramin + [Cellulose microcrystallic] (Sibutramine + [Cellulose microcristallic])
  • Producer: Ozone of Ltd company, Moscow endocrine plant (Russia)

Reduksin's structure

Is a part of means active components: sibutramina of a hydrochloride monohydrate, and also microcrystallic cellulose.

As additional substance as a part of medicine stearate contains calcium.

The cover of a capsule consists of gelatin, dye of an azoruby, dye of titanium dioxide, dye of blue patent.

Release form

Means is issued in the form of capsules on 10 mg and 15 mg.

Capsules of 10 mg have blue color, white or white-yellow powder contains inside. Contain in blister strip packagings which pack into packs from a cardboard. In such pack there can be 30 or 60 capsules.

Reduksin 15 mg are capsules of blue color, in capsules – white or white-yellow powder. Contain in blister strip packagings which pack into packs from a cardboard. In such pack there can be 30 or 60 capsules.

Pharmacological action

Wikipedia demonstrates that Reduksin is the combined means which is applied for the purpose of treatment of obesity. How drug works, causes its structure.

Sibutramin is pro-medicine which works in an organism at the expense of metabolites (primary and secondary amines). Metabolites inhibit the return capture of monoamines (generally noradrenaline and serotonin). Owing to growth of the contents activity of adrenoceptors and the central serotoninovy 5-HT-receptors increases in synapses of neurotransmitters. As a result, at the patient the feeling of saturation increases, food requirement decreases. Also under the influence of drug thermoproducts increase. Impact on brown fatty tissue owing to the mediated activation β3-адренорецепторов is noted.

In parallel with weight reduction of the person growth of concentration of LPVP in blood serum is noted. Also indicators of the general cholesterol, amount of triglycerides, uric acid decrease.

Microcrystallic cellulose is an enterosorbent which shows nonspecific disintoxication action and sorption properties. This substance connects microorganisms, xenobiotics, allergens, toxins and brings them out of an organism.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After drug gets inside, sibutramin is quickly soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract. Absorption makes not less than 77%. Sibutramin biotransformirutsya owing to what two active metabolites are formed (mono - and didesmetilsibutramin). The greatest concentration of substance in an organism is noted later 1,2 h after reception. The greatest concentration of metabolites – later 3-4 h.

If a pill Reduksin was taken along with food, then the maximum concentration of metabolites goes down for 30%, and also for three hours the period of its achievement increases. In fabric it is distributed quickly. Sibutramin contacts blood proteins for 97%, and metabolites – for 94%. It is removed generally by kidneys, time of semi-removal of a sibutramin is equal 1.1 hours, metabolites – 14-16 hours.

Indications to use

The summary demonstrates that Reduksin is applied for the purpose of a body degrowth. As well as other means for weight loss, it is shown to people who have alimentary obesity, and their index of body weight is equal to 30 kg/sq.m or more. Also it is appointed to people for whom alimentary obesity with IMT of 27 kg/sq.m is diagnosed and at the same time other risk factors connected with the excess weight (a dislipoproteinemiya, diabetes) take place.

До и после

Contraindications on Reduksin

Before beginning reception of means, it is necessary to consider contraindications and side effects surely. Reduksin is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • organic reasons of obesity (hypothyroidism, etc.);
  • mental diseases;
  • disturbances of a feeding behavior (nervous bulimia, nervous anorexia);
  • Turett's syndrome;
  • serious illnesses of heart and vessels (heart failure, heart diseases inborn, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmias, illness of peripheral arteries, etc.);
  • cerebrovascular diseases (disturbances of cerebral circulation, stroke);
  • arterial hypertension uncontrollable;
  • heavy renal failures and liver;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • closed-angle glaucoma;
  • prostate hyperplasia high-quality;
  • dependence is alcoholic, narcotic or medicinal;
  • pregnancy and period of feeding;
  • age till 18 flyings and after 65 flyings;
  • high sensitivity to drug components;
  • simultaneous treatment by MAO inhibitors or use of such drugs for two weeks before Reduksin's use;
  • simultaneous use of drugs which have effect on the central nervous system.

The description of drug also contains information on at what states Reduksin it is necessary to accept carefully. It is a circulatory unefficiency in a chronic form, arrhythmia in the anamnesis, an illness of coronary arteries, a cholelithiasis, neurologic disturbances, arterial hypertension (in the anamnesis), easy and average disturbances of functions of kidneys and a liver, motor and verbal tics.

Side effects of Reduksin

At reception of capsules of 10 mg and 15 mg can be shown such side effects:

  • nervous system: sleeplessness, dryness in a mouth, dizziness, a headache, paresthesias, concern, drowsiness; in rare instances — a depression, nervousness, spasms, a dorsodynia, irritability;
  • cardiovascular system: heartbeat, tachycardia, increase of the ABP, vazodilatation;
  • alimentary system: lock, appetite changes, nausea, exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • dermatological manifestations: perspiration, itch of skin, Shenleyn-Genokh's purple;
  • manifestations of an organism in general: in rare instances — hypostases, a dysmenorrhea, a grippopodobny syndrome, rhinitis, thirst, nephrite, thrombocytopenia, bleedings.

At cancellation negative action on an organism is noted seldom. Manifestation of the increased appetite, a headache is possible. About displays of an abstinence syndrome there are no data.

Manifestation of side effects is most often observed in the first days or weeks of reception of tablets. Negative manifestations are generally expressed poorly, over time they weaken.

Capsules Reduksin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Reduksin provides that the doctor appoints medicine individually, considering his structure and a condition of the patient. It is necessary to take a pill once a day. It is not necessary to chew a capsule, it is important to wash down it with a large amount of water. It is possible to drink HP before reception of food or in time. As the instruction on Reduksin testifies, 10 mg are an initial dose of means. If the patient badly transfers medicine, it is possible to reduce a dose to 5 mg.

If for four weeks the patient reduced body weight by 5% or more, the daily dose is increased to 15 mg. At those patients who react to treatment not too well that is weight was not lost more, than for 5%, treatment should not continue longer than three months. Also it is not necessary to continue treatment if the patient after the reached change of weight gained more than 3 kg again.

At normal portability of means it is impossible to continue reception of capsules more than two years. The producer provides the instruction with the description of drug and how to drink to grow thin.

How it is correct to accept to grow thin, also the specialist in detail can tell. The dosage and duration of treatment is appointed by the doctor who has experience of therapy of obesity. Medicine needs to be combined with dietary food and physical exercises.


There are no sufficient data concerning overdose of a sibutramin at the moment. At overdose it is important to address the specialist at once. In case of reception of too high dose of means side effects can amplify. There is no information on specific characters of overdose.

At reception of overdoses of means it is necessary to accept absorbent carbon, to wash out a stomach. The symptomatic treatment is carried out. If after overdose at the patient pressure increases or tachycardia is noted, it is reasonable to appoint beta adrenoblockers.


If Reduksin to combine with inhibitors of a microsomal oxidation (including with inhibitors of an isoenzyme 3A4 of P450 cytochrome), increase of concentration of metabolites of a sibutramin in plasma with increase of ChSS and increase in an interval of QT, clinically insignificant is noted.

A number of drugs can accelerate a metabolism of a sibutramin: antibiotics macroleads, phenobarbital, carbamazepine, dexamethasone, Phenytoinum.

It is necessary to consider that at a concomitant use of several drugs which increase the content in serotonin blood serious interaction can develop.

Development of a serotoninovy syndrome on condition of a concomitant use of Reduksin and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, a number of drugs for therapy of migraine, antibechic drugs, strong analgetics is in rare instances possible.

Influence of peroral contraceptives influences.

Terms of sale

To patients who are interested Reduksin is implemented according to the recipe or not, it is necessary to know that it is possible to buy HP only according to the recipe. The sample of the recipe can be found on the specialized websites.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store capsules in the dry place, temperature at the same time should not be more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

Capsules store 3 years.

Special instructions

It is possible to accept 10 mg or 15 mg of a capsule Reduksin only if all other methods directed to weight reduction are inefficient, that is if for 3 months weight decreased less, than by 5 kg.

Any drugs for weight loss including Reduksin, it is necessary to accept in a complex with other measures directed to decrease in body weight. At the same time control of the experienced doctor is important.

As the official site of drug testifies, change of the principles of food and way of life, and also the increased physical activity is a part of complex therapy. It is important to realize need of change of habits to keep the achieved result. Those who do not follow these rules can have afterwards a question why any drug does not help to grow thin.

The doctor has to consult the patient not only how it is correct to grow thin with drug Reduksin, but also to tell about need to regularly measure pulse and arterial pressure. It is necessary to control these indicators each two weeks at first. Control of the ABP at people with arterial hypertension has to be especially careful. It is important to suspend treatment if in the course of control two times in a row were noted pressure exceeding indicators of 145/90 mm of mercury

It is necessary to observe extra care at a concomitant use of drugs which increase QT interval. These are the drugs against arrhythmia increasing QT interval, and also blockers of histamine H1 receptors, stimulators of motility of a gastrointestinal tract.

Today the patient of primary pulmonary hypertensia has no exact data on treatment communication by this means and manifestation. But in the course of treatment it is important to pay special attention to display of pain in a thorax, hypostases in legs and progressing dispnoe.

It is important to consider that at drug intake ability of the person to drive transport can be limited and to manage other mechanisms.

If the patient is inclined to locks, it is important to control evakuatorny function of intestines. In case of a lock it is necessary to stop therapy and to accept purgatives.

It is impossible to begin treatments, being guided by councils which are contained by a forum of growing thin. Also photos before reception of means by patients should not be the guide to action. It is necessary to understand that only the doctor has to appoint such means.

Reduksin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

At need it is possible to pick up means substitute Reduksin. There are analogs, only cheaper or more expensive they are, depends on the producer. For example, analog of the Russian production Global has lower price. The price of analogs of Reduksin also depends on quantity of tablets in packaging. Analogs of means are Lindaks's drugs, Meridia, Reduksin Mat, Slimiya, Gold Lyne.

What do Reduksin and Reduksin Layt differ in?

Choosing drug, patients often ask a question: that it is better — Reduksin or Reduksin Layt. It is necessary to consider at once differences as a part of these means. The instruction demonstrates that Reduksin Layt is an additive which contains the conjugated linolic acid, vitamin E and additional substances in structure. Active components of means contribute to normalization of a metabolism, activate fat processing. However Reduksin Layt it is the most reasonable to apply at active lifestyle and constant exercise stresses. The price, in comparison with HP Reduksin, a little lower. At drug Reduksin other mechanism of action. Therefore in each separate case the doctor individually defines that is more effective and that it is better for patient to appoint. Discussing Reduksin and Reduksin Layt, patients leave comments versatile, from positive to less enthusiastic.

That it is better: Goldlayn or Reduksin?

If to compare two drugs, it should be noted that Goldlayn is also active agent of means sibutramin. Means is issued in capsules. It is reasonable to them of drugs to apply, the doctor has to define.

That it is better: Reduksin or Orsoten?

Orsoten is an inhibitor of intestinal enzymes. Reducing activity of gastric and intestinal lipases, it reduces receipt in an organism of calories and thus promotes weight loss. Reduksin acts differently therefore only the doctor has to carry out the choice of drug, being guided by specific features of the patient.

That it is better: Reduksin or Ksenikal?

Ksenikal also acts due to suppression of gastrointestinal lipases. Active ingredient of this drug – orlistat. As both drugs work in an organism on a miscellaneous, the specialist has to make the final choice.

Lindaksa or Reduksin — what is better?

As a part of Lindaks's drug there is also an active ingredient sibutramin. The mechanism of its action is similar to Reduksin. However now supply of drug is limited therefore it can only be ordered by mail or to buy according to the announcement "I will sell".

That it is better: Reduksin or Turboslim?

As a part of means Turboslim the extracts of plants stimulating weight loss process contain. This means is an active biological additive and is applied according to the recommendation of the doctor.


  • Reduksin-layt No. 120 kapsulypolyaris Ltd company
  • Reduksin-layt No. 90 kapsulypolyaris Ltd company
  • Reduksin of 15 mg No. 30 kapsulyozon Ltd company
  • Reduksin of 10 mg No. 30 kapsulyozon Ltd company
  • Reduksin of 10 mg No. 10 kapsulyozon Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Reduksin-layt the strengthened formula kaps. 650 mg No. 60, Polyaris Ooorossiya
  • Reduksin-layt kaps. 625 mg No. 30, Polyaris Ooorossiya
  • Reduksin-layt kaps. 625 mg No. 120, Polyaris Ooorossiya
  • Reduksin-layt kaps. 625 mg No. 180, Polyaris Ooorossiya
  • Reduksin-layt kaps. 625 mg No. 90, Polyaris Ooorossiya
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  • Reduksin of light 625 mg No. 90 kaps. Polyaris (Russia)
  • Reduksin of light 625 mg No. 30 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
  • Reduksin of light 625 mg No. 120 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
  • Reduksin the light Strengthened formula No. 30 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
  • Reduksin the light Strengthened formula No. 60 kaps. Polyaris of Ltd company / Korolevfarm of Ltd company (Russia)
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